Wyvern of Wickaninnish

Chinese Say Dragon

An indulgent shiver of expectant curiosity
   ripples prismatically
effortlessly traversing Her rainbow hued integument

A Muse, She is
   …..silently so…..
Amused, She is
   ….discreetly so…..
Attendant, She is
   …..deceptively so…..

‘neath Her iridescent talons
a tableau of arboreal old growth backwoods
provides an infinite emerald buttress
nurturing Her canopied inquisitiveness

Wyvern ….. of Wickaninnish

Westwardly canted
   accepting of a beguiling mistral

She oscillates in bonded allotment with
   frothy pacific rim tides
She balances ever so subtly
   outstretched wings
      playing catch with breathy chinooks

Yon quixotic horizon, ∞Infinite∞
   Her feminine ken

…..Ever …… aware ….. peripherally…..

Throbbing subcutaneous arteries
   map Her passionate
      dragon blood
   diagram Her ardent
      basilisk potential
   reveal Her avid
      tarragon prophecy

Families of mythic cedars posture ‘neath her
   singularly privy to bygone Elders ciphers and rites
      sussurating ancient memes from primeval epochs

Nary a scintilla of doubt within Her
   As they are not privy
      to Her own formidable legacy……

Incessant high tide arrives…..

Aware of his presence
yet he, not of Hers

From Trust to Dust
covertly sharing his hardened sorrow

Opalescent nictating membranes guard not Her sight
      they provision Her INsight
         …..of his potential reverie

Below, he embraces the zenith tide
standing firm
   equalling Her direction and gaze
      sea froth swirling amongst ginger beach granules
      sinewy kelp championing sand dollar orphans
      gnarled driftwood debris lecturing late arriving jetsam
   bits of all
adhering to his apparel…..

Weathered mahogany fedora
   Lightning veined leather jacket
      Rural stained blue jeans

He stretches, his arms capriciously akimbo
   almost impatiently
      moreso sedulously
   and …. breathes…..IN
the ever renewing ocean zephyr

Her juncture is NOW!

Launching Herself into the gale
She rapidly rises, banks right, gaining altitude
   liquidly reversing Her arc
      instinctively gauging Her trajectory
She curls downward racing back towards the shoreline


cresting mazarine breakers
   headlong ….. towards ….. Him

His abundant soulful inhalation
Her immortal shouldering comet
…..in breathtaking impact…..

An attosecond of exchange!

Mortal and Immortal
Each bestowing more
than either hoping to receive

She, ever so briefly
caresses the mortality of one
savours the intimacy of two
deciphers his briefness of breaths

He, ever so unknowingly
absorbs an iota of the infinite
crafts a palette of luscious imagination
decides his own destiny

Each, glimpsing more than they should
Each, offering more than they could
Each, becoming more than they would

Theirs is an Integrity of Two

Honourably, She returns atop Her jade throne
   content to be His shy muse

Earnestly, He awaits an untroubled sunset
   feeling surprisingly content
      amongst His own peripheral thoughts

….. for upon this eve,
      …..will dream of Dragons…..

54 thoughts on “Wyvern of Wickaninnish

  1. dragonkatet says:

    What an interesting picture you’ve painted for us! I found the adverbs a bit distracting, but I still very much enjoyed this romp. You have a tremendous grasp of imagery, in my opinion, and a way of building the scene which places the reader smack dab in the middle of it. I like the changing form of the piece, as well. It adds interest in the pacing. As always, just my two cents’ worth. OH, and I dig the “double dragon” kanji. 🙂 Nice touch!

    • Thank you, again! Distracting adverbs! I claim that as ‘High Praise‘ indeed! 🙂 I am fortunate to work in an environment befriending many languages, including both Chinese and Japanese. Time to include something more than words. After all, a picture is worth…..

  2. I agree, exquisite imagery in this piece.

  3. ~Lady Day says:

    I can see this, clear as day…it was perfection, the complexities made it. I adore the sunshine coast….this had Canada’s west coast and it’s rich loveliness all over it…my heart loves it wildly.

    • Thank you, yet again, for such kind words! I am grateful that I am but a stones throw (perhaps a bit longer than that!) from ….. Tofino and all my favourite Surf Dragons! If I have a Muse, and if She is a location, then Tofino is one of three sanctuaries I humbly claim. And yes, I am Canadian (from your previous note). About time I upgraded from Shy to .. Bashful, eh! And thank you again for reading my scratches. Oh yes, …. Hi…my name is Greg.

