Frozen Tears Fibonacci




solstice love

passions of thine heart

forever eclipse frozen tears

Icebound Bloom


18 thoughts on “Frozen Tears Fibonacci

  1. Yeah! I’m pretty ready for spring too!

  2. Such a great image and lovely words!
    “forever eclipse frozen tears” Exquisite!

  3. Frozen tears are destined to transform into clouds and mist!

  4. Oh, wow.. The picture you posted with this beautifully written piece is so gorgeous! The Sun peaking through the tree.. I really love it! I also am enjoying your written work.. Thank you for sharing! (Also, thank you for stopping by Tryst!) ~ Jen

    • Thank you! A bit of the frozen north, blended with hopeless optimism! I look forward to your images and words too!

      • Awe.. thanks! I have been really inspired and done a lot of writing this year, so far! My spirit has a real sense of harmony with the world around me. It’s been very moving, and in the process of my writing, I have found some great work of others, like you, that I am enjoying! 🙂

        • Thanks back and .. blush! I have only just discovered ‘writing’, last June and have encountered SO many good writers, including yourself! I love reading anything that is truly passionate, heartfelt, emotional, raw and TRUE! And your images are marvellous!

          • Well, thank you a hundred times! I discovered writing a long long time ago.. it is very dear to my heart, it is my therapy, my mental cleanse… I don’t know what I’d do with out my pen & paper! (Yes, Old school.. I actually really ‘write’, as well as type on my digital Tryst Journal!) I look forward to reading more of your work! I like your style very much! Don’t be a stranger on Tryst! Come by anytime!! 🙂 ~ Jen

  5. Heartafire says:

    So lovely…thank you!

  6. Eva PoeteX says:

    All of the poetry I have read by you has impacted me intensely. Looking forward to some new posts! ^_^

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