The night ….. is momentarily silent…..
  generations of irregular pebbles
    cluster within their shared demesnes
  of cushioning sand…..
anxiously awaiting their pending conterminous locale

Co-authored by
  coiling tidal surf
    mysterious flotsam
      enigmatic jetsam
        omnidirectional zephyrs

Gleefully combining….
  stony resolve
    liquid humour
      frothy indulgence
        breezy randomness

Writing the script
of their intertwined destinations

all with each
  each with every
every with all


A stalwart footstep interrupts…..
nay, intersects, this
midnight seashore drama

Her subsequent stride
reveals and rejoins…..
  granite and granule
   driftwood and drifters
    foam and fantasy
     present and presence
      direction and desire

Step after step
Beachcomber walks,
nay, dances…..
witness to
each and every
coastal performance
swirling amidst her temporal journey

She is overwhelmed

New Moon over Chesterman
shyly permits
ancient stellar dawns
to visibly arrive ….only just now

Odysseys undertaken
billions of years past…..

If only we could commit
with such depth of existence
as light itself
from the beginning of time…..

Beachcomber lifts her eyes

An eons old crystal
artistically carves out
a perfect white slash
briefly bisecting the charred evening canvas….

Then explodes
with hoarded energy
from the birth of the cosmos…..
solely for her ….. interpretation

All is illuminated within that perfect, singular instance…..
Commitments and Conflicts
Decisions and Destinies
Apologies and Anxieties
Truths and Loyalties
Infinity …..and Life

Each decision has always been hers to make…….

If a New Moon gifts Clarity…..
Imagine what a Full Moon can reveal…..


25 thoughts on “Beachcomber

  1. your words took me right back for a quick trip to the beach.

  2. dragonkatet says:

    I liked this one very much, Dragon. The form you used reminded me of the ebb and flow of the tides, which makes a nice touch on such lovely words. I like that you bring sea and sky together, too. They are so separate and yet, so much a single unit when one stands on the beach to take in both of them. Written like a true beachcomber. 🙂

  3. ~Lady Day says:

    This was tearfully beautiful…the addition of Seuss at the end, this twist and journey, bringing me quite completely to the center of the woman/girl existence…so well done.

  4. ~Lady Day says:

    Reblogged this on Lyrical Love and commented:
    I can’t even say how enchanting this was.

    • Thank you again. You are the first to have reblogged any of my words and for that I am grateful. I based this on an actual event – my daughter and I were walking on a very special beach, at midnight, and a meteor exploded right above us! One of those perfect moments I have experienced…..

  5. Suzy Blue says:

    Love this. Felt the waves and felt the wonder. Lovely

  6. “If a New Moon gifts Clarity…..
    Imagine what a Full Moon can reveal…..”

    In just two simple lines you have expressed so much, so beautifully. A lovely place you have here.

  7. You’re words gripped my mind with such inspiration and joy.


    Corpium (And the Omens who untouched)

  8. ladyliterati says:

    Fabulous writing. Held me captive from beginning to end, as I too, became a ‘Beachcomber’…I like the fact you incorporated various ‘historical, mythological aspects to your publication. Most impressive.

  9. drsuraiyanasim says:

    Exquisite and exotic expression of words. Amazing poetry.

  10. Magic epic eternal mistical intrinstc perfect moment forever

  11. Heartafire says:

    As you may have noticed, when I clicked your “like” my avatar
    came up four times…sorry, it is ok with me, I think it worthy!

    • Thanks and .. you make me blush with the attention. I am thrilled you enjoyed my ‘digital scratchings’! I love reading your posts, whether it be apricots, mushrooms, mangos or margaritas!

      • Heartafire says:

        thank you, I feel you are a truly gifted writer…not meaning to cause any blushing but you can feel very blessed, in my humble opinion.

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