Traveller’s Map

A silent, genial audience of one
awaits this prophetic sundown

Dusk gently cocoons his refulgent coastal arras
anxious for her imminent nighttide embrace
of an overhead ebony purlieu

Coupled lovers
Aurora and Eventide
directing this eve’s choreographed exhibit
sublimely ministering
His Direction

Traveller graciously accepts
far-flung exotic nebulae
ripe with diamond cepheids
illuminating his desultory trail
whilst others, so much lower
occlude all his paths indiscriminately

Stabilized intertide reflects a perfect stage
conjoined sea and sky
awaiting innumerable synthesized actors
of mysterious compositions…..

every silent constellation
each dammed celestial pearl
all rambunctious cometary marbles
any empyrean debris…..

every last one shyly dims
His Perseidian Path!

Traveller gazes Northeastward…..

Night morphs his achingly indigo eyes
into echoing charcoal orbs
gleaning witness of the evening performance

Announcing themselves…..
with less than a whisper…..

First one, etching a milky contrail
then, two, parallel with ivory aisle
then three, parsing the heavens as glowing corridors
then ….. an indulgence of chiselled lightning!

Refulgent arteries of light and heat
tracing possibilities of direction
for his solitary, broken heart

Then, one…..
The one….

extensive    elongated     enduring
single     solitary     unique

White hot with purpose
Unerring in drift
Brilliant in persuasion

Traveller then knew…..
he had always known…..
but even he needs…..reassurance

A final curtain call
all actors sincerely applauded
by a silent, genial audience of one

Sea, surf, tide, stars
all recommence their nocturnal rhythms

Aurora and Eventide
prolong their coupling

Traveller casually waves bon voyage
scrapes free the clinging sand on his boots
from a visit overstayed
then takes a first step…..

… the mountains
….. towards his distant kin …..

Traveller now journeys
seeking brotherly prescription from…



29 thoughts on “Traveller’s Map

  1. pangirlbrit says:

    Great Piece. I like the flow. It flows really well. and your right sometimes happiness comes from other people…other then your immediate family. 🙂

  2. ~Lady Day says:

    Goodness I loved this. So very much.

    • Thank YOU for reading and enjoying my words! I am new to this writing ‘affliction’ and ‘Traveller’ appears to have sparked my dormant imagination. His ‘Map‘ is my most recent of his adventures. I eagerly await to read your own beautiful poems. I absolutely love ‘Kyanite‘!

      • ~Lady Day says:

        Well, thank you. You are a fabulous writer, your imagination is brilliant. This one was complex and spellbinding. I loved it 🙂 I’m honoured you appreciate my writing.

        • You should not make a dragon blush, even a shy one!

          • ~Lady Day says:

            aw…I did not mean to. Shyness is a dangerous thing for us writers, it is next door to closing us up. I have fought it soooo much over the past few months. I hope you keep writng despite compliments and admirers…you are gifted. And it is a joy to have a community of writers to write among.

  3. pangirlbrit says:

    Yep. That always helps. I read my stuff out loud too, to proofread my grammar and listen to the flow.

  4. Angel says:

    There are too many wonderful stanzas in here! I do not know how to articulate the proper emotions for a comment. This one really has my head floating into a mystical place and I want to read it over and over. Exquisite!

  5. Enchanting! Loved the imagery…. My mind was swept away into that world! Gotta love things from your imagination.

  6. badsonnet says:

    You have a very impressive vocabulary!

  7. velly paxxy says:

    i must say that this is great… tnx for dropping by and liking my post

  8. These milky epithets are as dazzling slogans. Splendid and relucent vision to be remembered.

  9. Your praise is far more eloquent than what my scratches deserve. I am ever so humbled when someone reads my words. Thank you!

  10. black rose says:

    hi hello, i’ve nominated you for The Sunshine Award, for the details visit my blog, thank you!! Have a good day.

  11. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words says:

    Wonderfully scripted
    I enjoyed the flow that took me along wanting more
    Beautiful LadyDragon

  12. Yoshiko says:

    Beautiful depiction.
    And thank you for liking my post Tidy Perfectionist.

  13. 1EarthUnited says:

    Wondrously expressed, I look forward to reading your poems and ideas. Be well!

  14. mj says:

    This is ethereal… parsing the heavens …a glowing corridor… it brings alive the evening… sparkling with words that glow because they are so rare and new to the world… This is not a scratching – it is the pen flying! And may it attain greater and greater heights!

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