Silent Eyes

Silent souls

emerging as silent eyes

Sorrowfully gazing on enduring desires

what should have been

what SHOULD have been

What can never be

Silent eyes….

Silent sighs…..

I have no need for immortality…..

I ask only for a small piece of forever…..

Silent Sighs


60 thoughts on “Silent Eyes

  1. memoirsofadragon says:

    Hi! The theme I chose is called ‘Dusk to Dawn’ and it was simply one of the themes at WordPress. I like the simple, understated aspect of it.

  2. gimpet says:

    Silent souls are the saddest of all. And what could have been is regret in its most base form. And regret can never be reconciled.
    I started with this theme (dusk to dawn), and ended up trying 5 others…because I wanted drop down menus! Women!

    • I had barely heard of WordPress and the whole idea of these ‘Memoirs’ was just a lark…and I liked the idea. Literally took 3 years to get going.

      • gimpet says:

        A story in itself I sense. Your memoir idea is inspired, partly drew me to it– just the name and the idea of a ‘shy’ dragon. And you play the character so well…..

        • That was only the third poem I had ever tried to write! The dragon part …. another long story. But being shy, just who I am. Of all dragons in literature, I don’t think too many have been described as shy. So…. why not!

          • gimpet says:

            Would love to hear the story of the origins of your dragon. I like the shy dragon approach, it is novel and sympathizes your readers to you. Plus it is a great character! You should name him. Really, I mean it. You could host a voting contest for one of your readers to give it a name! Gasp! I love this… choice is Gramarye. It means book of magic, and your blog is magical so it fits.

            • Another future note! 🙂 A name? Since Smaug is already taken, and he really has given us a bad rep….. what about…. ‘Bob’ ? 🙂 Have you heard of Christopher Stasheff? He has written numerous books and series, one of which is an all-time favourite of mine: The Warlock in Spite of Himself, and it takes place on a planet called….Gramarye! Mixes hi-tech with … magic, and a computer that is a …horse, that crashes all the time, just when he needs it!

              • gimpet says:

                Sounds like a book right up my alley. I will have to check it out! I have not heard of this author, but not surprising.
                [Eye roll] Bob? Really? With your vocabulary and skills, you land on Bob? Boob is a better fit methinks, LOL! You could go Biblical and name him Behemouth…..that was a dragon like creature from the description in Job. Or just cop out and name him….Spot…or Spock 🙂

              • gimpet says:

                Sounds like a book right up my alley. I will have to check it out! I have not heard of this author, but not surprising.
                [Eye roll] Bob? Really? With your vocabulary and skills, you land on Bob? Boob is a better fit methinks, LOL! You could go Biblical and name him Behemouth…..that was a dragon like creature from the description in Job. Or just cop out and name him….Spot…or Spock 🙂 PS: I hope you are writing a list of all the email topics your are to send to me….LOL,LOL 🙂

                • ‘Bob’ which is actually Latin for ‘Esoteric Hidden Mysterious Dragon Stories‘! That list of topics would include a summary from my daily digital diary of at least 1000 words, often more, written each and every day, since February of 2008. Really! That is over 2 million words. I have lots of topics! 🙂

                  • gimpet says:

                    I thought Bob was the name of all technical support people (that’s a joke)!
                    Ok…You have written over a 1000 words a day? Just thoughts or stuff you are studying? That is a crapload of words and topics, I cannot even imagine it. I hope you have it well cataloged, else how do you find anything? And WHERE do you get the time to do this along with life and reading and poetry etc etc? Why all of the sudden in February 2008? You just got up one day and said, Im going to write 1000 words EVERY day…..???? This is quite a mystery and I am agog with curiosity….which did kill the cat…..

                    • Bob is an inside joke at work! Again, add it to the list! I write whatever happens each day, thoughts, ideas, words, usually a photo is attached, often a quote or definition, or the start of a poem. And I will go on a Calvin & Hobbes binge, and put a comic at the start of each days journal entry! Ernest Hemingway once said, “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” And I do! I just find the time…..and I type about 90 wpm!!!! February 2008 – add it to the list! I have each and every day and each and every month saved in either email format or google docs format. One day, a huge volume will be printed, or at least, put on-line.

