Traveller’s Skye

Traveller stretches supine

on the star-lit beach

hands behind his head

clenched in unison

always, too tightly

forever acting as incompetent pillows

His long driftwood legs

askew at seemingly uncomfortable angles

He permits himself

a rare moment of requiescence

….. and remembrance…..

Traveller surveys his atramentous nightscape

claiming ownership for the one that can’t

A canvas of Infinity above

His sky

eternally alit with voluptuous novae

His sky

rippling with velvet promise

His sky

burning with curious light

His sky

gyrating with gravitating comets

His sky

laughing with ticklish aurora

His sky

pulsing with curious life

His sky

electric with potential

Traveller rapidly blinks

to arrest a queuing tear

…..too quickly sometimes

Traveller’s Skye

would have changed His world……

For Skye…..


20 thoughts on “Traveller’s Skye

  1. Wonderful imagery portrayed by your words. Sadly it is a few years now since I visited Skye, though it did get a mention in a recent blog:

    Thanks for your visit and like.

  2. Sigh ..
    your words alone could make me fall inlove.
    Simply captivating

  3. I am so humbled by your kind and generous words. Thank you.

  4. edithblack says:

    What a great series, these “traveller” poems. I just love LOVE modern poetry done well. It’s like a fairy skipping across the surface of a pond, only touching down every so often, but the ripples cover the whole surface of the water.

    • Your description is superior to anything I could digitally scratch out! Beautiful! Thank you again! And Traveller has more ripples to wade through, or perhaps even….improvise upon. I am working on ‘Traveller’s Scars‘…except… they aren’t …. scars! SSsshhhh!

  5. meiro says:

    Imagery, captivating….BEAUTIFUL!!!
    Love it.

    Warm regards,

  6. Thank you! And more of Traveller is … being scratched out. Tentatively entitled ‘Traveller’s Scars’ and they are …..not necessarily scars. Holding his hand might prove to be interesting, as one hand can invoke the memory of youth, and the other might just awaken the weight of experience …… and he is …..ambidextrous.

  7. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words says:

    I liked this!…
    I felt like I was on the wings of my dragon as I flowed through
    the energy of your words!
    very good…
    Thanks for sharing
    Take Care…

  8. Toasha says:

    Incompetent pilllows… it!

  9. thispoet says:

    I love the repetition in the centre of your poem- it provides a resting point and draws the reader into your imagery.

  10. dragonkatet says:

    Hmmm…past, present, future…and all the tesseract places in between. Quite the traveler, indeed. This is a loving and thought-provoking tribute, and methinks that Skye has already changed him, perhaps more than he is/was aware.

    • Traveller appeared one day, and I truly enjoy his noisy conversations! Skye, changed everything. Changed everyone. Changed everyone …..that had yet to be. Cryptic, perhaps, but I prefer it that way!

  11. Moonie says:

    You evoke a sense of wonder / a trip in the imagination
    the last piece with the tear brings the reader back to reality (but with a ray of hope)

    thanks so much for your visit 🙂

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