Winter Bloom Tanka 短歌

Rustic sleight of hand

formations of straw cadets

rural armouries

breaths of Augusts past, arise

unleash wintery desires

Winter Bloom


13 thoughts on “Winter Bloom Tanka 短歌

  1. Just wonderful wth powerful imagery

  2. do you take the photos, too? Because the combination of your poetry and photos is amazing!

    • Thank you and yes, each and every photo is mine! Prairies, Mountains and Coast have all been my home at one time or another. I use each photo as a Muse to see what might they might whisper to me! A picture may be worth a thousand words, so if I can squeeze 2 dozen or so out, then I am thankful! 🙂

  3. This is the backyard of my grandparents farm in Alberta. I spent youthful summers and holiday winters there, and is an absolutely magical place to me! Cold, but invigorating! And the warmth of August is truly trapped in the hay and straw – such an aroma!

  4. You brought out the feeling of chilling cold in an amazing way….and a beautiful pic to accompany it.

  5. Oh how I long for spring and summer! Nice thoughts here…

  6. I love your work… Short read, but very powerful… Well done!

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