Untitled II – Poetry Workshop

From the shadowed depths of a
distant mountain lair(s)
Wings spread far to mask
the dull sky above (and)
(Prismatic!) Rainbow colours (bands) beneath
outstretched talons
This Wyvern rides storms
to their thundering (thunderous) displeasure
Past ^weathered^ lighthouses offering
their own luminous noise
beckoning Travellers to
avoid or adhere to their
singular paths
Ever circling within
a vortex of sound
Wyvern effortlessly maps
cyclonic trails
leaving wispy contrails of
dissipating mist and dew
Always & forever clockwise
For t’other would be … unwise
especially for … him
Fast(er) approaching yon lighthouse
Parallel to her beam
Synchronous to her rhythm
He pitches, rolls, yaws
She can do nothing but illuminate
Finally Intersecting her beam
Rainbow explodes …..

✩      ✫      ✬      ✭      ✮      ✰      ☆

lighthouse            dull sky
mountains            storms
colours                 noise

This is the second post describing a free Poetry Writing Workshop I attended at our public library. My first poem is at Untitled I – Poetry Workshop if you are interested.

Our second exercise was even more challenging!

We were asked to describe Victoria with words that described what was good and bad about Victoria. What was best and, well, not necessarily worst, but what we didn’t necessarily like about living here!

Then, pick 3 from each column, and … write another poem … IN 12 MINUTES! My 3 choices for ‘Best’ is the left column, although I actually like the storms here! And my word was lighthouse!

Again, I am including a scan of my notebook, of my real time  ‘purple digital scratchings‘, of this poem. I didn’t include any breaks or indents this time though. And yes, I actually didn’t use ‘mountains‘, as I only needed one!

Victoria’s Poet Laureate
Janet Rogers

12 Minutes


Digital Scratchings

12 thoughts on “Untitled II – Poetry Workshop

  1. That’s awesome that your library offers free Poetry Writing Workshops. And I had to giggle at the Oscar Wilde quote. So true. >_<

  2. Best Wilde quote ever! I am forever at the mercy of the semi colon. Again, I love your takeaway from your workshop. Always new ways to grow, yes?

    • Agreed! Hopefully there will be another workshop soon. And the next potential challenge for me is an open mike on Poetry Night at a local coffee shop. THAT.IS.SCARY! But another new way to grow!

  3. surprisebjg says:

    So lovely you are brilliant!

  4. penpusherpen says:

    sometimes I use commas by mistake, than I just shrug and leave ’em in. 🙂 …. thoroughly enjoyed this poetic piece, and all the workings too. xx

  5. UnPoet says:

    WOW! I’m kind of speechless over here. Which is a veritable miracle…just so you know 🙂 Your poem has such rich depth to it. I could read your poetry all day and still see another layer each time I read it!

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