L’Abyrinth Alfresco

       Finespun coils of aurous on emerald
      writhing   dancing   looping   guarding
            directing   moving   leading
                shepherding   influencing
                       ….. Allowing …..

Lyrical, as before …..
….. as always …..
evanescent Atlas sans Legend
utilitarian artistry crafted by a Master

for the experience ….. alone

grand orbic design
  contoured coils patiently await
   infinitely inviting ambit
  in majesty of Aurora
in protection of Eventide
       ….. I enter …..

Chartres …..
  needing neither requisite legacy
   nor exquisite heritage
  doubt not the equality
   nor the moment
  nor the majesty
   nor the intent

L’Abyrinth Alfresco
   fathomless infinite innermost
     vibrant elemental isolation

Often …..
  one strides with more footfalls
  apart from L’Abyrinth
than within ….. One

More often …..
  one travels with concentrated direction
  within L’Abyrinth
than outside ….. One

Uniquely …..
  one can stride with attainment
  with in ….. with out ….. L’Abyrinth
as …..
….. One

Grassy footprints from this recent matrix
….. leading in
leading out …..

Are they impressions of the man I once was …..
….. of the Dragon I seek to become

         Past      Present     Future
                 ….. tense …..

So much to learn …..
….. so much to learn

….. about Myself …..

                                     ☀ ★ ☆ ☯ ☯ ☆ ★ ☀

Recently, I walked a temporary, unmistakably basic and nearly invisible outdoor Labyrinth. Although constructed of simple yellow nylon rope, this allowed for a more concentrated and unique experience unlike my previous ‘walks’. This is also a companion piece to L’Abyrinth. Now – everyone – go find your own L’Abyrinth to walk at World-Wide Labyrinth Locator!


67 thoughts on “L’Abyrinth Alfresco

  1. Rhonda L. Brockmeyer says:

    Absolutely entertaining …very interesting read Greg.

  2. Kira says:

    When I read your poetry I am always transported to a higher place. Those are the only words I can think to describe what happens. Your choice of words, your formatting, the breaths in between are simply beautiful. These lines are perfection:

    Are they impressions of the man I once was …..
    ….. of the Dragon I seek to become

  3. Oh Greg… “revelation” — suffice is this one word to express what your words to me are today. Thank you for all the unknown reasons!

    And, you have spun the finest of silk into a magnificent tapestry here. I read, re-read, read and read again…. The exquisiteness of your words has brought your midnight dancing to my morning.

    “Often …..
    one strides with more footfalls
    apart from L’Abyrinth
    than within ….. One”

    no words… no words for this, my amazing friend!

    • I am as overwhelmed by your beautiful, kind words, as I was of my walking ….. L’Abyrinth. I am so grateful that you enjoyed these few scratches. Thank you. Thank you, my friend!

  4. Oloriel says:

    This was gorgeously magical, I could imagine it with some gentle music in the backgrounds, loved this part the most:”Lyrical, as before …..
    ….. as always …..
    evanescent Atlas sans Legend
    utilitarian artistry crafted by a Master

    for the experience ….. alone”

    • Thank you! And you are absolutely right about imagining the music – and that DID occur, when I walked an indoor labyrinth, at night, a few weeks ago! It was simply amazing, including the music! This poem is actually a companion piece to L’Abyrinth.

  5. Wonderful, creative collection. I am glad you are back here!

  6. queenlorene says:

    I lived in England for a semester, so I have been in labyrinths before, but I never understood the physical, mental and spiritual exercise that can be experienced until I read these pieces. I must find a labyrinth, preferably a lit one at night, and experience it with opened trinity eyes.

    • I have recently begun to learn how to meditate at a nearby Inter-Faith chapel and I am simply astonished that every time I enter, in the span of a few seconds, there are monks, Buddhists, Catholics, Protestants, Jewish, United …. EVERYONE walking by…chatting, smiling and laughing .. TOGETHER! For me, walking a labyrinth simply allows me to concentrate and focus on what is important, dispense with what is not, and just listen .. to myself. By no means am I experienced at this and that is why it fascinates me so much, and also perhaps why I seem to learn more about the process, and myself, each and every time! And it is … fun! I feel GREAT afterwards!!!! 🙂

      • queenlorene says:

        It is fascinating to me what uses labyrinths have had over the centuries. But I never thought of thinking about labyrinths outside of a maze. Bur really one can liken it to your lifeline, a galaxy of spiraling stars, a type of game theory, or the ultimate respite (once the center is found). And I am sure there are many other ways to see labyrinths. I am glad that you know yourself well enough to be able to ferret out what is important and discard the trash. That is a gift to be sure. AND a gift that you feel free to do so and not hold on to the baggage due to obligation or limited options. Not only are you a romantic, you are a philosopher! Thank you for broadening my horizons! For me, other then Halloween cornfields, I am labyrinth deficient in my area. So I shall dream of them, and see your pictures.

