’tis but a simple leap of faith
    Hesitant ….. and Patient
still, he is inexorably drawn to
  ….. Insistent

A perfect aureole of kindled torches
  vulnerable thru an onliest entry
    nay, not vulnerable ….. inviting

Ingress, as it should be …..
  as Fate …..
    ….. might decree

Simpler than expected
  yet paradoxically
    breathtakingly intricate …..

No two steps will align his future
  No one step will alter his past
Yet every resolute stride
  leads to ….. Moirai

No random soliloquies exist, save …..
  a Weaver who clothes each soul
   a Surveyor who lengthens every soul
    a Cutter who defines all souls

yet Fate Herself
 drafts our impulsive life chronicles
  traced with sweeping, luminous ink
   upon crinkled, ancient papyrus scrolls
layering depth beyond what parchment can retain …..

 The deeper her scrawls …..
  ….. the richer our journeys …..

All reliant upon Her own practical whimsy

Chartres beckons …..
offering the possibility of …..

rediscovery         insight         clarity
purpose         realignment
meaning         awakening         closure

Whilst crossing the threshold
  His first thoughts emerge
    ….. and from so long ago …..

When does patience ….. become denial?
When does denial ….. become patience?

Curves necessitate balance …..
  Equilibrium of breaths and pace …..
Symmetry of chance and choice …..
  Walk the Labyrinth …..

Seeking the visible centre
so alluringly ….. adjacent
so curiously ….. afar
so wonderfully ….. accurate

….. Namaste …..

A single, sole man
entered a labyrinth

But emanating
from this L’Abyrinth
is someone quite different …..

A solitary, Dragon Soul
has emerged …..

Traveller …..





42 thoughts on “L’Abyrinth

  1. MuseWriter says:

    This is wonderful…magical words 🙂

  2. dcardiff says:

    Beautifully written, much to ponder…


  3. penpusherpen says:

    the very personal journey, … taken step by faltering step, be it Labyrinth or the essence of life itself, to gain a greater understanding,… ’tis a thrilling road we each travel, looking for the grail of ourselves, and once gained who knows what the future will hold…xPenx

  4. “Simpler than expected
    yet paradoxically
    breathtakingly intricate”
    Beautiful flow. A comparison, I often state, as I love paradoxes.

  5. D Brockmeyer says:

    Absolutely breath taking. Beautiful Greg.

  6. “layering depths beyond what parchment can retain”….very deep poem, like it alot!

  7. Heartafire says:

    Dragon, whatever is driving this force behind this most brilliant writing, I would pay big bucks for it. Thank you

    • You are making me blush! 🙂 I am but a regular guy, just trying surprise myself with words from ….. somewhere! And my words will always be free! I am the one who will always thank YOU for reading and commenting! L’Abyrinth emerged after I recently walked a full-scale replica of the Chartres labyrinth, at night, lit by candles – an amazing experience for me! And more to come, I hope!

  8. Kira says:

    a labyrinth of magical words…perfection! This was beautiful

    • Thank you! I was inspired by actually walking a replica of the Chartres Labyrinth, by candlelight!

      • Kira says:

        , so I’m a bit jealous that you’ve walked through an actual labyrinth! Was it absolutely wonderful?!?

        • Outside, a pitch black night, no clouds and abundant twinkling stars above, as I entered the chapel. Only one other person walking. Small, simple, yet brilliantly lit candles, all dancing to their own mythical flame, decorating the outside path of this Labyrinth. Meditative music filling the chamber … and about 30 minutes later, was one of the most moving experiences of my life. The night sky was alive when I exited. Wonderful….can hardly begin to describe it! Go walk….. a Labyrinth!

          • Kira says:

            That sounds amazing! One of those experiences you will always cherish! I will need to try to find one in my area 🙂

  9. Kowaloova says:

    I can’t write anythong what haven’t been wrotten here. Gorgeous!

  10. Some write poetry, some “weave” magic… Dear Greg, you are among the best weavers that I know of. *smiles*

  11. melanietoulouse says:

    magnifique, Monsieur Dragon! 🙂
    @”L’Abyrinth” – interesting spelling… 🙂 This is mine:
    – – –
    Have a great weekend and tons of inspiration! 🙂
    Cheers, Mélanie

  12. queenlorene says:

    Dark experiences, while dreadful to live through, can bring a person into their full potential. Did you ever think, in your wildest dreams, to see yourself as you are now? Would you have loved and…felt…this labyrinth in your soul had you not been through the gates of misery?

    • Taking into consideration wildest dreams, tamest dreams or ANY dreams for that matter, you are right, I never pictured myself as who I am right now. I wouldn’t even have thought I had a single creative word in me, much less even a single poem, about a year ago! Would I have appreciated experiencing a Labyrinth years ago, as much as I do now? An emphatic ..NO! But is potential realized, worth all that it may cost? I can’t answer that just yet. I still wonder how I am able to put a few words together that will … surprise me!

      • queenlorene says:

        It is amazing how adversity brings out the best in some….and the worst in others. While I don’t have your talent, I started with poems after cancer, and now have close to 100 completed. Thanks to you I love Fibonacci and Tanka creations. Was cancer worth it? I think a guarded yes, given all I experienced and learned about myself. I hope that you will find peace at some point, and while poetry and dreams are but a poor substitute, they still are a gift risen out of ashes, tears and despair.

        • Adversity IS a double-edged sword, but which side of a sharpened blade, is often a deliberate choice. No wonder the word ‘forged‘ is used to imbue strength and integrity within. And within ourselves too. A very powerful word. A guarded yes for myself as well, and I am truly in awe of people who have beaten cancer, such as yourself. My family has been cancer free for many years, but, not without loss. I am still discovering new forms of poetry and I am thrilled you enjoy Fibonacci and Tanka, as I was when chancing upon them. I am going to try a new form soon! But, I know, I am infinitely stronger than I have ever been! And I hope you are too!
          PS: I thought I was ‘Following‘ you, but I wasn’t! I have just corrected that! 🙂

          • queenlorene says:

            Philosophical and full of truth. But I don’t expect anything less from a wise dragon.  Attitude toward adversity will color the experience, as I have discovered through not only cancer but 5 other serious conditions. I have discovered that I am a weeble wobble, you can push me down but I pop right back up! I cant wait to see the new form, but I suppose it is a closely guarded dragon secret?

  13. I just completely accidentally stumbled upon your blog. I am surprised…and a bit shaken…for I am left breathless by the words above. I am left without air in the most delicious way, they quite swept through me. I look forward to reading more, so I shall poke around if I may.

    Good Meet!

    • Wow..thank you for such kind words! Please poke around and explore! I hope you find a few more ‘digital scratchings’ of mine that will surprise you, as much as my own words surprise me!

      • Most welcome! I have poked around a bit more…and in a sigh I say that I am moved. It is not often I am caught this off guard. For different reasons, but one being how your poetry speaks to the poet that also lives in me…and because I too…know the Dragon.

        I look forward to reading more…and more….

        May your day be full…of exactly what you would like it to be! Blessings!

        • Thank you for such beautiful words! I am touched and humbled that my ‘digital scratchings’ speak to your own inner Poet. Dragons do tend to surprise themselves, more often than not, without warning!

  14. Incredible and enlightening words. You’ve taken me on a journey to a high and far flung place. Thank you for your brilliance.

  15. […] and unique experience unlike my previous ‘walks’. This is also a companion piece to L’Abyrinth. Now – everyone – go find your own L’Abyrinth to […]

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