An Amaranthine of Tenderness

Her stroke of tenderness

paints Her deep heartbeat

on the canvas of My soul

Mine is a delusion…..

My own resonant tenderness

a chroma on Her heart…..?

Requited zealous passions

fragment our

sequestered solitudes




Lovers overlay the canvas of their hearts…..

daubing them with

beautious florets of tenderness

Passion deems to self-justify

by overwhelming Tenderness

…..Tenderness survives

as Time Herself, is an ally…..




Tenderness, is the true colour of Love…..

An Amaranthine of Tenderness


5 thoughts on “An Amaranthine of Tenderness

  1. ~Lady Day says:

    so as you can see…I have been reading your book here writer, you are shy but very talented. So glad I’ve taken the time to read your book. Yes…do noy shy-up. Your linguistic talent is rare, engaging, truly unusual. Your codex, brilliant. An intriguing read. Love, when I find the deeper writers, but, the deeper the more shy, so forgive me, if I stay silent. It does not mean I am not reading with appreciation. But some of my favourite writers have dissappeared, do to over-zealous appreciation. It always hurts when the good writers clam up…so I shall silently, admire your writing from afar. 🙂

    • You overwhelm me with simple readership! Thank you. I am becoming less shy about writing, as I explore imaginary words and worlds. I truly enjoy reading your poems, and will mirror your appreciative silence …. with random shouts of awe, amidst our armaments of … mud!

      • ~Lady Day says:

        lol…too funny. Well I have done my best to abandon the shyness as well….it was a sweet request by several writers I admired to not close up shop that has made me decide I will stay, and when I feel shy, I just leave for a day or two and regroup. It helps a ton. It is overwhelming…but, when you begin to come alive in a writing sense, it is a magical thing 🙂 So happy to meet you through writing, and I make up words and am extremely fictional…even in the raw sounding work…hints of truth laced with myth. It keeps me versatile and imaginative. Nothing under the name ‘Lady Day’ is necessarily truth, it is my art studio here…not my real life. Some take it as such, but I’m happiest to not set anyone straight..I just let the reader read 🙂 When I sign with an ~R, then I am just me. Just so you get the heads up…the character dropped. I have the feeling you are fully aware of writing ‘in character.’ Hence the ‘traveller’…Have a good night. 🙂

        • I have just finished reading all your undiscovered words (from my perspective!) as you will no doubt notice a ‘bump’ in visits, returning your favour! You have a spectacular imagination! Writing in ‘character’ is quite new to me. In fact, writing, is new to me, having scratched my first attempt, June past. Traveller … appeared shortly thereafter, and is … quite noisy at times! Writing truly is magical! As long as I keep surprising myself, I can’t help but continue scratching that itch! I shall keep an eye out for the ‘Squiggle of Reality'(˜)! Next task – persuade (ˆ) to symbolize a ‘Peak’ of Shyness!

          • ~Lady Day says:

            Ah…you are Canadian as well. I have written since I was a child, but only in April started writing with other people reading it. That I think, is the overwhelming part…they assume some is real that is not, assume some is fictional that is real…hearing comments on your writing, is not always easy. Sometimes I’ve felt over exposed. As far as my writing here that you’ve discovered goes…I’ve taken half of it off…there was much much more than what is left. If you are new to writing, goodness, you have a natural talent for it. Thank you for taking the time…I appreciate that. Look forward to writing in such fine company.~R

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