      • ~Lady Day says:

        Ah…makes sense…Tofino is awesome….the hightway there…terror!!! But gorgeous. But…The Sunshine Coast, on the mainland above Vancouver…another of my muses. My heart lives there, though I do not. You are a fabulous writer…pull in your reader very well. I really enjoy your work. Nice to meet you Greg.

  4. davidtrudel says:

    The rocky outcrop
    Where I sit to watch sunsets
    A far seeing place
    Faces the Sooke Hills
    Beyond them, tonight
    There is an echo
    Of a snap slap wing on the wind
    A whiff of sulphur
    An intimation of magic
    Just over the horizon

    • Twinned eventide eventually succumbs
      to a Trial of Islands
      In the Land of Rock
      The Magic Castle of Craig
      gazes majestically over
      The Wood of Ferns
      The nightly slap of wings
      replaces the silence
      of Baying Oaks
      All passing Junks must flee….
      The Malevolent Mists of Foul Bay
      One Ring (Road) to Rule them all…..

      • davidtrudel says:

        This darkness is not about binding
        Just as Bombadil was never bound
        To troubles beyond the ken
        Of the old forest
        It is enough
        To provide stewardship
        Stride the trails
        In strawberry vale
        Guard against incursions
        Bind the wounds
        Bridge the new with the timeless
        For landscapes
        For magic places
        For gray havens
        Under oaken canopies
        For resolution

        David Trudel (c) 2012

  5. mybhumi says:

    you are an amazing illustrator

  6. Thank you! I continue to be surprised and thankful (leaning towards astonished!) for those that read my scratchings! Good question! Hard to answer. I always seem to have ‘words‘ floating around in my imagination. I have had the final 3 lines ‘lodged’ in my thoughts for about a month, not knowing how to start! I commenced writing this about a week ago, and total time, perhaps 2 or at most 3 hours, here and there. Perhaps I should blame the Higgs-Boson discovery, to explain that occasionally, our Muses must collide, not collude, with each of us!

  7. Amazing!! I enjoyed every word dance and lingering tale trail! Brilliant writing indeed. 🙂

  8. drsuraiyanasim says:

    What an enchanting muse!…..and an amazingly enigmatic and mesmerising story…..i love how you use such complex words in such an easy way and make them flow like a never-ending stream.
    Your poetry is unique and very different from any i have read.

  9. Robyn Lee says:

    Truly captivating writing — hung on every word here… you are a gifted poet – and magician of words!! so many favorite verses can’t choose as I’ve tried 🙂 ~ RL

  10. woosha8 says:

    wow – intriguing use of words!!

  11. Aya Wilson says:

    a perfect fairytale.

  12. Mind and the heart, both have read this post. I shall say its a fine tapestry of images and words. You have a very unique style of writing !

  13. […] from the shoreline,    …..his distant beholder….. Wyvern sheds    an opaline tear of […]

  14. Moved to the core? Transported? How is it that this writer/poet is without words to describe…I am never without the jewels of language! It has taken too many moments just for this meager response. My words are bound in twisted tongue…so in simplest form….this piece is stunning!

    I am quite unnerved. Pondering awaits!

    • Thank you for your kind and amazing words of encouragement … and for my rampant blushing! Divulging a not so shy secret, all my characters such as Traveller, Scribe, Beachcomber, daughter and locations such as Wickaninnish, Trial Islands/Isle of Trials ….. all exist – they are based on friends and family, as well as places I have been! Write what you know!

      • Thank you for revealing that secret, as Dragons hoard their secrets as deep as they stash their treasures. For secrets are treasures. Respect. But what a delight to find the fabled sounding Wickaninnish is a real place! Of course, I used the ancient form of gathering information and Googled it…what an ideal place for a Dragon to have its lair. Beauty and privacy…perfection!

        Write what you know…also a bit of reveal. And a thin curl of spiraling smoke emits from a temperate muzzle, a Dragons’ chortle at making another Dragon blush!

        • This Dragon seems to be littering the internet with his ‘secrets‘:) Wickaninnish, Tofino, Pacific Rim National Park….. are truly … places of perfection! I can picture a Dragon sitting with a laptop (Mac of course….) googling… Wickaninnish!

