Scarred tears of disconsolate loss
   obsidian etched silhouettes
      now in abeyance of
   wondrous tears of unfolding felicity

each silence …..
every silence …..
this silence …..
   ….. necessary …..
      ….. welcome …..
         ….. earned …..

Only those ….. who have earned the right to embrace
   their own silence …..

….. must harken TO silence …..
   ….. where silence thrives …..

‘tween crimson rose petals
   awaiting their cimarron aurora

‘twixt grains of tidal shores
   carving their rhythmic longanimity

‘mongst dewed mists
   caressing ethereal moments of perfection

midst glacial fissures
   reflecting sapphire passions

within earthbound intended cloudbursts
   chasing their gravity defying afterlife

enringed infinities of their brash souls
   dashing headlong towards their perdurable destiny

mistake not silence ….. as impatience

earned silence is only for those
   who truly listen within Silence

….. In the tangled Silence of the Heart
………. In the earned Silence of his Art

…..         …..
….. listen …..
…..         …..

This is the first poem of a somewhat unplanned trilogy which includes following posts entitled Solitude and Secrets.

Warrior of Light


41 thoughts on “Silence

  1. penpusherpen says:

    Silence,…. sometimes speaks volumes. x

  2. Beautiful… well worth the wait.

  3. Ahhhh…good to see you back and well. As the silence, I am sure, has stories to tell. Blessings!

  4. Noora says:

    Welcome back! I’ve missed reading your work.

  5. gimpet says:

    Methinks there is a tale of love hidden in your long silence….. 🙂 The images of finding silence throughout your journeys are lovely Greg.

    • Bubble burst – single silence only ! 🙂

      • gimpet says:

        Spoilsport…you could have been coy as is your usual and left me hanging. Now I have to read it again and just think of silence. Here I was thinking silence wasa journey due to Wuv, Twoo Wuv…. 🙂

        • No Buttercup yet! Just my cat giving me the DPR look that says…”Good night, Greg. Good work. Sleep well. I’ll most likely kill you in the morning.

          • gimpet says:

            HAHAHAHAHAHA. Got one of them myself. Although she threatens me with poo balls instead of death. She likes her food-people too much to kill them.

            • My indoor cat is SOOO fussy…she will not eat the same food …twice in a row! Literally backs away from her bowl, until I put different coloured nibbles in it!

              • gimpet says:

                She is the alternate to my 20 year old who will only eat soft cat food and it must be a different flavor every day. Little blighter. But I guess if I were fed the same food every day I would feel a bit slighted and unhappy too. Maybe she is a human stuck in cat form. Gasp! She is a fairy princess who needs a kiss from her true prince (YOU) to come to human form! Go Greg Go! LOL

                • My oldest cat lived to be 22 years old! Hoping these 2 each break her record. They might keel over laughing if this dragon/frog/prince kissed a dragoness/frogess/princess … a true YouTube moment that would go viral!

                  • gimpet says:

                    You put me to shame. Moki, my 20 year old, has kidney failure and severe arthritis and I just wish she would die peacefully in her sleep. Its painful to watch her try and walk around. Am I horrible for wishing this?

                    • No, not at all. I had to make the same decision a few years ago. My 22 year old cat Osho, all of a sudden could not make it out of her litter box. That was a Wednesday. By Sunday afternoon, she had passed away, at home, on the couch she liked to sleep on. I knew that she simply would not survive the trip to the Vet. So, she passed in her own home, with her family around her, being cared for. I do not regret this in any way at all.

                    • gimpet says:

                      What a way to go. And what a good memory for you and your family. I hope Moki gets the same kind death for her. Its horrible to watch your pets suffer. I had a cat die (Calvin and yes I had a Hobbs as well :)) from liver failure and right before he passed he vomited SCADS all over the house. It was horrible. Ive had Moki since she was 8 weeks old and it will be a shock not to have her around, excepting for the poo presents she leaves me when she is disgruntled over something…LOL

                    • Great name – Moki! My first cat was Snoopy (as he was famously ‘snooping’ into every nook and cranny possible), then Osho (officially dieciocho for cage 18 at the SPCA, but too hard to pronounce, therefore Osho). Now, Mister (based on a true childrens story – Mister Got To Go), although his full name is Excalibur Cheetah Face Mocha Nose. Don’t ask :)! And Lilly, shortened from Leaping Lilly, but also referred to as Bella, as she usually uses my arm to practice her feline-vampirism on.

                    • gimpet says:

                      Love them all. Arent cat owners universal in their interesting names? My vet posts all the pets who will come in for the day and I can always pick the cats out. Moki is from Fraggle Rock, a muppet-like show from Jim Henson that I adored when I was very young. LOL on Bella. I have a BUFFY, the vampire slayer who is buff colored and likes to bite over meou–she is part feral and never learned to vocalize like the well mannered indoor pets she has to share residence with. And I count myself as one of the well mannered pets. I have had two bad cellulitis episodes from her “gnashing, gnarly teeth” and I have a heathy respect for them!