        • Your analogies are incredible and give me some new ideas! Thank you! 🙂 Our Instructor is a gentle, calm, friendly pastor and that may be why I was so curious initially, as he was not some ‘Guru’ or self-proclaimed ‘Expert’. He teaches us by his own experiences and examples, not by textbook! THAT is my kind of learning! And…free! So no incentive other than .. interest, curiosity, sharing, generosity, patience ….. virtues I admire! I also attended his workshop on the history of Labyrinths, completely separated from any denominational overtones .. pure history! Not sure about Romantic and Philosopher, (thank you!) but maybe .. Class Clown occasionally! 🙂 And as we say at work …’Google is your Friend’….I found this Labyrinth Location Site.

          • queenlorene says:

            I suspect you and I are somewhat kindred spirit-ish. I always feel like I have come HOME when I go to your site. And that is still rare enough in this huge soul filled space to treasure. I am a “class clown” at work, to my boss’ delight or dismay, depending on what comes out of my mouth :). Most people are so shocked when they go to my site and see the “other” me who sings and writes “poems”. I strongly believe that we all have a spiritual part of us that must be fed for us to live up to our full potential. Your poetry will be all the better for it. I have sensed a peace from your poems recently, and I am hoping that anguish has faded a bit toward resigned acceptance.

            • Lorene, Home … you are again, so generous and kind with your words! Home and family is what I am all about! Thank you! I must admit, at work, I am somewhat….opposite of Shy, but that poem/story has yet to be … revealed! 🙂 And my aunt, was beyond shocked when I recently showed her a few of my ‘scratchings‘, so much so… she had to stop reading, she was so overwhelmed (her words, not mine!) because she knows what I have experienced over the past few years! I am SO far beyond resigned acceptance, and my Labyrinth experiences, are not only steps in the RIGHT direction, but in MY direction of choice!
              PS: I can’t sing!

              • queenlorene says:

                You have seen my blog. I let it all hang out, because that is just who I am. Dimensions within dimensions. For introverts (which, at the very core, I am ) I think letting people in is life saving. I have blogged a couple times about my different personality at work for Rarasaur’s Forthepromptless, talking about personality Yin and Yang, or my breakdown when one of my dialysis kids died, or my love of dialysis camp. It is a form of catharsis to show different sides of yourself. I look forward to seeing your un-shy side of you when you are ready to let it blossom. And I hope that someday you can show your friends and co-workers your amazing talent. You are one of the deepest people I have ever met. I hope you can put all your poems in a book for your daughter or Ex as they should be preserved. I did that with some of mine for my parents and they were overwhelmed. It is so easy now-a-days to self publish. PS: Anyone can sing. You just need to learn how. It is mind blowing. Its all about breath control and visualization and placement. It is very complex, but when you get the idea, the sound is amazing. I have an 18 foot high great room with a tile floor. The acoustics allows for an almost cathedral like soaring when I let go and ride up into the stratosphere. Catharsis. Take a year of lessons, it is a fascinating study.
                Cheers and happy father’s day Greg!

                • You are far, FAR too perceptive! 🙂 The few that I have shared my poetry with, are very, very special to me, and I suppose it is a bit selfish, but I wanted to see their faces! And I am certainly going to tell other friends and family, but in person! And yes, I have already put my poems into a book for my daughter! But only from last June until last September! And that was as a Birthday present for her! So I am looking at doing another book for an entire year – September to September! As for my ‘Ex’, well, I am not quite ready to share this with her. Oops, some ‘shyness’ just evaporated! 🙂 And amazingly, my daughter has FAR more creative and imaginative talent than I have! And I do occasionally belt out ‘Walking in Memphis‘ in my car, if there is at least 100 meters between highway vehicles and myself!

