Softly, these digital runes …..
   undeniably cursed with contemplative quill
      gently espied by an imaginative coterie
   shyly avoiding all quantized spectra
….. now exist …..

no tangible legacy to be
cracked ….. faded ….. chipped ….. eroded

yet ….. infinite potential to be
digitized ….. archived ….. copied ….. mirrored

all these scattered, fugitive impressions
be they …..

stained on curled papyrus
   etched by dancing quanta
      burned with enduring passion
   doused with unquenchable spirits
embraced by a quixotic ….. Traveller

….. even …..

coalescent….. β€˜tween tremolo souls

All venture t’wards but one path …..

I seek not ….. frail papyrus antitails
so easily dispersed …..

I seek not ….. clarity of tears
so easily confused …..

I seek not ….. rhyme with reason
so easily abandoned …..

I seek naught



25 thoughts on “Verse

  1. gimpet says:

    Yes, all that we write are infinite internet legacies….this sobers me up a bit when I write stuff like Ode to a Commode, LOL. Such truth to this Greg. And I LOVE LOVE that Ipad Air commercial.

    • It is the best POETRY ad I have ever seen! And there is a new, equally poignant and inspiring ad, here! And another 30th Anniversary ad … here! And no, I do not work for Apple! πŸ™‚

      • gimpet says:

        The ad on the poetry made my throat ache. That first ad was beautiful. Where do you find these, or have time to find them? Oh, are you BATMAN? LOL. Watching people move digital data with their head movements is mind blowing. I loved the guy flying with his hands. LOL on working for Apple, Ill check that off my list. Bet you wished you did though…..No I figure you are the GOTO guy for everyone. “Greg I need this, help me with my network, set up this for me” blah blah. You are the foundation that makes companies successful. Now how close am I? Of course you will disclaim the last TWO sentences πŸ™‚

        • You got me. I am Batman. Cape, Cowl, Car, Cave, Cycle,, etc. Bold face is my ‘deep’ voice! But Robin was injured by my outdoor cat, and is on disability now. I am ‘batwinging’ it alone! πŸ™‚ I can neither confirm, nor deny your last two sentences! πŸ™‚ And remember, jobs aren’t that important .. people are!

          • gimpet says:

            Poor Batman has come down in the world with a VW Rabbit and no henchman to boss. I will be Robin, except I don’t like heights too much. Can I turn in a CV? I HAVE been splunking…once! Yes I know jobs aren’t important, but you have driven me nuts with your coyness. You are, as I have said, King of Coy. ANd I think you like that. Anyway, I have you pegged with my above statement as it all fits, so I shall no longer inquire, so there. πŸ˜›

  2. Vivid imagery Good Poet. Beautiful and mournful. Blessings!

  3. penpusherpen says:

    followed every verse, ventured here and there, everywhere, and loved the experience. xPenx

  4. If there were but a verse,
    Let it BREATHE –
    Breathe life into Love
    Breathe Love into Life
    Just BREATHE πŸ™‚

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