Blushing Eternity (Magnetic Poetry)

of marble not porcelain

they almost embraced

caramel universes

brilliantly perfumed

with haunted poetry

ferocious mornings linger

let desire

surround the young naked heart

not blushing eternity

blushing eternity2

Created on Magnetic Poetry Online using the Poet Kit





47 thoughts on “Blushing Eternity (Magnetic Poetry)

  1. Nice! (You have some good words in your Magnetic poetry. What set is it?)

  2. kelihasablog says:

    I love the way you write! This is just soul touching! ❤ it…

  3. Kirsten says:

    WOW! You amaze me! This was awesome! I will have to the Poet Kit too! “Caramel universes brilliantly perfumed” exquisite!

    • I love magnetic poetry! I am trying to find some actual kits here in town, but haven’t found the exact ones I want! So might settle for second best! My fridge won’t complain! 🙂 I was trying to do one (@work!) and accidentally refreshed the page … and my poem disappeared! AND new different words appeared! Have to be careful! I was one line away and .. POOF!

      • Kirsten says:

        You’ve got to stop writing at work…says the woman who does it all the time!! Lol what Kit are you looking for? Your fridge is going to love being covered in beautiful poetry, your cats not so much!! (Here’s hoping no poems bonk them on the head!!)

        • I was trying a double-Fib, with a horizontal twist when my computers said …. not on MY shift!! Sounds like some kind of Olympic Diving attempt! 🙂 It might be easier to list the ones … I DON’T WANT! I WANT THEM ALL! But, I am looking for Edgar Allan Poe, Math, The Cabin and of course, The Poet! I would settle for SciFi, Geek and Da Vinci! Put all those things in ONE martini….shaken, not stirred…. AND IT IS ME!! LOL! Wouldn’t it be hilarious if I find the Cat Lovers kit…and the words fall on my cat, Leaping Lilly!! 🙂

  4. Wonderful – and great with magnetic poetry!

  5. gimpet says:

    I liked this and the creation of a poem was quite fun using the magnets but…..Do you have screenshot software? I tried to take a screenshot of mine but it will not paste as magnets, just the words all mixed up. So I had to let it go, although I emailed you the link to see if you know how to retrieve it. Help! I am doomed to stupidity….

    • I am sooooo far behind this week…. crazy! Both MAC & WIN have built in screen snap keys, but I do use a Mac program, to let me lasso/cordon off/etc. exactly what I want. The link appeared, I think, so checking it now!

      • gimpet says:

        Ignore me! I found a program!

        • IT Dragon…now resting! There is an absolutely hilarious British comedy called ‘The IT Crowd‘ that is all about Computer Support and Help Desk people! The episode call ‘The Internet’ is absolute comic genius! A wee bit of it is at YouTube here. The two ‘guys’ are playing a joke on their boss, who knows NOTHING about computers!

          • gimpet says:

            Really funny! The internet joke was inspired! I can imagine this really happened in some form and they used it in the show. Huluplus has quite a few episodes on line, I will have to check more of them out……after I am caught up on Dr Who. I am on season two now!

            • Sounds like you are turning into a … Whovian! 🙂 SO many seasons to catch up on too! But well worth it! And David Tennant is actually IN TOWN, filming the US version of Broadchurch, called Gracepoint! (I might have told you that already! 🙂

              • gimpet says:

                Whovian–HAHAHA! Nope you didn’t discuss Gracepoint at all. I will check the link out to see what it is all about. Vancouver is turning into Hollywood! I think both Arrow and Castle (a favorite show of mine) film there. The city shots are amazing so I can see why. Are you going to try and show-crash? 🙂

                • Victoria (my ‘village’ is called Oak Bay) is quite a hotspot for film/tv/movies! Arrow is filmed in Vancouver and portions of Victoria here too! I haven’t quite caught up with this season of Arrow, only last one. Haven’t seen Castle, although the lead actor is .. CANADIAN and was in one of my all-time favourite shows…FireFly! Actually, I know someone who is an extra in Gracepoint….and I not so subtly asked if they need any more … dragons! LOL!

                  • gimpet says:

                    Awesome that some of Victoria is on Arrow. The second season is like season one on steroids….and again another main character was killed! Just saw the episode last night and I am still in shock over it! No one is safe on that show! My husband loves Firefly too and of course we have the episodes. I only saw a couple of them. Amazing that a short lived show has such a following. LOL on your contact to Gracepoint….maybe they need a “rather tall” extra sometime…get your resume ready! I can boast that “I knew you when” 🙂

                    • There is a huge castle out at Royal Roads University, and I think that is where ‘Arrow’ lives! Only he could afford those kind of municipal taxes! 🙂 DON’T TELL ME! But the BBC regularly kills of main characters in MANY of their programs! I even ‘PhotoShopped’ myself to look like David Tennant…but no go! And oddly enough, my nephew, in Calgary, went to Comic-Con there last weekend … AND MET MATT SMITH!!!! He is sending me a real live Sonic Screwdriver .. and a mystery present too!

