Stalled Eternity Nonet

Grassland sentinel through harvests past

slumbering guardian of Fall

echoing autumnal toil

timbers of the heartland

prairie legacy

ghost in the veldt

summer sun



Stalled Eternity

Photo from Eyes of a Dragon – Stalled Eternity

25 thoughts on “Stalled Eternity Nonet

  1. maryamchahine says:

    “Stalled eternity” really fits with the picture you selected.

  2. gimpet says:

    Did you have a manic episode last weekend–lol! I cant believe how many poems you created! I love “ghost in the veldt”, so poetic. All the lines really told the tale of this abandoned barn. A nonet was a great choice to tell the tale with the beautiful phrases.

    • Just went on a word-bender! I realized that I had not done any Haiku, Nonet, etc. for…ever! So a few photos from EoaD and I was set! I am still going through my non-posted digital photos and I only have 5 unposted in EoaD. So will probably post those individually soon, then put a whole batch of new ones up! AND they all deserve a poem … just need to wait for them to whisper to me! Or shout! And the real ‘ghost in the veldt’ .. is actually … me!

      • gimpet says:

        Word bender! LIKE that! Why are you the ghost if I might ask? Is that another “in an email” answers? Since EoaD refuses to come to any of my reader/emails I will have to keep looking for the new ones. Im excited for you that you have new pictures to explore!

  3. Reblogged this on Teacher as Transformer and commented:
    Today, as I walked back from my shopping trip. I noticed that trees were showing buds and, on my way to the library, the tulips are almost ready to blossom. We are on the threshold, at least in Spokane, of spring. It is snowy and cold in Edmonton. Winter is a guardian time when Nature revives itself through a dormant period. Spring is the threshold to Nature revealing itself through colour that emerges in Summer and departs in Autumn. Humans learn the importance of pacing themselves through Nature’s patterns.

  4. Kirsten says:

    You snuck this one in on me! You have such an amazing turn with words working them into poems that flow. I love the picture of the barn…it is perfectly titled!

  5. kelihasablog says:

    Absolutely stunning picture, and “Stalled Eternity” fits it well I think. Love your writings, wish I could do that..LOL, but alas, mine is my own… (In other words I can’t control mine enough to write in a particular style… perhaps I’m just negligent or stubborn. 😀 )

    • Thanks! I am not sure I have any kind of style… I just let the pen … or usually the keyboard… roam! 🙂 I read it aloud…..and if it doesn’t sound too bad .. it sticks! That barn is a great source of imagination for me! Especially when a thunderstorm rolled up .. complete with lightning that forced me to run for cover! 🙂

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