Parturition – The Identity of Self


The Identity of Self


Pure emotion

Lavished with love
From fiery temples
Yin inherits shadows of creation
Yang caresses birthing light
Opposite or opposing destinies?
Three entwined at conception as one
Three destined to be one at parturition
I sense …. another and depart
I join my eternal brother
To observe
Distant, yet eternally bound
Quick to anger, slow to forget
Never forgiving
Never for giving
Blind to joy
Bound to self
Lingering falsehoods
Unable to realize
Unable to release
Unable to love
She, too selfish
Mislaid amongst the stars that illuminate her path
They guide not, her questioning soul
Seeking her teacher
That already exists
That exists for her
For ever
Distracted by a shade
Desired by a charlatan
Amused by some, angered by all
Friend to few
Few to befriend
Few to be friend
A muse she sought and found
Amuse she can no longer do
Apparent, but not for real
A parent, but not for real
Patient and silent
For giving
Faith, full
He, two selfish…to long
She, too selfish … for too long
Her inner strength
Needing a catalyst
To endure
To enhance
To excite
Slow breaths
Long intervals
Brief thoughts
Sensuous souls
Forever entwined
Humility and Grace art mine
I am blessed
I have
A Name

Dum Spiro Spero (While I live, I hope)


9 thoughts on “Parturition – The Identity of Self

  1. […] Parturition – The Identity of Self (My FIRST poem, ever – July 7 2009) […]

  2. queenlorene says:

    Heartbreaking, but beautiful. I cant believe this was your first poem. Obviously you are a latent talent. Sometimes tragedy will bring forth a treasury of hidden talents we could never imagine. Although I know you would give it all away to undo what cannot be undone.

    • First ever and I can remember writing it as well, years ago. Would I change one breath, in order to undo what was done? Very tough question, and one which I have pondered. Is one life worth more than another? Or did two lives knowingly, each make a sacrifice for a future one? I can’t help but be cryptic here.

      • queenlorene says:

        If misery outperforms love, if children do not see evidence of love but misery and strife, if union cannot find its’ way back, if another person separates the vows, then breaking the bond, no matter the cost of feeling or anguish, may be the only way. Although children will carry this loss forever, the statistics do not lie. Sadly, the destruction of the family was one of the reasons for the fall of the Roman Empire. I too wanted to break my bond a few years back, but forgiveness, unrelenting love from my husband, my children, and reminders of Biblical teaching changed my uncontrolled bipolar mind. I will carry this scar forever. Perhaps showing your beautiful thoughts in this blog may change what seems impossible?

        • Children are both tough and resilient. I know my own daughter has far more internal fortitude than I do, and for that, I am grateful. Words are very powerful, as I am discovering, for both personal healing and expression, but also for …my dormant imagination! Never say impossible, but impossible to say never! I very much appreciate your thoughts! Thank you!

  3. Beautiful, seems to me that this shy,introverted person you are portraying has much to say. “A poem is never finished, only abandoned”. You are doing the world a favor by being YOU! Keep writing…and keep smiling!

  4. And this was your first try? I loved it. I have a thing for alliteration and you used it beautifully. Your word play made me smile and wink… There’s another ripple in my mind and spirit… Thank you!

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