          • Sparkling eyes and busy talons…typing in new places to drool over. Tail swishes and wings shudder in anticipation. Such Beauty! And the water sparkles! 🙂

            • Thank you! Crashing waves, eagle cries, breezes through old growth Elders, flotsam and jetsam treasures cast aside from Forbidden Lands, ocean-polished driftwood harder than diamond, attentive lighthouse peals…. and hidden dragons! Let’s keep it a secret! 🙂

              • A lid slides slowly over the Dragons’ eyes as visions and breezes waft gently ‘round its’ mind…transporting…as words conjure images that tumble in play. Blissful Enchantment. Hidden Dragons and treasures abound…and the secret emphatically kept! 😉

                And too, as more words are read within these prolific pages, emotions’ tide rises, pulls back, then crashes…a spectacle of surprise that never ends. How remarkable this Dragon Poet be, that writes these words that strike so deep in me!

                • You truly humble me with your amazing words and emotions! I write ….. to surprise myself ….. and to have such an affect on another is … wonderful! My ‘Dragon’ scratched out his first offerings, only last June, and hopefully, will continue to do so! “Thank you” feels so … incomplete, yet .. thank you!

                  • Is it not ironic that, in appreciation of words, words seem not enough? I grapple too, in my feeble attempts to convey why or how this poetry touches me. I have read a great deal of poetry in my day…but nothing ever made the sky crack, the light burst forth, and the ground shake…quite like this. I have mused that, perhaps it is that you see the Dragon as I do….and that IS a complete surprise. That you just started writing a year ago boggles the mind! These words must have been bubbling deep within you for eons. I would have an embarrassment of questions but for the respect of a Dragons’ secrets. As I am a bit shy myself…then too.

                    Your welcome…seems incomplete as well…but…you are welcome

                    • Part of me wonders .. just where DO these words come from? And the stronger part of me says … don’t analyze it! I have returned to my own words over this past year, reading them aloud to myself, on a nearby beach and …continue to surprise myself. As delighted (….and curious!) that my words move you so much, I assure you – they shake me to my very core. I claim no special experiences that typically visit all of us. I have no special training beyond the mundane and I am honoured by TRUE Family, Friends and Colleagues. Secrets? No, as I prefer to colour them as guarded moments of perfection, of which I have hinted at in some of my ‘digital scratchings‘. Perhaps my eons old Dragon is simply there…..holding up the mirror I have been reluctant to peer into.

  15. As you likely see from my blog, my passion (and work) lies in the field of human nature, so my natural inquisitiveness led me to wonder what led you to pick up your pen a year ago and begin the flow of these exquisite words. But, you are right not to analyze too much. I understand the rereading with surprise too…lovely to keep the innocence of that surprise alive.

    Why your words move me so much…it is still a quandary for me that I stumble and stutter in my endeavor to convey this. What I do know…is that…when I read them…I am no longer in my realm…I am lifted on a current, riding a wave of scenes and emotions that are so startlingly clear to me. It was instant the first time I read…and shook me. I am touched because, through your poetry, I see that you perhaps glimpse a world as I do…especially the Dragons. And this is, indeed, rare. But so astonishingly splendid to experience. Magical realism.

    Thank you…to the Dragon who holds the mirror…and to you for peering…and sharing the reflection!

    • I did notice your passion! 🙂 Yes, my approaching ‘anniversary’ date …. of attempting to write poetry, simply seemed to .. make sense to me at the time. Yet, paradoxically, NONE of this makes sense to me – insert wry grin here! This is SO far out of the popular notion of ‘comfort zone’ for me, that words do fail me! I actually view that as a challenge, perhaps even as muted strength, as I do write every single day. I just don’t post every single day! I continue to thank you, for enjoying my words, mirrored reflections and ‘digital scratchings’ ….. and especially for your own Dragon glimpses! 🙂

      • And so…I will continue to stroll these hallowed halls papered with poetry of words and images. I have walked…breathless…through the L’Abyrinth a dozen times and grazed the shore of the Wyvern a dozen more…and I shall read these words, and others, again and again…until I am spent…and then read them again. Bless the day you took to your pen! And the “sense” that brought you from your comfort zone…wry grin! 🙂

        A Good Meet this is, my friend…if I may call upon you as friend as far as a friend can be on the sound laden hush of the internet. I am most profoundly fortunate to have happened here…a cove of pleasure to hearken to along my journey. And I am changed for it. Many Blessings to you…and still…that would not be enough.

