Mist Destinies Tanka 短歌

amidst dew and murk

amongst sea foam and sand stars

rhythmed tidal fates

‘tween what was and ….. what might be

transits of missed destinies

Mist Destinies

Photo from Eyes of a Dragon – Mist Destinies

This photo appeals to me. I wrote an earlier Misty Pathway Haiku from this same image! My muse seems to prefer fog, mist ….. and mystery! I am fortunate in that this concrete transit is but a short walk away from home.



26 thoughts on “Mist Destinies Tanka 短歌

  1. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words says:

    simply Beautiful

  2. iosatel says:

    W o n d e r f u l !

  3. Noora says:

    Gorgeous work!!

  4. “transits of missed destinies”…Love that! Many stories in that. Be-you-tiful! Blessings!

  5. Great poem, great photo! 🙂

  6. Kirsten says:

    A constant source of inspiration just steps away, how lucky are you?!? Fog and mist have always lured me into their embrace. They make you want to loose yourself in the moment. Beautiful picture and poem

  7. maryamchahine says:

    You live near some very melancholic but very poetic places. I like the misty and silent places, too! These are great places to produce poetry.

  8. gimpet says:

    Your real talent is the ability to appreciate a simple piece of scenery that most people wouldn’t glance at, and then make it transcendent with glorious words! Your poem really enhances this photo into something special.

    • I am always looking for something that is either … NOT there … or perhaps … SHOULD be!!! Fog is a perfect canvas for writers and poets!

      • gimpet says:

        LOL, SO AM I! But I think mine is inattention and lack of mindfulness. And living with 3 slobs 🙂 You are right, fog hides vista and allows the imagination to dream…..

        • Very rare to have fog in Calgary, where I grew up. But here – hard to describe – tingles on your face from the dew, but not quite dew…..sounds from afar, but not quite afar….diffuse light from afar…..but not quite afar…..there IS magic in the mist!

          • gimpet says:

            Living so close to the ocean I can imagine that you often see swirling fog as thick as pea soup where anything can happen when the curtain comes down! Magic indeed.

            • Hasn’t been actual ‘must run to the beach NOW’ fog days in awhile. Spring approacheth….and I hope….fog too! Best shots now are at sunrise, around 7 am, but nothing great just yet.

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