Trial Islands Fibonacci




etch each blast

island corridor

Poseidon’s trident stands ….. at ease

Scribe’s Isle (Trial Islands Lighthouse)

Photo from Eyes of a Dragon – Trial Island I


16 thoughts on “Trial Islands Fibonacci

  1. madhu says:

    Interesting use of Fibonacci numbered syllables! Am i right?

  2. Kirsten says:

    Hmmm…I haven’t tried this form yet!! I might have to give it a swirl. Love the imagery of your words

  3. gimpet says:

    Love fibonacci’s, thanks to you….and 21 is mine! So many hues of grey in this picture. Ok, why do you call the Trial Islands ‘Scribes Isle’? And why is it called Trial Islands? And why is it immune to Poseidon? Inquiring minds, you know… 🙂

    • 13 will be hard enough…and you are going to do 21? Best go to Las Vegas first for Blackjack! HIT ME! 🙂 I call it Scribe’s Isle, because of my poem ‘Scribe‘. I always wondered who lived on this island … and not just the Lightkeeper! So I thought… I WANT TO LIVE THERE! But I had a heck of a time writing this particular poem at the time. First, ‘my’ own character is really ‘Traveller‘ and I was trying to write Scribe, as myself, on this island. Failing badly. And then I thought…what if Scribe really is … a woman? And ‘she’ instantly came alive to me! And Scribe is actually based on someone I knew (still do…) and Scribe is really about all creative, imaginative, amazingly talented women that I know, based on her incredible artistic talents. The character Scribe honours all women with imagination and creativity .. and that includes both you and Kira!!! Each of you are Scribe, each in your own imaginative way. I am not sure why the official name is Trial Island. Wikipedia says “It is likely that these islands were so named after the practise of sailing refitted British naval ships from the Esquimalt Royal Navy Dockyard to these islands and back as a trial run before heading into open seas.” I prefer to think of it as crossing a dangerous channel (which it is) and Neptune, the Roman God of the Sea, allows safe passage when the foghorn ‘etches each blast’, and thus, his always present Trident … rests, allowing free passage to sailors. Without the foghorn, it is MUCH more dangerous, and thus…tempting Neptune to endanger unwarned sailors – Roman Gods liked to toy with mere mortals! 🙂

      • gimpet says:

        Being landlocked, I know little of foghorns! Amazing backstory to your poems. Again…DIRECTOR’s CUT would be nice….interesting that Traveller is “you”. Is that a nod to “Little,Big” Traveller card?

        • Traveller …. is himself, with many elements OF myself, as well as some elements that I wish WERE of myself…if that makes any sense! LOL! The single best writing advice I was ever given was …. ‘Write What You Know!‘ …. and this came from a Ph.D. Computer Scientist teaching me computer code! Always stuck with me! What I write, might not always be .. right…but it is always …what I know! Traveller showed up one day, a year or so after reading L,B so … doubtful! 🙂

          • gimpet says:

            Great advice and I think you incorporate this very effectively in your poetry. I think Traveller and Scribe need to meet and fall in love in a book. Ready to take that on? I would be first in line to buy it. Heck, Ill even help you write your hot erotic dragon love scenes–LOL!

            • Don’t forget the other characters: Beachcomber, Healer, Wraith, Skye, Wyvern (& more Elemental dragons!) …. and to come .. Carver and more! Not sure about a book – poetry is challenging enough!

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