Dragun Cerf-volant

Aujourd’hui seulement…..

Today is her day!

An infinitely educing destiny beckons
Today …. is her day
to embrace….. her Dragon!

Ceremoniously acceding her pending milestone
Boisterous tide ecstatically marries ammophilous beach
Ferocious obsidian thunderclouds exhale their fluidic animus
cleaving ecstatically unto Sol
ablaze with chromatic flares
gifting her a perfect moment for

Utter Forces, now in idyllic attendance
her enraptured audience alert
Today …. is her day

an Azure Dragon
securely reposes midst intertide
entwined amongst beach kelp
a mob of curating sand dollars
harnessed as her boma

Legend precepts a cautionary approach……
     …..downwind from her…..

A barefoot duo approach…..
daughter and dad

at first sight of her
daughter explodes ante

dad momentarily savours her zeal
recollecting….. his own, past moment…..
intensely appreciative of her moment to come

Look dad, an old kite! Looks like a … blue dragon!” she exclaims
More than a kite. More than a dragon” he whispers

It won’t fly! It looks broken!” she declares
She will fly. She soars…..only for you” he predicts

daughter unwinds the emerald kelp strands tethering her ancient frame
     freeing her thoughts

daughter brushes aside magnetic sand motes speckling her cerulean wings
     freeing her imagination

daughter cleanses her obstructed eyelids
     freeing her perception

daughter unfurls her coiled, indigo empennage
     freeing her love

daughter sets her upright, firm against a confident sea breeze
     freeing her soul

and she does not buckle
     she now waits…..

Teach her to fly” dad curiously advises daughter
But ….. how?” she puzzles
turning towards him

He bends down, one knee on the glistening sand
He looks directly into her cobalt bathed eyes
He leans forward, insulating his response
and whispers his most treasured strength…..
     “Believe yourself….a dragon

daughter laughs
and faces … her Dragun Cerf-volant!

Unwinding the viridian kelp as raw string
daughter instinctively backs away
unwaveringly facing her moira
she will temporarily act as pilot

Upon her penultimate footfall
Dragon opens one eye!
With daughter’s final, firm footprint
Dragon opens the other eye!

Theirs is an intimate gaze
a shared essence of possibility

dad, whispers from afar
and is heard by both
You must name her, as I once did…..

daughter whispers knowingly,

Rocketing upwards
Seraphina embraces her zephyr
and mirthfully barrel rolls
‘tween stars and surf

daughter orchestrates neither
the olive hued kelp-string
nor the directionless gale
nor the whirling wyvern

BOTH now sense a mirrored direction of heart
a parallel journey of talents
an armament of unspoken respect

Casting loose the unaccomplished twine
daughter waves to the revelling sapphire tarkhum
now untethered and unclaimed

Diving down breakneck
opaline wings promptly unfold
arresting her progress
scant eyelashes apart
from an unflinching daughter

daughter extends her arms to the side
emulating the expanse of Seraphina
both are now

wingtip to wingtip
eye to eye
face to face
soul to soul

Seraphina hovers effortlessly
then…. turns her head slightly
…. and
WINKS at daughter!

daughter spontaneously winks back
surrounding their first perfect moment
with peals of laughter and joy!

Seraphina ascends encore
endlessly comfortable within any tempest
always nearby

dad emotionally whispers
goodbye old friend
to his past dragoness
Care for each other, as we once did
I am eternally….grateful

A Wayward Wyvern’s counsel…..
Never peer into a dragon’s eyes
unless you are prepared….. to wink!


17 thoughts on “Dragun Cerf-volant

  1. Nikunj says:

    You hold me with your string
    becoming my path , my direction
    Becoming my dive , my resurrection .
    You become the kiss of the wind
    as I smile up in the sky
    you fly with me in the clouds
    like a unimaginable dragonfly …

    I like the philosophical intent and creativity inside this piece …you simply rock.

  2. tdmitchell says:

    Lovely as always! Words fail me; though, they serve you. God bless!

  3. oh i am mesmeriseddddd r a g o n x

  4. Your blog has been nominated for “Reader Appreciation Award” =)

    • Thank you for nominating me! But alas, for now, my ‘shy’ nature is still victorious. For now, I will simply … delay acceptance. I do look forward to reading your own amazing poetry!

  5. Fantastic blog, beautiful thoughts.

  6. This is what I call preciously beautiful.

  7. […] are left to your imagination … ….. And the resting dragon, her name is ……. Seraphina ….. … and there is even a lighthouse offshore too […]

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