Derkesthai Adumbratus

His adumbrated perimeter

hints suggestively at an

artlessly shy persona

Beware the Penumbra

of a Shy Dragon

Encountering his shade

will opportune a balance

of temporary permittance

for a mortal presence

seeking adit

to his domain

No dragon ever casually

discloses his veil…..

…..unless he senses


A dragon’s shadow

is neither dark

nor deceptive


It is eternally…..


His ambuscading veil


guards and protects

a most treasured virtue…..


Share a dragon’s passion…..

and become

a part of his forever

Shun a dragon’s patience…..

and be perpetually


to his ambit

The choice….

….is yours…..

Pursue his Penumbra…..


5 thoughts on “Derkesthai Adumbratus

  1. gimpet says:

    This is a perfect quote to this piece! Shun the dragon and face the consequences, yes, powerful indeed for those who choose to disregard this warning. Dragons are passionate creatures indeed….and this characterizes the awesome presence and terrible existence of this ancient, fearsome creature. Beware a dragon’s rage….

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