                    • gimpet says:

                      Love that castle, would love to visit one day. LOL on your photoshop experiment…David has GREAT HAIR and soulful eyes, and very cute freckles….hard to beat 🙂 Im only on season 3 so haven’t come to Matt Smith yet but awesome that you know someone who met him. LOL on the screwdriver…I need one of those, esp when I lock myself out of the car! What was the mystery present?

                    • I am a bit apprehensive about the new Doctor. BUT, I was the same way with ALL of the Doctors that I have seen. And each one is stellar! So, I can hardly wait! And my Sonic Screwdriver will be my remote, whenever I watch or….. re-watch Doctor Who!!! Matt Smith, and ALL the stories, are the best television I have ever seen. Ever. The mystery present has yet to arrive. My nephew has just moved back (from 3rd year BioChem at U of Calgary) and is working at his summer job. So, I may not see it for awhile, or until I go back this summer. But I can wait!

                    • gimpet says:

                      Do you know anything about the new Doctor? The sonic screwdriver is a remote? Nifty….

                    • Hardly anything, other than who he is as an actor (Peter Capaldi), and how he regenerated after Matt Smith. And this is straining my already near indestructible … PATIENCE .. to know all about what is coming soon! MY sonic screwdriver really is a remote for my AppleTV.. in theory!

                    • gimpet says:

                      Sob, last night I had to say goodbye to David Tennant when he regenerated. I was SO SAD! Love that dude! Love that hair! LOL, did you know he was married to the woman who played his daughter in an episode on the show? Kind of purvey…..she is WAAAAYYYY younger than he! Go David! I cant believe he is in his 40’s he looks so young!

                    • I was skeptical of Matt Smith, as Tennant was my only doctor I followed from regeneration to regeneration! But then along came Matt Smith and he had me the first episode! And it only gets better! And not only is DT married to that actress…. but HER father, i.e David Tennant’s real Father-In-Law …. is Peter Davison …THE FIFTH DOCTOR!!!! I didn’t spot him here in town, as he was filming Gracepoint, the US remake of Broadchurch!

                    • gimpet says:

                      No way. You always One Up Me. So far I am not enamored of Matt Smith. Don’t love the bowtie/suspenders either. I MISS David, sob! He was Larger Than Life. And such a personality. I want my next husband to be Just Like Him–LOL! Quirky and cute and boyish and FUN. And that last episode broke my heart, especially his sad “Im not ready to leave” right before he regenerated. Ouch my heart hurts.

                    • Bow ties are … cool! I SO very much want to show up at work, for Halloween, as Matt Smith! Next husband, eh! No sightings of Tennant here in town, although I was trying! Gracepoint done, but if successful, there might be a sequel filmed here in town! I hope I am not giving anything away, but … he……does…….RETURN …. before Matt Smith regenerates to Peter Capaldi!

                    • gimpet says:

                      Ok, Matt is growing on me, but I really love the girl who plays Amy Pond. And the story line right now just blows my mind! You should totally dress up as Matt’s Dr WHO on Halloween! Post the pic as ‘guess WHO’… 🙂
                      Thanks for the “spoiler”, I look forward to it!
                      Is Gracepoint a current series? I have not heard of it before you mentioned David’s filming.

                    • To date, for my money, Amy (and Rory!) are THE.BEST.COMPANIONS.EVER!!!! There is SO much more for you to watch – no spoilers from me! Gracepoint is a US version of Broadchurch, which is a dark dramatic series, filmed in the UK for BBC. David Tennant is the jaded police detective brought in to solve a heinous murder. He is reprising the same role, but in a small California town instead, and Victoria was ‘Gracepoint’, the small California town, mirroring the small UK town … Broadchurch! Comes out in the Fall!