                  • queenlorene says:

                    That last time we talked about this (quite a while ago) you were NOT ready to show anyone. I am so GLAD you are doing it! What did your daughter think of the book? Did you do the pictures as well? I have so many more poems then the first book, but it is an effort to do it. Unfortunately I need to copy them off wordpress in case someday my site is shut down! Well, when you are ready, she will be overwhelmed by this side of you that has been hidden if you are a bit of a “class clown” in person, I am an optimist. So I guess your daughter did not show the book to her? And don’t reply if this is uncomfortable! Yes, you have put so much of yourself into your poems that I can certainly see you wanting to get the enjoyment of surprise. And I am just the opposite! Im horribly embarrassed if someone reads it when I am around! Odd for someone who can blog about anything.
                    HAHAHAHA, record that song and share! If I can do it, so can you! You may want to get liquered up a little first. Relaxes the vocal cords 🙂 It may not go with the “tone” of your blog, but it would make me smile–and probably everyone else too! I double dare you……

                    • You write the most amazing comments! Thank you! My daughter was quite surprised, as writing is out of character for me! I actually printed out ‘daughter and dad‘ as a ‘test’ read for her. THEN presented her with a book, which included all the poems, posters and photos in full colour! I am slowly telling family, when I see them in person, about my writing and there has been total support! You are right in that much earlier, I was reluctant to show anyone, but I am a wee bit more confident now! 🙂 That double-dare ….. I must ponder your challenge!! 🙂

                    • queenlorene says:

                      🙂 Carpe Diem…..I used to bring in MP3’s to work. The shock was embarrassing, but at the same time it was great to finally show people what I had hid for so long. I actually had people sobbing. Then I had a bad injury and lost my voice for 3 months. It is slowly getting better, but will never be the same, although a recent surgery may actually have helped a bit. After my injury I stopped bringing them in and now load on my blog when the spirit moves me to record! Now I don’t have to see anyone listen. Much more tolerable. Ponder away, if you want, you can be an interviewee on my blog and sing a song there. That way you wont interfere with the artistic, mystic feel of your site.

                    • I will hold off on being interviewed just yet! I haven’t done anything famous … or infamous yet! 🙂

                    • queenlorene says:

                      Someday I am going to make you admit that you create your poems by putting on a dragon suit and dancing in your garden at midnight on a full moon, breathing fire on lanterns to light up the sky. 🙂
                      Deep Thoughts, my friend, Deep Thoughts…..
                      And I in turn will admit that most of mine come while I am speeding over 70 mph. Trying to write and drive is a Feat. Not nearly as romantic but ahh, the freedom of focused speed. Ok, enough of my (humorous?) drivel!

                    • You are mostly right there! Promise not to secretly videotape it and put it up at Youtube! 🙂 And I really do have lanterns in the backyard! A series of cascading solar powered (fire breathing!) lamps shaped like dragonflies, butterflies and hummingbirds and glass orbs, that charge during the day and …dance with rotating colours of the spectrum, lighting up the sky at Midnight! The only part of your description that I might disagree with…..is the ‘suit’. My wardrobe includes a … baseball hat with a dragon on it though! I tend towards t-shirts, jeans and sandals….. not suit and ties! 🙂

                    • queenlorene says:

                      I was transported to your garden for one millisecond. Will you puleeze take a picture of them and write a poem about them? Do you hate me asking you to write poems about stuff? Just say NO…..I have some solar powered orbs that glow red/blue/purple etc at night, but yours sound so much better!
                      I approve the dragon hat! And yes, you will never be a suit man. No one with your SCOPE of vision would allow themselves to be stuffed into something so silly. As to dragon suit, I was hoping you had a purple “Barney the dinosaur” suit that you converted into a shimmering wonder (with gossamer wings), and put it on when the poetic MOOD struck, dancing around the garden getting great inspiration. 😉 Sigh, I will say a sad goodbye to that quirky mental image….. 🙂

                    • That is a great idea! I have a bit of time off coming up and hopefully I can post a few more scratchings! Not to worry about asking! All I need now is a Solar Powered/Glow-in-the-Dark Dragon Hat! Quirky is good. I like Quirky. Silly would be getting the dragon suit on .. backwards, but that is another .. tail! 🙂

                    • queenlorene says:

                      Yes, that would be silly, but a great story if one wanders down the street that way. Of course one would need to get a little liquored up first. And the tail could be misconstrued as, er, SOMETHING else. [Sly smile] A light up dragon hat could turn out awesome, or awful depending on the outcome. LAST thought, I promise…..I want those butterflies, but I want that driftwood piece you have that I totally fell in love with more….if you ever get rid of it, Im buying….

                    • Ah, finally some time! 🙂 Canada Day here a few days ago and there were many liquored up non-dragons, wandering the downtown core! The fireworks, with a little imagination, were Dragon Born! Driftwood … drifts! I replace my garden wood every so often with different ‘visitors’ after big storms! They were born to drift, but I allow them to anchor briefly in my garden! 🙂

                    • queenlorene says:

                      I am irretrievably stupid about other countries’ holidays, except England, which is my obsession (lived there a semester at Harlaxon Manor….oooo I should post about it, the most amazing time of my life). I guess Canada day is like our Independence day? I had to work on July 4, and people were shooting off fireworks until 3 am July 3erd! Grumpy, unrested me! I live on a hill, so tonight I will be able to see fireworks from at least 8 towns around me. A surreal experience as the sky erupts into glittering rainbows in a 180 degree panorama. My dad lives on a lake, and the reflection is amazing, so I run back and forth all night long when his neighbors start their display (who buy thousands of dollars of fireworks–crazy!)
                      Well you must keep the Wise Wizard–he is one of a kind!