        • I do hope you experience walking a labyrinth one day. One must attempt to push all thoughts away throughout, similar to meditation (of which I am also learning to practice), but I was instantly overwhelmed with … everything! There may even have been yet another, wry grin on my face! 🙂 There will be an outdoor labyrinth for me to walk, soon! And I am hoping to be inspired for a companion piece.
          I have always been overwhelmed by … friendships, as I am with your generous words, friend Mariann!

          • Ahhh, sweet meditation…a beautiful thing! I am, myself, rather an expert, and I teach it in my work. There is nothing quite like the sublime peace when you have mastered it…and the messages that come through…well, you shall see. Wryest of grins! 🙂

            An outdoor labyrinth…how wonderful! The darkness, the candles, the hush. I shall set myself the challenge to seek one out and experience it. BUT…I wait with bated breath for your companion piece…for I know it will be inspired and inspiring. Delicious anticipation.

            And now, some lost time later…after “Travellers’ Beach” and “daughter and dad” and “b.l.i.n.k.”…the amber liquid in my goblet running dry…I find I have fallen into a chasm of your words and I float ever deeper. This Dragon hangs her head…then lays it on the cool floor of the cavern…a jeweled tear slides down the opalescent scales that frame her face…for she is, once again, spent beyond those words…and ‘tis goodnight for now, dear Dragon Poet friend called Greg.

            • Mariann, thank you for such glowing words! Meditation has been a very recent addition to my day, and a small group at work are learning from a very good teacher. I hope they will have candles outside, but…. fire regulations might intervene! 🙂 Regardless, I am looking forward to the experience (next week!) and hope to be able to scratch out a companion piece. I have some ideas already, but typically, what I start out with, is usually completely different by the time I conclude, so for now … they are just ideas! There will be more, I promise you that, including companion pieces to Wyvern…. as I have discovered that she has … siblings!

              • Wonderful about your meditation group! May your learning be deep and peaceful. Next week for the outdoor labyrinth…so exciting. I am looking forward to the words you will craft about the experience. And Wyvern…siblings…the breath catches in my throat! I eagerly await those pieces as well. A little reveal of my own…I have a Circle of Seven…that came to me years ago. Each one unique and with a purpose. They are my treasured companions and guides. And then there is the 8th one, young Spike. He reminds me to play! 🙂 I am writing a book about them that one day I hope to see published. So much to write (and draw), so little time! 🙂 Blessings!

                • I will discover where the outdoor labyrinth is today! I prefer to ‘discover‘ it, although I am fairly certain where it might be and have avoided ‘directions‘ from my friends and colleagues! Seven! There will be Four of mine – perhaps ….. elemental, most likely ….. geographic, possibly ….. prophetic, maybe ….. tethered to characters! I never know until they whisper their secrets to me!

                  • Hoping you had a wonderful moment of discovery of and in the labyrinth. I await… breathless again… for the piece that will flow from your fingertips describing the magic of it! And sweet anticipation as the Four reveal themselves. Is it not the wonder of wonders when they do? I have never had the pleasure to speak with anyone who knew what that meant! And the pleasure of this conversation is, indeed, splendid. Wishing you Blessings and Peace in your days Greg, and that all is well.

                    • Mariann! My most recent ‘Labyrinth‘ experience was quite different, but no less thrilling! Words can never do justice to such an experience, but I have tried, thus the delay! Thank you for reading and understanding!

  16. A lovely piece!…sometimes, takes time. But…is quite worth the wait! Now…looking forward to the Four…as I revel in the words already printed to curb the anticipation. Oh!…but what you must be feeling! 😉

    Honestly…I read this piece again and again when I come here to respond…and every time…I am taken away…..Sigh…..

    • You make me blush all over again! Thank you Mariann! And I am working on The Four, but … Scribe is whispering to me right now! She will be on her Isle of Trials, away from her lighthouse, at night …. not writing, but ……. drawing……

      • Ahhh…and so it is, with sweet enthusiasm, that I look forward to the words that will spill across the page from the Scribe, or The Four, or any manner of the tales you have to tell…for they are all pure magic. The wait…a paradise of agony!

  17. Good Meet Greg! Catching the wind in my wings to swoop by and wish you a Happy Fathers Day…and may you find Many Blessings and treasures and gems throughout the day. A trove of glistening memories be yours!

  18. […] (Dragons), that love to dance with my muse! The first is already written, entitled ‘The Wyvern of Wickaninnish‘ and represents ‘Vapour‘ ….. mentioned above. The others ….. await […]

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