I could do naught but ….
   heed her
      dedications of  ….. Rose Moon bounty
         promises of ….. Thunder Moon sanctuaries
            avowals of ….. Grain Moon fortunes
               oaths of ….. Harvest Moon encouragement
….. of eternal nightly tapestries
   ….. of course …..
      I abandoned to her blazing torch
         ….. to Hecate’s Solitude

I could do naught but…..
   embrace her
      hints of ….. Hunters Moon still
         murmurs of ….. Frosty Moon temperament
            whispers of ….. Long Night Moon passions
               sighs of ….. Mead Moon ecstasy
….. of ageless entwined spirits
   ….. of course …..
      I consented to her wild quiver
         ….. to Artemis’s Solitude

The essence of Solitude requires Silence

This is the second poem of a somewhat unplanned trilogy which includes following posts entitled Silence and Secrets.



32 thoughts on “Solitude

  1. Wonderful! I had to reread it a few times.

  2. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words says:

    this is stunning…!
    I will reread over time for it has captured Her timelessness…
    Take Care…You Matter…

  3. gimpet says:

    The essence of solitude requires silence. A profound statement indeed that hit me square in the noggin. PS: I am not getting any of your stuff in my reader or email! And I found several new items! WP is wishing silence on me, or, LOL, YOU are….. 🙂

    • I think WP sometimes ‘accidentally’ un-Follows people! It has happened to me at least twice! But then again, computers are designed to … fail! Or as my daughter would say…’EPIC fail!’. You are definitely not silenced, but I am… with furious flu! 🙂

      • gimpet says:

        Go get Samboca Elderberry extract and take 2 tbsp. every 4-6 hours. It has been proven by research to be more effective than Tamiflu. Here in the states you can get it in the organic aisle. It tastes like grape V-8 (ie: NOT GOOD) but let me tell you when I had the flu it was the only thing that kept me from needing albuterol treatments. I was up in 2 days and only needed albuterol when I forgot a dose of it. Look it up. And I hope you get back to blissful, snot free, fever free, cough free solitude!

        • Biking up to the pharmacy is out right now. Called in sick already for tomorrow, so might try later in the afternoon for your remedy. Just tea-ing out right now!

          • gimpet says:

            Don’t do the pharmacy stuff. Go to the organic aisle at a grocery story. Here, Hyvee sells it. Or you could order next day shipping online, just google it. Sorry you don’t have anyone to get it for you, I would happily grab you some if I was nearby 😦 Hope you are feeling better, sometimes being sick allows you some down time. In between sniffles and coughs I hope you are dreaming poetry 🙂

            • Much better and will be fine for weekend, which is a long weekend here in BC. Monday is a stat holiday (Family Day) and I have also taken Tuesday off. So I like to say that my Long Weekends are really … LongER Weekends!

              • gimpet says:

                How cool is that! You get a family day holiday. I guess that is like our Labor day in the states. Although I like “family day” much better. I think its smart to tack on extra days to state holidays, makes them more vacation-y. Wow, you were off for all your illness and now taking EXTRA days….your co-workers may put thumb tacks in your chair 🙂 Glad your respiratory ailments are on the mend!

                • A bit of a controversy as BC did NOT have one, as did most of the other provinces. So February was chosen. But they chose a different day than the other provinces! But it is nice to have a Stat holiday in February, otherwise, between January 1 and Easter…there would be no breaks! As in PAID breaks! We all ‘complain’ when someone is sick or on holidays, but my colleagues are all incredibly imaginative, dedicated and culturally diverse people, so mostly, it is because we can’t talk to each other those days!

                  • gimpet says:

                    Sounds like a nice environment to work in. I have a load of whiners to work with, so I envy you a little. It is a rare blessing to love those you work with, and to be in a group of people such as you describe.
                    Yes we have a dearth of holidays right now, valentine’s day not being a state holiday, only a pain in the butt. A long haul, but I did get off, paid, for the winter storm, so I shall not complain.

                    • I do have my holidays ‘approved’ for this year, but that was literally 10 days before our new re-org. We shall see!

                    • gimpet says:

                      Ooo, don’t you hate that! I hope you didn’t put money down on anything, that would totally suck. Hope it works out for you. I put in for my Kawaii vacation and now I am not going, sob, so I am just going to work instead. Might as well save the days for something good.

                    • Well, yes. But it is over Easter Weekend, and a standard holiday for me. No worries, otherwise, they will think Smaug losing the Arkenstone of Thrain was only a ….. training exercise!

  4. […] This is the final poem of a somewhat unplanned trilogy which includes previous posts entitled Silence and Solitude. […]

  5. […] is the first poem of a somewhat unplanned trilogy which includes following posts entitled Solitude and […]

  6. gimpet says:

    So where are you going for Easter or is that a big Dragon secret?

    • Going to Honah Lee, just like Puff the Magic Dragon, who lives by the sea…..:) 🙂 Actually heading to Banff and the Rocky Mountains, where I once lived!

      • gimpet says:

        :). Cute. Nice to go back to good memories and see people again. Hope its a lovely trip for you. I know nothing of that area, I bet it is beautiful. You should get loads of lovely pics, maybe one will make it into Eyes of a dragon?

        • Hopefully! If the weather permits! And I was just thinking – there aren’t any photos of Banff! Probably because they are not digital! I will correct that in April!

          • gimpet says:

            Ok, I follow Kranpix, a wildlife photographer and to my astonishment he just posted pics of bears in….Banff! I was ASTONISHED over Banff’s overpowering beauty! And the coincidence…so I went to the Banff site. WOWIE wow wow, I cant believe you lived in such a beautiful area AND LEFT IT. If I ever got to live in a place like that I cant imagine wanting to leave, ever. It is paradise. What were you lucky enough to do there? I HOPE you get to post pictures because I am just in love with the place and I want to see more than the bits the site entices one with. It even, oh lovely thought, has a CAVE! Will you get to stay with or visit with any old friends?

            • Well, earned enough to blow it all on a trip to Europe for 3 months! Then came back, and only stayed a month and went to work on my grandparent’s farm, as the shop was sold. Then earned enough to go back to university. Grew up in Calgary, so Banff was only about an hour away. Drove there just for breakfast on Sunday mornings! I worked in a .. camera shop, which probably doesn’t surprise you, given my photography! 🙂 Caves, hikes, alpine meadows, glaciers, lakes, bears… on my doorstep! Really! Staying with family, but staying at The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel.

              • gimpet says:

                I have put it on my list of places to visit for sure. It is breathtaking. LOL on the camera shop, I wondered how you had picked up your craft. Yes I saw that hotel when I was looking over the options for the future as I have a timeshare and hotels are part of it, so I was looking to see if any were on the list. That is the one I would want to stay in, I love hot springs! And hot tubs too 🙂

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