Silent Sentinels

Thank you Rhonda!

Eyes of a Dragon

Silent Sentinels

I was truly honoured and humbled when ~Home of the Poetess, composed an amazing poem to my photograph at Eyes of a Dragon.

I invite you to read more by ~ Rhonda

These barns are in Northern Alberta, near the small town of Wembley.

Thank you Rhonda!

Sit quiet perched
Upon long endless oceans.
Crow’s Nest eyes,
For the coming storm.
An eery, silent, vacancy
With no one to warn.

~ by Rhonda L. Brockmeyer
~ Home of the Poetess

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5 thoughts on “Silent Sentinels

  1. mj says:

    It’s a picture that captures the mood in a vocal way. Rhonda has used the just-right tone for her few words. And the marriage of the two is perfect! 🙂

    • So true about Rhonda and her words!

    • Hi dear,Hope you can get something out of my writings as well. If you are interested reblog a few of my posts to help spread our message. I’ll be following your blog.look forward to reading and sharing blogs!
      thank you so much for your kindness and following in advance.I also like your blog that is full of great ideas. Please keep in touch. Cheers!

  2. Lovely poem to match the photo. I have written poetry based on photos and it’s a fun way to be creative!

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