                    • gimpet says:

                      Amazing. What dedication and discipline. I confess to a burning inquisitiveness as to what the heck happened in 2008 that caused such a massive change in your daily habits. But knowing that you will side-step this query, I will have to tamp down my curiosity and just say how much I admire your dedication to using writing to cope with whatever event caused such a drastic change in habit.

                    • In an email! 🙂 And writing truly did help me cope. I also saw it as a faint glimmer of hope….but …. best laid plans of mice, men and dragons!!! 🙂

                    • gimpet says:

                      LOL, almost all your replies are “in an email”. I will be a potted tree by the time you get around to it. I hope you have started my list, else I will have to spend hours meandering around your site writing down all the stuff you have hinted at over the months. Aggravating man. 🙂
                      You are pretty amazing using writing to cope with stress and life issues. I really admire that. Plus you have a wealth of work to look back on to aid in understanding how you got to be where you are right now.
                      And you saved yourself a load of money using self help techniques that psychologists would have told you to do anyway. 🙂 Writing often clears the mind and relieves the angst of disappointment and disillusionment. Except when it makes it worse, which I find sometimes happens to me. I think that is my bipolar coming out. If I am depressed, when I write it gets worse. Weird huh? Anymore I feel that most of my poetry is an attempt to balance the insanity in my life. Write dark and sexy in an attempt to keep it from building up too much.

                    • Not sure if chronological order or ‘shock value’ works best! 🙂 Aggravating, eh! 🙂 Just doing what I ultimately need, want and LIKE to do … and that just seems to work ….. for me! In one sense, a diary, and even poems, allow for a ‘purging’ of feelings and emotions and somehow, just lessen the load. The only other times I kept a diary: travelling through Europe for 3 months, and when I won a scholarship for French Immersion one summer. Both diaries are treasured memories for me now!

                    • gimpet says:

                      No, I understand the artistry of telling a story in pieces. Keeps one on one’s toes. But really your pieces are flying out in so many directions that I am befuddled half the time. You just like stringing me along, fine, I will follow your lead. I am going to go through all, yes ALL comments and write a list then SEND it to you for eventual email explanation after you have had a couple glasses of red wine and are feeling loosened up and verbose.
                      What is French Immersion? You mean going to France and get immersed in the culture? My Paris experience was not fun. Almost got mugged and was verbally slapped everywhere I went. Loved the architechure but the PEOPLE! Of course you must know French…and Latin I suspect with all your poems that reference latin words. I think French is the sexiest language in the world, you can cuss someone out and it sounds like a caress.
                      I am sure those diaries are great sources of both memories and writing/photo material. Was the Santorini picture from that experience? How did you get to go to Europe for so long–was it after University? Am I nosy enough for you? LOL. I know “put it in an email”…..

                    • Try being on the INSIDE of my own stories – being in that tornado, past and present – just part of the territory for me! Keep score. Hit 100 ‘in an email‘ and I start spilling!!! :|) French Immersion – living in a complete French community – speaking, eating, living, breathing … FRENCH! I had wanted to go to Quebec, but went to a French campus/community in Edmonton. TONS of fun and LOTS of French! Nope, no Latin, although a coffee buddy went to Oxford and can speak/read/write Latin! Santorini was when I toured Europe for 3 months. Went to Europe BEFORE graduating university. Then… hit the books, broke and broke and … broke!

                    • gimpet says:

                      100! After deep searching I found, like, 15 “I will email you” promises. I will be old and wrinkled, or dead, by the time you commit to 100. I think I will just send you one thing to email me a week and ENCOURAGE you to drink a glass of red wine, get into something comfy and LET LOOSE.
                      A French commune, hummm, sounds kinky but I am sure you got pretty good at French kissing by the time you were done–hahahaha. No, really, what a great experience, ooo la la
                      LOL on being broke, but getting broke living it up in Europe was worth it, no? Did you go with friends? I bet you have great stories from that time, not including getting soused at the liquor place.
                      So how come you don’t do more French in your poetry? No, don’t, I will faint for sure. 🙂

                    • Compile your list…by email! Not a commune, just a community of French speaking people. Basically a French University with 6 weeks of French language, culture, projects, acting, etc. Just tons of fun! Went to Europe later, after starting University and earning some money on the side. 2 friends from High School and University. Standard – “Canucks take off for Europe and last until their money runs out” Tour. Mostly lost my French. I can usually understand spoken French, usually, but very hard to generate it now.

