Lingering with Eternity (Binary Magnetic Fibonacci)

wild blue-red stars

always surround their desire

steel breezes velvet

universe must be ferocious

ghost rhythms of melted oceans

….. lingering

………. with

….. Eternity


✩      ✫      ✬      ✭      ✮      ✰      ☆

Created on Magnetic Poetry Online using the Poet Kit.

You can actually try modifying this exact magnetic poem yourself – HERE ! (You can’t hurt it!)

I wanted to try something different with Magnetic Poetry Online. So why not Binary Poems, each a Fib, and try to make each poem stand alone, but also … try to make ONE combined poem, read horizontally!

So, read the two Magnetic Poems separately. Then, below the magnetic poetry, I have combined them into one poem, as if read ‘horizontally’ into one single poem, hopefully a bit different! Very challenging and probably more like free verse than anything! And feel free to try switching the entire poem around too! Just click … here!


23 thoughts on “Lingering with Eternity (Binary Magnetic Fibonacci)

  1. Very cool idea. I like all the versions, smiles

  2. Kirsten says:

    Clever, clever dragon 🙂 I always love coming to your blog to see what creative thing you’ve come up with this time! Every time, and I mean every single time, I’m left in awe! Beautiful. And your trademark dragon twist 🙂

    • Blushing .. again! Thanks! And I have to thank YOU as your Fib on the 6th (Lies/Truth) gave me the idea for a double Fib, but a horizontal one …as yours was vertical! I am toying with the idea of an upside down one too! Or one up and one down! This dragon is twisting his Fibs! 🙂

      • Kirsten says:

        Oh you fibbing dragon, you!! Lol hey I have a question for you…please feel free to say No! I’m honking about making an online magazine (poetry & prose) of some of my favorite bloggers. I was wondering if you would be interested in writing 2 poems for it. I was hoping you would do one Magnetic one and another of your choosing. I wouldn’t need them until the 1st or 2nd week of May. Are you interested? I’m going ask Lori for two as well!!

        • ABSOLUTELY … YES! That would be so much fun! THANK YOU for asking me! Magnetic and another! You bet! Any kind of theme or characters or style or anything in particular? How long? Whatever you want!

          • Kirsten says:

            YAY!! You just made my day! You can write whatever you feel led to write. If you want to throw in some of your photography to go with your poems – I would be thrilled about that too 🙂 I’m soooo excited now!

            • Sorry for the delay! Crazy week .. not even enough time to write anywhere….. even at work! 🙂 I will have a few for you .. Haiku, Tanka (with photos) or others, and even a Pleiades (U) about Unicorns that I have already written for Lori, so if it is okay with her, you could use that one! I told her she could post it at her site, she insists that I post it at mine……. so YOU should post at yours! LOL! And, one I am working on one called ‘The Four‘ which might be a bit .. dragon-ey… Four Dragon-ey-ish-kind-a-sort-a! LOL!

              • Kirsten says:

                I’d love to post it on mine!!!! 🙂 I love dragoney!! I’m looking forward to reading what you create!

                • Sorry for the delay! Crazy at work and .. having too much fun at home too! 🙂 I asked Lori about the ‘U’ for Unicorn for you and I am sure she will say yes! It will be a Triple Collaboration amongst us! AND I am working on others too, as I told you! I am actually on a wee holiday right now … and will be WRITING IN THE ROCKY MOUNTAINS IN BANFF!!!! Lots of Dragon-ey things there – including one of ‘The Four’ – as I once lived there! And no problem on the 24th with the file for your Blog Tour! I AM VERY EXCITED FOR YOU AND PAMELA!!

  3. kelihasablog says:

    😀 This is lovely, as always! You are truly gifted with words, and I love the magnet idea… ❤

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