An Imagination of Dragons

Beware an Imagination of Dragons

Fiercely loyal, to a fault

Patiently waiting, for a healing

The Imagination is for one,

Yet inevitably encompasses all

Awash with respect

Aware with love

Accepting of pain

The Imagination will flourish

When the kindness returns

The Rage cannot last

Virtues of love and forgiveness

Define The Imagination

Embrace OUR Imagination of Dragons

Beware An Imagination of Dragons, for …

It will define your healing

And immortalize you


9 thoughts on “An Imagination of Dragons

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  2. I visited your site when I saw your gravatar I once was a very shy dragon, in some situations I might still be. But it seems I do talk more and I see a lot of similar traits! By Chinese astrology I was born and will ever be a ‘Dragon’. I like your site!

  3. Aliehs says:

    Interesting.. I am a dragon-born by Chinese Astrology too.

  4. Kira says:

    I always have to read your poetry more than once. There are so many subtle undertones of meaning that I’m afraid I miss one. Incredible!

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