A Quiet of Forbearance – I

Noah Webster’s 1828 American Dictionary of the English Language defines ‘forbearance’ as: “The exercise of patience; long suffering; indulgence towards those who injure us; lenity; delay of resentment or punishment.” And lenity is defined as “mildness of temper; softness; tenderness; mercy.”

When cutting remarks are made to us; when insensitive or unkind words are spoken; when we are ignored; when we receive ill-treatment; when hurtful things are done to us; how should we respond? With patience, long-suffering, tenderness, and mercy.

For how could one truly express forbearance from the heart if feelings of ill-will, anger, bitterness or the like remain in one’s heart toward the other? While outward actions may persist for a time, eventually the true heart of a person will shine forth.

A Pattern of Acceptance

An Aura of Accountability

A Wave of Appreciation

A Streak of Assertiveness

A Reverence of Awe

An Ageless of Beauty

A Dedication of Caring

A Warmth of Charity

An Alacrity of Cheerfulness

An Order of Cleanliness

A Sense of Commitment

A Freeness of Compassion

An Aplomb of Confidence

A Glow of Consideration

A Sufficiency of Contentment

A Swell of Cooperation

A Call of Courage

A Simple of Courtesy

An Igniting of Creativity

A Gallivant of Curiosity

A Quickness of Decisiveness

A Stretch of Detachment

A Living of Devotion

An Presence of Dignity

A Consistency of Diligence

A Wisdom of Discernment

A Honing of Endurance

A Reverberation of Enthusiasm

An Air of Excellence

A Commitment of Fairness

A Reality of Faith

A Composure of Faithfulness

A Life of Fidelity

A Humour of Flexibility

A Quiet of Forbearance

A Rainbow of Forgiveness

A Steel of Fortitude

A Mirth of Friendliness

A Shyness of Generosity

A Rhythm Gentleness

A Pace of Grace  (my inspiration for all of these)

A Solace of Gratitude

A Dollop of Helpfulness

A Link of Honesty

A Skill of Honour

A Quantum of Hope

A Hug of Humanity

A Persiflage of Humility

A Dare of Idealism

A Glisten of Independence

A Voice of Initiative

A Conscience of Integrity

A Gambol of Joyfulness

A Mirroring of Justice

A Cherish of Kindness

An Epiphany of Love

A Sensation of Loyalty

A Caress of Mercy

A Foudroyant of Mindfulness

A Lithe of Moderation

A Niveous of Modesty

An Encomium of Nobility

A Labyrinth of Obedience

A Halcyon of Openness

A Denouement of Orderliness

An Eloquence of Patience

A Delicateness of Peacefulness

A Clarity of Perceptiveness

A Destiny of Perseverance

An Ecstasy of Prayerfulness

A Wherewithal of Purity

An Idoneous of Purposefulness

A Magnitude of Reliability

A Serenity of Respect

A Panacea of Responsibility

A Metanoia of Reverence

A Ripple of Righteousness

A Soliloquy of Sacrifice

A Paradox of Self-Discipline

A Lilt of Serenity

A Yare of Service

A Blossom of Sincerity

An Assemblage of Steadfastness

A Manifold of Strength

A Mellifluous of Tact

A Tranquillity of Temperance

An Erumpent of Thankfulness

A Comity of Tolerance

A Quiddity of Trust

A Synchronicity of Trustworthiness

An  Aposite of Truthfulness

A Fantastical of Understanding

An Eternity of Unity

A Fellowship of Uprightness

A Resplendent of Wisdom

A Fervent of Zeal


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