∞ Quantum Wait ∞

Sheathed in a velvet mist


cambered shoulders

brook the weight of patience





weathers solitude so pure

even fog hesitates

to cloak

his now outstretched arms

with dewy tears of healing

Emptiness favours the waylain

She is somewhere…

….anticipating passion


why the pain?

I am…..

…..a shy dragon

I am learning…..

…..to be

a patient dragon


4 thoughts on “∞ Quantum Wait ∞

  1. gimpet says:

    Pieces like this make me wonder what you could do with erotica. LOL! You could burn wallpaper off walls I bet….is that a dare I wonder?

    • What would blushing .. ON STEROIDS be like!! Not quite sure on that dare! 🙂 The only way I know to get wallpaper off is with a scraping brush and TSP!

      • gimpet says:

        LOL….it is an extremely immersive, and very different, state of mind that one must enter into, in order to intricately detail a moment. I have just dabbled a little with encouragement from my friend and I did find it helps with description and portraying uncomfortable experiences. And I STAND by what I said 🙂

        • This was based on a moment of rejection, paralleling continued advice. The advice was from a truly unique and special person in my life at that point. It didn’t work, but that did not make that person any less special or memorable.

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