Wyvern Memoirs…..

Of a deep, earthy, burgundy hue

his leather-bound, scarred, injured journal

veers majestically apace

lonely star-speckled beach pebbles

all inescapably dormant

each positioned adoringly

upon his star polished driftwood nightstand


He sleeps, aside…..

A weathered, comfortable, familiar

reflectively golden feathered Quill

mystically engineered of

silver edged vane

rainbow tinted rachis

emerald carved barb

thundercloud laced afterfeather

achingly hollow calamus…..

Quill mutely rests upon

the tattooed barrier blockading his scribbled memoirs


What Wyvern soars employing such resplendent armour?

Rests upon? Nay!


Quill passionately clasps and guards

the now dormant scratchings contained within

Quill patiently strokes his etched chronology

swaying in rhyme with the whispering breeze

which sensually enters through an adjacent oriel


All contestants, coolly urging him to


release your annals, encore


allow Nib and Papyrus to embrace


let loose your imaginings


abandon shyness


Let her know…..



He stirs…..

When provoked sufficiently,

His torrid script burns amidst concupiscent entwinings


Quill longs to swirl indecently

captured within an azure drenched inkwell

Nib and Papyrus adhere

contained within their mirrored strokes of passion

touching only to conceive a trailing wake of memories…..

madness        sensuous             tenuous         tender

   chaotic             pulsating           fearful          lustful


His past essence

His emotional legacy



Quill, sans zephyr

trembles with potent pleasure

Nib and Papyrus, in tense with direction

shiver with azure anticipation


He craves clarity from distant echoes

He desires closure from mirrored confusion

He seeks release from her stoic silence


He cradles Quill


A shout of wind accelerates his journal

parting the excited blank codex within

He immerses Quill in moist azure mercury…..





16 thoughts on “Wyvern Memoirs…..

  1. She remains a fool in her stoic silence dear Dragon ..
    Captivating as always, Another breathless read

    • Alas, she has chosen a different path. Thank you for your kind words. I look forward to more of your own astonishing poems.

      • There is nothing astonishing about what I write,
        but thank you.
        If she has chosen another path, why not follow or make one of your own?

        • Ah, but all words written, MUST by definition, be ….astonishing. Always! Behind each word is an idea, a thought, a moment, a feeling, a history, a mystery! Words ARE astonishing, whether written by incautious youth or curious maturity. Just write. Words, eventually, take care of themselves. And yes, my path is visible ahead of me now. ‘Traveller’ is now gainfully employed as my …. Tour Guide! Thank you for your youthful, and wise, advice!

  2. Angel says:

    This is amazing! I am visually elated with your blissful words!

    • Thank you! I am truly speechless at how generous in praise everyone has been! I only started to scratch out my thoughts a few weeks ago. I eagerly await to read your imaginative pairings of stunning visuals and magical words! Thank you!

  3. “He seeks release from her stoic silence”… exquisite line and a beautiful piece.

    • Thank you for your beautiful and gracious words. If one line sums up the past half-decade of my life, these words have come closest. I always look forward to your own intense and lyrical words. Thank you!

  4. Thank you! I am truly amazed that my scratchings are read! I always look forward to reading your exceptionally imaginative words and accompanying images! Spectacular!

  5. Emma says:

    Oh, I love this quote, and the poem of course is wonderful, inspirational. Great formatting too, adds such interest.

    • Thank you! I am equally astonished and surprised (and a wee bit pleased!) that anyone reads my scratchings! I enjoy playing with the the visual aspect of each phrase, their positions and their interplay amongst the phrase above and below. And the very last aspect, for me, is always the quote. I must be satisfied that not one word changes, based on the quote. If I find the quote needs help from ‘above’, then that quote does not fit there. Those words must be relevant, & dare I say, poignant, at some level within the previous words. Sometimes it works, sometimes it ..plays! Thank you again!

  6. Francina says:

    fascinating poem. I enjoyed the read, very fine write.
    ciao, Francina

  7. dragonkatet says:

    What a curiously colored muse you must have. 🙂 Is she a gentle task-master or a fierce inspiration to you? I see glimmers of both in your words, and the swirls of many colors in the feelings behind them.

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