daughter and dad

        daughter and dad

joyous    insouciant    sublime


This island’s sandy beach
serves as their penetralian paradise

Invested of love
Capricious of spirit

gambol barefoot
upon their arenaceous dance floor!

They are at PLAY!

        dad and daughter

She youthfully stabilizes herself
upon his own weathered, committed stance

Both now facing forward

His worldly plantar soul
tendering infinite footing
in naïve preparation
to surmount jeopardous dunes


His weathered dorsal surface
freely offered as her fugitive dance floor

He is her sole support
He is her soul support

Her hands within his….
Her feet upon his…..
Her heart within his…..

They purposefully travel forward


Jousting knights alongside sanddollar castles
Waving at crowds of synchronized anemones
Laughing at fleets of soaring iridescent wyvern
Grinning at mermaids sheltering their purses
Tickling the toes of slumbering driftwood nisse

Surf and Sand     Tide and Time     Chance and Favour

Inept gnats ALL
contra this duo!

        Daughter and Dad

Theirs is a tandem of
committed stride and nascent glide

As they grow…..
and strengthen in resolve……

Desperate barriers arise!

Incurving tides coerce an intolerable interruption
Clinging sands arrogate a presumptuous reservation
Flotsam and jetsam ridicule their solidarity
Writhing kelp attempt their smaragdine embrace

Begone fool elements!

for they swagger invincible

All too soon……for him…..

His strides

shorten, shorten, shorten

and eventually

The right time has come…..

He needs release her one hand…..

She now balances easily
within her own unaided stride

His eyes commence to mist over…..

He needs release her other hand

She now determines easily

Her Own

Toddler no longer

Afore him…..

A confident, radiant, untethered
Young Woman
poised to embark upon an energetic future
etching her own lingering impressions
in the trailing sand

She turns to thank him…..

And witnesses

An uncompromisable tear of pride
emerging from his soul…..
…..framing her own reflection
of eternal gratitude

He silently marvels…..

how is it possible
she has grown up
so fast
so slow
…..at the same time?

24 thoughts on “daughter and dad

  1. Such a beautiful, heartfelt piece. I love this.

  2. Thank you! I can scarcely contain how proud I am of her! And she is definitely the ‘opposite of shy’!

  3. impassionedpoet says:

    Brings me to tears. Admittedly it doesn’t take much to do that, but this is beautiful.

  4. dokurtybitz says:

    a wonderful, wonderful poem, my daughter loved it as well.

  5. Emma says:

    Yes, beautifully heartwarming, and something I can definitely relate to. It’s both a joy and a sorrow watching my children grown- that simultaneously feeling of wanting to hold on to them forever as they are and wanting to see them go out and make their way; thrive out in the world on their own. You’ve done a great job painting the relationship here.

  6. Just another father saying thank you.

  7. dragonkatet says:

    Thank you for sharing such special moments with us. I am sure that in time, she will grow and read these lines with as much pride in you as you have for her. Such a beautiful bond that you share. I’m happy that you treasure it.

  8. meiro says:

    Love this, really beautiful.


  9. Thank you! I am thrilled you enjoyed it!

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  11. I am crying like a child. This was poignant and makes me think of all my daughter is missing not having a father. Not just any father but one she could play with and lean on and trust in and hold hands with – someone to love and be loved by. It was light and lovely truly.

    • I am humbled and honoured by your words and sharing of your feelings. Thank you seems so inadequate, yet, thank you. I am so very proud of my daughter and so very grateful to be her dad, that my own words can only scratch the surface. If only one poem were to remain, of all I have ever written, or ever will write, I would choose this one.

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