∞ Quantum Temptress ∞

Ah, but She is my bewildering temptress!

Solely, for me?

I now wonder, aloud…..

I now wander, alone…..

Soulfully, for me?

Dare I delay…..

…..dare I desire

Skirring amongst my alembicated longings

as easily as fog over glass

Her moist balance endures

…..and I am


teetering with passion!

Knowingly, would I risk…..

….utter devastation


DAMN this serendipitous shyness!

She IS my bewildering temptress!

Staggering with realization

I ….accede….




to my acquiescent future…..


4 thoughts on “∞ Quantum Temptress ∞

  1. edithblack says:

    Good Lord in Heaven, where did you get your vocabulary? I am in love with it.

  2. Francina says:

    excellent poem!

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