Permit thyself paced time

Practice latent fortes

Purpose shall not be clear

Perform with clarity

Pathways shall not be mapped

Potential awaits thee

Patience be thine pearled Muse

✩      ✫      ✬            ✮      ✰      ☆

Pleiades:  This titled form was invented in 1999 by Craig Tigerman, Sol Magazine’s Lead Editor. Only one word is allowed in the title followed by a single seven-line stanza. The first word in each line begins with the same letter as the title. Hortensia Anderson, a popular haiku and tanka poet, added her own requirement of restricting the line length to six syllables.

Background of the Pleiades: The Pleiades is a star cluster in the constellation Taurus. It is a cluster of stars identified by the ancients, mentioned by Homer in about 750 B.C and Hesiod in about 700 B.C. Six of the stars are readily visible to the naked eye; depending on visibility conditions between nine and twelve stars can be seen. Modern astronomers note that the cluster contains over 500 stars. The ancients named these stars the seven sisters: Alcyone, Asterope, Celaeno, Electra, Maia, Merope, and Tygeta; nearby are the clearly visible parents, Atlas and Pleione. The poetic form The Pleiades is aptly named: the seven lines can be said to represent the seven sisters, and the six syllables represent the nearly invisible nature of one sister.

(The above explanation from Shadow Poetry)

Thanks again to Kirsten at Voices of Poetry and Prose  for introducing me to this and other Poetry Forms.

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Ollo Vae

     ….. Slow

          ….. lingering

               ….. blinks …..

Shared solely with Twilight
wistfully seduced ‘midst civil intimacies
whilst embracing Eventide’s last ebb

An invitation to momentarily caress
her refulgent vault
gathering illuminations
amid journeying from
uttermost dawns
acknowledging each nautical marking
bearing unwonted insights
aglow from plerion legacies
and astronomical delights

   ….. to stay the night
      ….. her night …..
         ….. their night …..
            ….. imprismed inamorata

Releasing quests hitherto uncharted
and passions unrivalled
as each blazing phosphene
proclaims to slumbering souls

   ….. dream
      ….. dream
         ….. dream

Freely released upon Aurora’s first blush
to rejoin spectrumed infatuates
and await reflected beloveds
now beyond the night sky’s velvet chaise

Wonder not
why stars emerge
‘neath shuttered eyes …..

   ….. for
      ….. Novae
         ….. need
            ….. dream
               ….. within
                  ….. us

A Garden to Walk In

Celadon Hues Nonet (Photo Prompt Monday)

Celadon hues of dialogues passed

fragments of coiled conversations

vacant rings of history

yet wrong numbers persist

no need to answer

dappled memoirs

letting go

of past


Photo Prompt Mondays

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This is in response to Photo Prompt Mondays at Voices of Poetry & Prose


Ripples (Photo Prompt Monday)

Anfractuous reflections

dancing ‘midst

sacred earthbound mists

and luscious unearthly dew

choosing boundaries

of neither stone nor shore

navigating above rippling mirrors

releasing pristine echoed light

unmapped liquid prisms reveal

curving serendipity


encompassing desires

destined to never be etched

upon papyrus


silent viaduct

defines only direction

never a purpose

Bridged Reflections

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This is in response to Photo Prompt Mondays at Voices of Poetry & Prose


Canvas (Photo Prompt Monday)

Canvas, oh canvas!

scraped leavings

discarded by

sundered quires of imagination

beckoning disconsolate chimeras

of crumbled sagas spent


Be fair ….. yet …..

beware of unveiled passions

seemingly etched

for zephyr directed wraiths

to ignore ….. or heed …..

at their own peril

Canvas, oh canvas!

enticing silvered reverie

from within her argent palettes

moonlit prisms bathe

sacred runes


numinous ruins

Never seen pasts ….. emerge

to swirl with Futures assoluta

ripped from Light herself

whispering her slated dreams

Canvas, MY canvas!


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This is in response to Photo Prompt Mondays at Voices of Poetry & Prose


Multi Verse – Magnetic Poetry (Photo Prompt Monday)

delightful square distances

an equal measure of infinite hearts

insert two smart brilliant equations





divide every prime number

as if shaped by an

infinite universe

check her beauty

This ….. is sexy logic!


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This is in response to
Photo Prompt Mondays at Voices of Poetry & Prose

 Director’s Cut: If you look at the shape of the poem ….. in the right light ….. it almost looks like the chess piece!