There be Dragons! Nonet

Tofino bound ….. There be Dragons here!

Guardians of yon Silent Sands

Tidal Kings and Queens of Lore

Talons of Destiny

Seek ….. not an answer

Seek ….. direction

Seek ….. the keys

To her


Pointing Dragon Driftwood


23 thoughts on “There be Dragons! Nonet

  1. This photo is incredible. The roots are so telling.

  2. Great verse! That could be a…. Giant wizard’s magic wand!

  3. mj says:

    That picture has an untamed look…. in the first month of the universe’s life…:) Your lines keep pace. :))

  4. This is a perfect pairing of visual and verbal. I’d give you 10 gold stars if I could! 🙂 It’s like a bon-bon of goodness, really.

  5. windhound says:

    Truth be told there be dragons everywhere! Gorgeous piece.

  6. Angel says:

    Hi, Greg, this is Angel from Mind Retrofit. (This is my short story gravatar.)

    I do not share much about my thoughts on dragons, but I did write a post tonight on my short story blog that shares a little about my history with dragons. I thought you may like to read it. I do have just a smidgen of a story at the end that I hope to get out one day about a little girl and a dragon.

    Yes, there be dragons, but shh! 🙂

  7. dragonkatet says:

    What a perfect picture to go with your wise poem! It looked to me as if the limbs were pointing – I wonder what would have happened if you had followed them? Your title reminded me of ancient mariners’ maps that used to mark the unknown boundaries with the words “Here be dragons!” 🙂

  8. Robyn Lee says:

    Loved this poetry – and the image superb! ~ Much Love your way ~ RL

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