∞ Intemporal Mistress ∞

Her tender whisper

revives me afresh

upon a newborn aurora

‘Tween perdurable lifebeats

She enfolds


and amends my shatterable soul

She alone knows, who

I will be today

I long to embrace




….. my intemporal mistress

Amaranthine tenderness, awaits

sensuous entwining with


I humbly offer

my mortal gratitude



∞ Intemporal Mistress ∞


7 thoughts on “∞ Intemporal Mistress ∞

  1. Powerful and sensual

  2. Dumu Abzu-a says:

    Awesome!! Thanks for subscribing to my blog! I see i made a wise decision in starting to follow yours!

    My regards, Dumu Abzu-a.

    • Thank you! I look forward to your posts!

      • Dumu Abzu-a says:

        That’s nice! Though I must admit that the next 70 posts are works I had already written for the main blog of the Tradition I belong to. Currently I am transfering all those posts to my own blog to have all my own work in one place. But I will also definitely be checking out your work. It looks very promising! 😉 I am also a little curious… Are you too a Child of Tiamat?

  3. No, I merely enjoy reading poetry that impacts me as both visual and powerful. I also try to capture elements of my own loosened imagination, digital scratchings if you may, offered as my ‘Memoirs….”

  4. sarahjaneprosetry says:


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