Traveller’s Beach

From an outlying locus…..
  visible to any ostensibly nearby beholder…..

A lone figure…..
  appearing to kneel in prayer
   comfortably offset on right knee
   perpendicular to Sol and Luna
  breathing rhythmically with the silentious Neap Tide
Traveller serenely appreciates his sacred littoral

Traveller balances ‘tween asomatous borders
  of intertidal foam and sandy resolve
   of reflected auras and mirrored fantasies
    of whispered isolation and penultimate quiescence
     of obsidian solace and diamond armories…..

His is a fleeting, perfect moment of Tranquility…..

Lingering oceanic breaths
  tickle his dusty brown fedora
all the while…..
  his dangling saddlebrown & silvered locks
   sway harmoniously with
    overhead wyverns
all the while…..
  each heartbeat
    a deep longing…..

Of all his scars
quixotically hidden and readable
  most are healed
    thankful of his youthful outlook
  some are healing
    bandaged by his patient outpost
  very few abide
only One remains
    purposefully painful

Leaning forward
  reverentially releasing
   a handful of sandstars from their tidal sanctuary
    mindful of this interruption
     yet proceeding apologetically
Traveller once more…..
  temporarily caresses his stage
   embracing disparate sandgalaxies
    in his other hand…

He then gently profers
Eternity and Infinity
   both now within his newly unshielded grasp…..
    weighing both against each other…..
      …..which is more powerful? Infinity?
      …..which is more freeing? Eternity?
…..and slowly releases his hold on Forevers…..

Scarlet shifted sandgalaxies waterfall at his left…..
Teal infused sandsouls cascade at his right…..
Luminescent tidal bore swirls below…..

Replenished crystalline karma, for
each sandsoul travels not Down, but To…..

O what unfathomable Grace
was attendant
when each unique grain of sand
within this entire cosmos
was created with
equal care
equal compassion
and equal

Diurnal tide, Proxigean tide, Spring tide
Always returning to polish, reassure and honour
each and every sandsoul

Traveller is but a single orb on shore
on a universal coast
traversing a fractal pathway of desires

Perhaps now is the time to seek Mapmaker…..
for She is the cartographer
his searching soul must locate
so as to add
a new legend
to his

Thriving, silent pauses exist for a reason…..
  between entwined heartbeats
    to listen to passion…..
  between unbearable solitudes
    to heal loneliness…..
  between passionate words
    to magnify imaginations…..
  between relationships
    to rebirth romance…..

There can be no greater destiny
than to seek out
the infinite sighs of the Universe….

…..and from the shoreline,
   …..his distant beholder…..
Wyvern sheds
   an opaline tear of Patience……



17 thoughts on “Traveller’s Beach

  1. mj says:

    …and slowly releases his holds on forever… beautiful lines all, but this one, gets my vote… 🙂
    It moves slowly, rhythmically to the finale… very nicely arranged.

  2. …to listen to passion…to heal loneliness…to magnify imaginations… What a serenity filled with hope and wisdom. Words that bring along to a whole new journey.

  3. kelihasablog says:

    This is Beautiful writing! I love it! 😀

  4. Thank you for your recent visit to my site. The Eternal Dragon is never lost by flying thru each cycle of Forever Time, always remembering and never forgetting the love brought to it……. in its never ending flight.

  5. Magnificent! That is all I can get out. I have been sickly, but your words here gave me a boost of wonderful energy filled with awe and fabulous imaginations. I just had to say so. 🙂

  6. Perhaps if I understood the ‘why’, forgiveness would be easier. But ‘easier’ is not what forgiveness is about. My role was….intensely supportive. Perhaps …too intense. An apology, to me, must be heartfelt, sincere and … honest. Freely given, without fear of disappointment if rejected, but with the internal awareness that the apology IS true. Never simple, yet ironically, never complex either.

    • Not BS at all. And I asked the best/right question, and received the worst/wrong answer. Yes, I am cryptic, but remember, I am still shy! I will only say that the cost to ‘follow her bliss’ was far, far too high.

  7. dragonkatet says:

    This was breath-taking, epic and tugged at my heart with sadness. A dragon’s heart is twice as strong, yet twice as vulnerable for being so sensitive and sincere. There is truth to be found within it. I’m sorry that yours has been so scarred. Forgiveness is not about the other person, you know. It’s about freeing yourself to leave behind the fetters of the past…There is almost never a good answer to the question “Why”. And even if there were, it might not be good ‘enough’ – even if you understood it, it would probably still hurt…until you either cultivate apathy (not likely from what I’ve seen of you) or decide to let it go, banish it to the mists of memory only and remove the anger, resentment, emotions that are so tied to it. Please forgive me if I am overstepping any bounds. I do not mean to preach or come across as condescending. But I also do not like to see others in pain. :-/ I truly did enjoy your poem. Very much.

    • Thank you again. True on the ratio of heart to pain. Scars heal though, but often leave messages, perhaps truths, in their wake. Why has been replaced with far more interesting questions, such as when, who and where! And no, you are not overstepping boundaries! I thank you for reading my poem and especially for your always insightful comments! 🙂

  8. Eva PoeteX says:

    All your poems move me in one way or another, but there’s just something about this one in particular. I am still in awe, my friend. This part is my absolute favorite: “There can be no greater destiny / than to seek out / the infinite sighs of the Universe.” What a soulful writer you are.

    • Thanks Eva… and you are making me blush! 🙂 I simply try to surprise myself and grateful others like to read my scratchings! Traveller is in all of us…..always balancing decisions…..always choosing directions…..forever seeking destinies…..eternally patient…..

      • Eva PoeteX says:

        Well, I do mean what I say. ^_^ Always. They are more than just scratchings! You’re so modest, lol. 🙂 But yes, I couldn’t agree with you more. The Traveler is eternal, even when the physical body obliterates.

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