                    • gimpet says:

                      Aye, aye Cap’n! I spent a semester in England, at Harlaxton Manor and toured the British Isles with my long term boyfriend. Best and worst time of my life! Living in a real manor house is the experience of a lifetime.

                      Too bad about the French, it is a beautiful language and one that chicks dig… like “wiping your ass with silk” (quote from Matrix!–lol)

                    • Cool! And add ‘coy’ to your CV too! Bet you climbed up to the bell towers, or whatever those tall structures are! Any dragons sitting on top? 🙂 Alas, my French … I can usually understand it, but too ‘shy’, as always, to generate it! Canadian chicks only dig it if you can speak French … and skate at the same time! 🙂

                    • gimpet says:

                      Yes, sad story.
                      Not many dragons, some in pictures I believe. Lots of other sculptures though, including life sized lions at all the gate entrances. And lots of secret passages in the manor itself. And it was haunted. Doors would open with no discernible reason, creepy noises. What an amazing place. Someday I will go back and visit.

                      Yup, nothing better than a French speaking skater. Do you skate? At least you would have 1/2 of the equation 🙂

                    • Oh yes, skate, ski, curl, build snow forts, shovel frozen ponds to actually play hockey and skate at midnight!

                    • gimpet says:

                      A full service Canadian I see. Um, you STILL build snow forts? You are such a kid at heart! I cant stand on skates more than a couple seconds without falling on my behind! Not many chances for skating down here. But the thought of skating at midnight with the stars overhead sounds…magical. I always wanted to learn how to cross country ski. I think I could do that. Downhill is too scary but I love watching the skiers gliding over the snow.

                    • Actually .. yes! A unique form of snow fort is called a Quinzhee, and I have helped build one! Basically… a frozen snowball, hollowed out! I have shovelled snow off frozen lakes .. to skate! Very different feel and sound! Did the X-Country ski, downhill ski, tobogganing….. everything except ski .. JUMPING!

              • gimpet says:

                Oh, BTW, Stasheff teaches at my brother’s alma mater!

                • WOW! He is one of my favourite authors, including Larry Niven, L. Sprague de Camp, Piers Anthony, Jack Chalker, Robert Forward and especially Robert J. Sawyer, who is Canadian!

                  • gimpet says:

                    Piers Anthony was my idol as a teen. I DEVOURED his books. He had the most amazing ideas fantasy wise. I loved how he let us into his life at the end of some of his books and talked about his family or running or issues with writing the book. He put a personal spin on it that make me love him all the more.

                    • He has THE best puns going! I once threw one of his books across the room, because I did not see it coming! And I too also like how he includes aspects of his personal life with each book – good and bad! You could say he was blogging before it was invented!

                    • gimpet says:

                      So true! Yes I loved Xanth for the ideas as well as the puns he incorporated so well. His other series were just as good, although darker in tone.

                    • I must admit to not reading about the last 4 of Xanth! And I lost track of who was in charge too! Much like where I work! 🙂

                    • gimpet says:

                      LOL! The re-structuring not going well?

                    • Has any re-org … EVER gone well? 🙂

                    • gimpet says:

                      Good point and dumb question. But I am sure you will fly through it with your dragon tail unbesmirched. That is a made up word, BTW. Keep belly breathing and keep a supply of those red licorice close at hand 🙂

                    • A real word! Unbesmirched! Ran out of red licorice. Heading to a Dollar Store this weekend!

                    • gimpet says:

                      Darn it all! I keep trying to come up with a real undiscovered word and fail! I even thought my son’s name, Garin, was made up my me (Darin and Gary combined) but no, not so, it is Scottish and means ‘spear thrower’. I have made up one word though–pizzle, as in “oh pizzle my fizzle has frizzled” a quirky thing I say when I have just HAD IT. 🙂
                      I don’t love licorice. It sticks to my teeth too much. Dark, DARK chocolate for me! And peanut butter! Reeces rule!

                    • Garin is a cool name! Pizzles, eh! Licorice is a must for me at movies…along with popcorn and pop!

                    • gimpet says:

                      Root beer and Reeces peanut butter cup for me! Licorice gets in my teeth too much and I hate digging it out….. so not a fan!