                    • gimpet says:

                      Agree! Agree! I am on season 7 and Im sad to think that I am creeping up to current times! It has been a huge part of my evenings for the last few months!
                      Remind me when Gracepoint comes on so I can find it! I saw the trailer on your BlogSpot post today when I, like, read ALL YOUR POSTS AT ONE SITTING (LOL!) and really liked it. Sadly, the coolness factor of his hair is a big zero. HIs hairstylist should be fired. His Dr Who style was The Coolest Ever. LOL–you should grow your hair and style it A La Who! Of course, you will need to borrow your daughter’s iron to get out all those curls 🙂

                    • Oh, a great deal of sadness, but also joy, surprise, fear and shocks ahead! You will have finished by the time the NEWEST DOCTOR WHO arrives in August!!! YES – brand new Doctor Who in August! Not sure of the date, nor of Gracepoint, but guaranteed – I will let you know!!! Both will be HUGE TV MEDIA events, so you will probably read about it … EVERYWHERE when announced! Iron my hair? Yeeeks!!!

                    • gimpet says:

                      Have you seen the new DR? If yes, what do you know? I had my hair ironed ONCE, it was flat as a pancake. And since I have a little head, I looked stoopid. Ok, don’t iron it…..SPIKE IT! After all, dragons have spikes so you shouldn’t be too horrified by that. And you have loads of hair that would spike beautifully! LOL!

                    • The new Doctor Who is on August 23! The only bits I have seen are when Matt Smith regenerates into Peter Capaldi, the new Doctor. BBC has released a few teaser promos, but they are short on content (which is good) and long on possibilities (ALSO .. which is good!) So if you have NOT seen the final Doctor Who from last season …. not a peep from me! Spiked, dyed purple hair! 8th on my Bucket List, right after the Mac tattoo you know about! LOL!

                    • gimpet says:

                      No, not there yet but I will definitely finish this season well before August.
                      I would PAY to see you actually spike your hair purple. And I DARE you to do it! Go get the washable dye, put it in, spike it up (with daughter’s help) and send me the evidence! Heck, offer it to Kira as a Prompt picture! LOL!

                    • You and your DAREs!!! I think you have surpassed my ‘Laters‘ with your ‘Dares‘ !!! Once, Emma went to school as a GOTH GIRL!!!! Just for the day, and just for the resulting shock factor amongst her friends!! So ….. there just might be a little of that .. in ME!!!!

                    • gimpet says:

                      Put your actions where your words are, Mr Dragon and SHOW ME. LOL! I will even buy the purple color and send it—HAHAHA.
                      I used to love dares and would take up almost any one….even running naked through a cemetery at my college….and wearing underwear on my head to class as a ponytail holder……
                      She is my HERO! Goth rock…ROCKS! I want to be a goth rock soprano singer! LOL! Ripped lace and long black hair included! Evanescence and Within Temptation are some of my favorite groups!

                    • Emma working on a PhotoShop image…after she stops laughing! She has SO much music on her iPod .. she needed an iPhone ….. just as a backup!

                    • gimpet says:

                      Noooooooo! Photoshopping is cheating and-and… sneaky and NOT part of my dare! That being said, since I didn’t forbid photoshop, that is “my bad” and I await the results of her artistry! I will have to “spell out” in legalese the next time I dare you to do something so you don’t slither out of it.

                      Im sure it will be hilarious….but I still dare you to go to work one day with purple hair! 🙂 Are you going to post it to your Greg site?

                      I don’t do IPOD but isn’t that a dollar a song? How does she afford all that music? Or does daddy pay?

                    • I have no idea how to use PS! Seriously! I install it, start it … then stop it. The limit of my digital artistic skills! Best I can do is take a half-way decent photo, then send it off to be printed on canvas for my living room! So no worries about ME doing anything fancy on PS! Purple hair will be a definite post over there … but just not yet…have to get the tattoo first, remember! 🙂 Library for all the music! Free and … free!

                    • gimpet says:

                      Staller….you don’t HAVE to get the tattoo first. In fact, it may be a little….overwhelming….to see you with purple hair and a tattoo. Actually, I may fall out of my chair if you ever do get a tatoo. They are painful you know! Does this mean I don’t believe you?………YES! As usual, you are leading me by the nose….for FUN!
                      As to PS, there is a very amusing blogger who had a series of “how to PS” that were HILARIOUS and one of them was FP. His blog is The Dimwit Diary and he is a hoot. Has stopped blogging much, but the PS blogs will actually teach you how to use it, and have you laughing as well.

                    • Tattoo this summer is … a possibility! For some reason there are about a dozen tattoo shops in town! Go figure! Painful? Just need a Dentist’s Martini! 🙂 Will look up the Dimwit Diary!

                    • gimpet says:

                      NOT holding my breath……as in I will believe it when you Show Me The Evidence!

                    • You are just needling me to get a tattoo! LOL!

  6. Thank you for visiting my blog today. I’m glad you liked my post and hope you will come again sometime. Blessings, Natalie 🙂

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