                    • Not to worry! Most of the drunken teens downtown, probably did not know what country they were in, only that they were in the State … of Inebriation! Our July 1st is exactly like your July 4th, except in typical Canadian fashion, we say ‘Sorry!’ after each fireworks explosion! 🙂 Fireworks are set off in the Inner Harbour here in Victoria and the reflection on the water, is like TWO fireworks displays at once, similar to your Dad’s lake! But to see them in 180 degrees would be spectacular! Keeping all Wise Wizards, even the Common Sense ones too!

                    • gimpet says:

                      Well, it WAS lovely. Eight events going on at the same time. I about gave myself whiplash over it. First I tried to take pictures. They are the most pathetic pictures ever taken in the history of fireworks. So, a little disgruntled, I sat in a camp chair, with a hard cider in hand, and….got drunk visually while the sky exploded with color and color and shapes. My favorite ones were the “falling stars”–the ones that explode then drift down and slowly fade away. Hmmm….saying “sorry” is…unique (?) I am a “woo-hoo’er”, and as I am able to project well (and we live on the hill) I can be heard far and away…. 🙂 PS: I am GIMPET now, a quirky nickname from playing D and D 🙂 Like my fairy gravatar?

                    • Diamonds from the past, buried in WP! I did not realize they were still pending! Sorry! Fireworks! Have to wait a few more months for Canada Day! I was wondering about Gimpet! I was into board games but never did play D&D. Great gravatar! I also just changed mine too, as you no doubt noticed! Based on a 2014 dragon calendar by Ciruela I found. This dragon is from June – ‘The Nature of the Dragon’ which has always been the most ‘eventful‘ month of my life for some unknown reason.

  7. ‘Tis beautiful…these words, alive…and breathing the vision into our minds eye. Searching…for a place to walk! Thank you…and Blessings!

  8. Exquisitely divine! You are a magician, weaving words into utter bliss! Beautifully expressed.

    And, thank you for connecting with me. It’s a pleasure to meet you here in this virtual world. One great blog you have!

    Best wishes

  9. dragonkatet says:

    I have been to Chartres but was unable to walk the labyrinth inside because of the chairs, but let me tell you…when you step foot inside and perhaps place a hand upon the stones which have been there over a thousand years…there is a sense of awe that cannot be explained in words. I truly hope you get to visit it someday! It is something you will not soon forget. As for your poem, I see that you have not lost your lyrical way with words, description and philosophy. 🙂

    • Thank you! L’Abyrinth is based on my first experience of walking a replica of Chartres, at an Inter Faith Chapel nearby. L’Abyrinth Alfresco is based on an outdoor labyrinth, set up by the same Chapel, but outdoors! Chartes is definitely on my Bucket List now! And I am looking for more … walks!

  10. I found myself taken in through a “word labyrinth” while reading this, I felt like I truly was walking and pondering. So many wonderful words roped together my heart did a flip. 🙂 Thank you for sharing a delightful weave. I really enjoyed this! I do adore labyrinths!

  11. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words says:

    Wonderful!…you drew me in and now I will start (again) looking for a labyrinth
    Take Care…

    • Thank you! I too am looking for more .. Walks!

      • LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words says:

        your post is perfect timing, I have been looking for my list that I put together of them around San Antonio…
        I really want to go to the ones in France…its in a Church of Mary Magdalene’s….( I think France…. its on that list!)
        Thank you again! I really enjoyed your thoughst here tonight

  12. Ajaytao2010 says:

    I Nominate you for a Special Bouquet of Awards – 3 Nominations

    please accept it and oblige

    there are no linkbacks for this award


  13. amira says:

    I have nominated you for a blog award. Enjoy! 🙂

  14. […] Memoirs of a Dragon – G stands out in DraGon, doesn’t it? […]

  15. drsuraiyanasim says:

    Beautiful and intriguing….’writhing dancing looing guiding’…..one can feel the dance of the walk here. Always amazed by your exotic capture of words into feelings….

  16. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words says:

    just stopping by to say hello…
    and to let you know your thoughts spun into words are missed….
    hope all is well in your part of the world…
    Take Care…you Matter…

  17. I walked the Chartres labyrnth last year and it was a powerful experience. Beyond words, really; your poem comes close. I thank you for it. —Jadi

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