                    • In Canada … TIM BITS! Basically, what once filled the hole of a donut!!!

                    • gimpet says:

                      Um…we call them DONUT HOLES. Why the heck do you call them ‘TIM BITS’?

                    • One of the great, and I mean GREAT Canadian icons is…. Tim Horton’s donuts! Franchises EVERYWHERE! Named after a legendary hockey player with the Toronto Maple Leafs, and the Canadian equivalent of Starbucks. Although there are Starbucks up here! Tim Bits are small round .. well…. bits of donut! Come in boxes of about 20, or more, and are … delish!

                    • gimpet says:

                      Ah!!! Thanks for clarifying. Hmmm….a hockey player who got into donuts.
                      LOL–The Canadian visiting bureau should pay you for your educational tidbits on Canadian places to visit and things to do! I don’t eat a lot of donuts, but you are making me hungry! For fun, I looked up how many ‘Tim Hortons’ were in Victoria and it was full of red dots! There must be one on every corner! How Canadians can keep thin is beyond me if you all can support that many donut shops 🙂

                    • Think of Crispy Cream, except .. Canadian! Many have told me that Crispy is better, but I don’t know. No franchise around here. So Timmies it is! And yes, they are ALL over the place, they are so popular..and tasty! And really good coffee too! To stay thin, we have to fight off Polar Bears on their Annual Migration between the North Pole and the 49th Parallel. And yes, we do put our old folks on ice floes when they are no longer able to contribute to society! 🙂

                    • gimpet says:

                      LOL….soon it will be YOUR turn, old man….do you have your ice floe ready?

                    • Been practicing my balance on frozen lakes and ponds all my life! B.r.i.n.g I.t. O.n.!!!!

                    • gimpet says:

                      You are too funny. With the earthquakes in CA, I was imagining you on the ice flying high like Calvin…. 🙂

                    • Definitely Calvin! I have taken my fair share of tumbles! And curling – I have fallen faster, quicker and harder during curling, than I ever did while playing hockey! Completely different sports, needing different muscles, coordination, style, athleticism….etc.

                    • gimpet says:

                      I am quite amazed that curlers can stay on their feet while frantically digging at the ice at such a pace. Falling would certainly be a hazard. I assume you are no stranger to stitches from ice cuts? Got any cool scars from it?

                    • Curling is actually one of, if not THE most technical sports I have ever played. Balance, strategy, strength, endurance, lightning reflexes, constant motion … ALL ON ICE! Just the slightest motion, can alter .. everything that goes on! Oh, I have fallen, many times. The trick is … how TO fall! 🙂 Never, ever fall … ON A ROCK! Better to just land on your keester and take a bow …. accept the oncoming storm of insults and .. carry on! But, no fights break out….. usually! Not too many in-sport curling scars, although knee surgery scars from STSGDTWTK (Sports that Stupid Guys do that wreck their knees!)

                    • gimpet says:

                      Who’d a thunk that scrubbing the ice with a broom would need so much in the way of coordination….LOL 🙂 I cant even weed my landscaping. Fell over a fence this weekend trying to pull a weed and landed on my keister on concrete. I think I pulled something 🙂

                    • Even though I have not curled competitively in some time (knees!) I could actually go BACK to curling at anytime – by using a stick! Literally, a stick, to propel the stone down the ice! I can still sweep and call strategy at a very high level, but am limited by my ability to bend one knee due to injuries.

                    • gimpet says:

                      Poor middle aged injured dragon. Soon we will be trading remedies like real old folks. Maybe your dragons name should be….Gimpy? Limpy? Limp-Along Toothless? Too be serious, it must to hard to give up something you really loved. Difficult part of growing older.

                    • Still love the sport and will go back .. just not yet! And we were VERY competitive, once we stepped on the ice. It is THAT serious a sport around here!

                    • gimpet says:

                      “Just not yet”…you waiting for the “Old and Infirm League” to open up a spot? 🙂

                    • I might get TOO old, and then Canadian law dictates that I must be put on an iceberg and float away to my Viking destiny!!!

                    • gimpet says:

                      Hopefully with a hot Viking Babe… 🙂

                    • Now I have to learn to speak Norwegian!!!!!

                    • gimpet says:

                      No, just Twentieth Century Babe!

                    • LOL! Still time traveling, but with a travel language dictionary!

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