                    • Fraggle Rock, of course! 🙂 And that show was partially Canadian too, through CBC! Names I have considered for ‘future’ cats are ‘Jad-Bal-Ja‘, which was Tarzan’s kitty! An, Higgs and Boson, if ever I adopt 2 kittens that like to … collide! 🙂 So far, no bouts of ‘Cat Scratch Fever’ here, just Furious Flu, which is an unwelcome house guest right now! 🙂

                    • gimpet says:

                      I love Higgs and Boson, my Calvin and Hobbs kittens were two of my favorite cats of all time. I have one rule now: all names end in an “e” sound as supposedly they respond better to that. So Calvin turned into Calvie when he wouldn’t turn his head and every time I did that he would respond! Weird cat psychology but I think there is something to it. I think this last lot has done me in for pets, but who knows. Losing three then knowing that I will lose these 4 are just too much for my heart I think. Flu sucks, I hope you aren’t having too many respiratory issues. I have aqaintences who have been hospitalized from it. And you are in the prime age for issues (I imagine you are in your early thirties), so take care. I take it no “silence” in your house right now….achoo… 🙂

                    • Cats always seem to know I like them. They always come directly to me. But that has more to do with eye contact, so I am told. No respiratory problems, just annoying cough, sinus headache, aches, pains, etc. Almost a hybrid flu/cold situation. Sneezes are decking my halls right now! As in Halls Cough drops!!!!! 🙂

                    • gimpet says:

                      Me too. Not the cold, the cats. I think it is my voice. They seem to hear that I like them. I croon to them and they get all happy. And perhaps I smell like kitty litter, LOL. Eau De Litter will keep them coming for more…
                      There is another natural remedy called power immune that is the bomb for respiratory ailments. Google it and keep some handy. It stops my colds….cold, like in one day. Don’t know what the magic is but it is pretty amazing. Also, zinc and vitamin D are supposed to help although vitamin D is controversial. And liposomal vitamin C is a very good immune booster. See what you get when you talk to a nurse 🙂 LOL I would have you yaking down all kinds of disgusting stuff….

                    • I am going to try to look for all your suggestions, but if they have a shelf life, then it will be next FALL I look for them. Not much flu around here in the summer …. in theory! I will just keep usinhg Cold FX, daily vitamins, citrus juices, veggies, fibre and …. chocolate! 🙂

                    • gimpet says:

                      Yummmm…..chocolate….phlegmmmy…LOL. What is Cold FX? Must be a Canadian thing HAHAHA. Ok you must have been hit HARD to go looking for remedies, after all you ARE a man….by next fall you wont remember one of them you know. If all else fails, a HOT TODDY will make all things right with the world….as long as the room is upside down 🙂 My mom swore by liquor as a great remedy for colds and stuffed lemon, wisky and honey down us when we got the severe sniffles. God I miss those days HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA

                    • Cold FX must be a Canadian thing. Kind of a cold remedy that works best AHEAD of a cold, doesn’t stop it, but does, sometimes, help the duration and effects. Sometimes. Not always. Didn’t this time! 🙂 I am STILL sick, but better. Sniffles, cough and aches are slowly going away. And I am not alone. Most of my colleagues and friends have had lingering flu, at least 10 days, at various times since November. NEXT year, I am getting the flu shot!

                    • gimpet says:

                      I suggest you get the flu mist if you don’t have asthma and it is available where you are. It is more effective. No heavy metals going into your body. And no owies 🙂

                    • So far, back to about 85%, with good old fashioned rest, fluids, vitamins and small amounts of … chocolate, coffee and … popcorn!

                    • gimpet says:

                      Kettle corn for me! Chocolate also makes you smarter did you know that? I actually eat the 85% dark just for the flavonoids in it. Not for the faint of heart. No wimpy milk chocolate for me 🙂 So I am hard to buy for since I only eat the good dark stuff. Actually the trifecta for health is supposed to be moderate amounts of….dark chocolate, coffee and red wine! Give me 1/2 glass of red wine and I start dancing on tables. LOL!

                    • Hesitated on the red wine. Taste buds not at peak efficiency – went for green tea instead! Clear the tables! 🙂

                    • gimpet says:

                      Honestly, its true….I am an embarrassment when I go out. I once got liquored up after work with work friends at a barbeque restaurant, went to the bathroom and broke their enormous ceramic rooster they had on the side table. Everyone could hear me yelling and trying to put it back together at our table. I ran out and grabbed two friends to help me but they were laughing so hard we ended up putting the rooster head in the trash. I will never ever live it down. And no, I am horrified sober that I did not acknowledge my guity mistake to the proprietor….. 😦

                    • Only once have I been … pickled. I will never, ever again, go on a free Rum Factory Tour … in Barbados! I am so very good at embarrassing myself, effortlessly, without the aid of alcohol, that it is just a waste of booze! 🙂

                    • gimpet says:

                      LOL. Rum is NOT my drink, makes me ill. I would LOVE to hear that story, although I am doomed to disappointment I know, so you don’t have to be coy about it! I went to Napa Valley for a vacation once and drank my way through the wineries. Best vacation….. 🙂
                      I have been, ah, pickled, more than I ever should admit to. I used to drink grain alcohol and orange juice in college. I figured I was drinking to get soused, and why not just get to it and do it right with little calorie or effort? I almost fell off a balcony once onto concrete underneath, was saved at the last moment by my BF. Very little sousing now a days though, I hate the aftereffects and I have enough brain cells lost from cancer treatment! I did get blasted during chemo once and was SO SICK. I mixed EVERYTHING. Stupid thing to do, I know, but I thought I could handle it. Nope, not a good combo on chemotherapy!

                    • Simple story – too much free rum! 🙂 And, I am always the Designated Driver or Designated Dad, and …I like that title!

                    • gimpet says:

                      Sweet! I am the Designated Drunk because I entertain people for free, or at least kiss them, LOL!

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