Seeker ….

Memoirs of a Dragon

Foreign Fairy and Dragon

Foreign Fairy and Dragon

I Seek My Foreign Fairy with the Heart of a Dragoness . . . .

Independent. Curious. Confident.

Sure of herself and of who she wants and willing to defend her originality.

The weak and those addicted to largesse are unworthy, even to themselves.

The fire will burn both within and without for each of  us.

Fly with me, wingtip to wingtip, yet caressing our own distinct breezes.

There is room in my heart for a Foreign Fairy who has the heart of a Dragoness!


2 thoughts on “Seeker ….

  1. gimpet says:

    I thought you have perhaps been drifting along the milky way creating a series of pleides from letter A. (By the way, this form terrified me when I read yours, but I have tried it twice on a new blog and find it very powerful indeed.) But I digress. That is what I am HOPING you are doing. But I haven’t seen any replies to comment streams on either of our blogs, so I went out searching, and found that all my recent comments have the phrase: your reply is waiting moderation. I appear to be in the doghouse, or on a naughty chair in the corner.
    So I did some investigating and followed a timeline to see if it could be true that I was in the doghouse. And you have disappeared off WP right at the time you would have read my last comment on my Mars post. I know you read it because I am in now classified as a moderated responder. So I re-read my comment and I am puzzled to figure out what has offended you. I humbly, deeply and sincerely apologize for whatever I said to make you fly into your dragon cave and cover your eyes with your wings. I took all the potentially offensive comments off of that post. I know that you are a very complex (!)–one of the most complex persons I have ever met, digitally or otherwise– and a wounded soul. I have a sense of humor that sometimes gets out of hand. So if it was related to my joke on Greg Admiration Society and it offended you, please note that it was a JOKE! I know you are shy, so am I, and I have used my blog to open myself up a bit. And I do get caught up in conversation forgetting that you are a shy wounded soul.
    The only other part that could have been offensive is my attempt to shield you. But I cannot imagine that you would be offended by my suggestion that you moderate comments IF you are uncomfortable with the contents. Obviously you agreed, and then disappeared. If you wouldn’t mind either ‘approving’ or ‘unapproving’ my last comments on your posts so that hated phrase is removed?
    Greg, you are one of my most favorite people on WP. Not for any romantic reasons I assure you! But I find few souls made of the same stardust as mine, few who can dream in pure fantasy. And that is special. {Mournfully} So, [sniff] am I forgiven?
    There is a wonderful person MUCH like yourself (although my age), a wounded soul with the heart of a poet called The Sentient Mouse.
    I invite you to read his last poem and our comments. We went off line to email and his story (mentally ill wife leaving him) is so tragic that I was too sad for tears after finishing it. He has lovely thoughtful poetry that I think you would very much appreciate. And he is a computer guy! So there is my blog recommendation for the week.

    Now to this post. First, I have befriended the poor lost soul. Now it is activated and is flying out of this post to find you your fairy. Although I appear to have a very different view of a fairy then you. When I first read this I was amused that I read it right at the time I was making a fantasy, dark fairy blog for poems not appropriate to my main one. I have loved fairies and unicorns since I was very young–my teenage room was a wonderland of fantasy. So I have been excited about my new adventure. But fairies are insubstantial and live firmly in the land of Fey. Not good stock for a real relationship. What you need is someone who has a soul made from the same stardust, who can DREAM, make you see with new perspective, and love you with all their heart and soul. Don’t settle for anything less, from one who did. A little practicality is also helpful, as dreaming in the stars does not get the dishes done…. 🙂
    So I shall leave you with this heartfult advice from one who can see your digital soul, if you haven’t fallen asleep yet or deleted me. If I don’t hear back, I wish you the best, and will only hit the like button on your future masterpieces, but know that I will press it with all my heart and soul.

    • You just win the award for longest.comment.E.V.E.R. ! 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to write such a wonderful note! So, to put matters right – no, you did not offend me at all! In hindsight, I was simply going .. silent! Hence my most recent poems of Silence and Solitude. Secrets is next, as part of a quasi-trilogy! Actually, I was having an absolutely fantastic time since last June! I was drifting… on purpose! Alaska, my daughter’s graduation, her attending university, visiting family, etc. I will always chuckle (inside and out!) over your ‘Greg Admiration Society’ – hilarious. Perhaps what potentially offends me, is unwarranted use of obscenities, in conversation or print. I grew up on a farm, so I have hit my thumb with hammers, been kicked by cattle, cut myself on barbed wire and produced the most amazing blisters + colourful language… BUT…just to use obscenities, is like littering dialogue with ‘uncollected dog poop on a beach‘…merely shows a lack of imagination and taste. And you know how much I like beaches! You did nothing wrong…so only I am at fault, so am I forgiven? Hope so! 🙂 I will go check out ‘The Sentient Mouse’ .. just did … now following! 🙂 I completely understand and agree with your ‘Romance’ part too! I feel like I am filling in a phone survey about now! 🙂 As far as fairies go, I have a big concrete sign at my back door that lets people know, and reminds me too, that you just don’t piss off fairies! I am back and thank you for such an amazing comment. Best ever. BEST EVER!

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