Perfect Proportion (Magnetic Math Poetry)

Perfect Proportion

Perfect Proportion

Every smart variable woman
will discover equations
why her finite raw man
always understands that
between finding
common brilliant universe
constant proof of love






Created using the actual Math Poet Kit .. and is on my fridge!

Magnetic Math Poet Kit

Magnetic Math Poet Kit





50 thoughts on “Perfect Proportion (Magnetic Math Poetry)

  1. Morgan says:

    Marvelous Creativity 🙂 Thank you for sharing the Wealth of your Inspiration 🙂

  2. Didn’t know they had a math kit!

    Looks almost as fun ad the Edgar Allen Poet kit! 😉

    Great poem!

  3. gimpet says:

    Noble poem, you have a high regard for woman, more of your perfection, DragonMaster! 🙂 Were all these words in the kit or just math related words that you used to create the whole? I have only worked with the online versions. What did your daughter think of your poem on the fridge? LOL I can see her mucking it up just to irritate dear old dad….. 🙂

    • I hope I have a high regard for everyone! They were all in the kit, amazingly! She didn’t say anything! And if she DID ever muck it up .. she gets to make one up herself! I found the ZEN Magnetic Poetry kit! Now, if I combine the Zen and the Math … I will then it … ZATH!!! That is better than the alternative …. MEN!!! LOL!

      • gimpet says:

        Did you show her or make a mention of it? Some people cant see their nose on their faces, LOL! You will soon have them all mixed up on your fridge! I don’t have room on my fridge for one more thing, so online I go. For most, math and zen do not mix so happily. For you, they mix like meat and potatoes 🙂 So…. is the zen kit like “soak in the rays, dude” and “just be” ? Men aren’t so bad…at least some of them, present company included!

        • All the magnets, including the final poem, were spread out on the kitchen counter!! Then I moved them to the fridge, as moving magnets on the door of the fridge .. is actually hard! I did buy an over-sized magnetic white-board, and now, Zen is on the left and Math is on the right! Not sure what will be in the middle! 🙂 There is actually a Stoner Magnetic Kit! And one of my favourite comics is ‘Dude and Dude‘! And no – never have, nor drugs…except for tooth pain! LOL!

          • gimpet says:

            How in the world did you find a stoner kit? And why? Maybe I don’t want to know…..LOL on dude and dude….they sound like my son! Wow that must be a big white board to have 400 tiles on it, would be making my eyes cross for certain. The middle should be for the poem in progress!

            • I haven’t found the Dude/Stoner kit, only seen the kits on-line at Not that big – it is about 23″ wide and 17″ tall – perfect for 2 kits on each side, and the middle is open to create, as you described! I am not going to mix the kits so each one remains independent. The 3rd one … that is on the kitchen counter!!!!! LOL!

              • gimpet says:

                Trust a guy to put his toys on the kitchen counter :)…so if someone wanted to get back at you they could mix up the kits, eh? Wish I could tell E that 🙂

                • My ‘kitchen counter toys’ include, but are NOT limited to…. coffee makers (yes .. 3 of them!, cutting board, jars of teaS, coffeeS (plural on both!), coffee flavours, iPad/iPhone chargers and usually my bike stuff!!! The white magnetic board is in my dining room, awaiting more powerful magnets so it will stay on the fridge!!!

                  • gimpet says:

                    THREE coffee pots? Um, WHY? Don’t you have a table for mail and the like for your chargers and “bike stuff”? Chargers and “bike stuff” would NOT be allowed onmy kitchen counter! No one in my house believes in putting things back in the pantry, so it is all thrown about on my island. Cereal boxes, nutella, peanut butter, honey, you name it, all left where the hooligans opened them. So rude and lazy, makes me furious. Grrrr…… Now as to what is on my counters, well, my husband believes in buying EVERYTHING, so I have a breadmaker, huge miser, huge toaster, TWO knife stations, plants, teapot, coffee pot, toaster over (never used!) and …….loads of dirty dishes found from all over the house….daily!

                    • As I am drinking tea, waiting for the Tofino sunset out my porch….one is a Tassimo for QUICK coffee, one is an espresso pot, and the other is a classic drip coffee. Although on 2 fit on my counter at any one time! Bike stuff on my bench in garage, stuff can be … anywhere! That is what …stuff… does! LOL! My pantry HAS to be organized…otherwise I can’t find my … coffee!!!! When I of my kitchen…and I always have flowers in my kitchen window!!!

                    • gimpet says:

                      Ahhh…..hope you had a lovely weekend and that sounds SO relaxing! I should send you photos of my….mess! Starting with my….hair LOL! My kitchen looks like post tonado! My daughters craft materials are EVERYWHERE. We are the ‘stuffmart’. But that would be too embarrassing. Just donated two large loads to charity and there still is stuff everywhere. Drives. Me. Batty.
                      Never heard of Tassimo, I will have to look that up. I have a French press and drip pot, nothing fancy–but I do roast my own organic beans with a coffee roaster. Always something new with you!

                    • Stunningly good weekend with sunsets, tides, coffee and midnight wandering under the stars!! I am waiting for some of my flowers in the garden to fully bloom (roses notwithstanding!) to colour my kitchen window – so you will have to take the floral equivalent of ‘later’ for now! Tassimo is just one of those automatic cup makes. Plop a cup in the Terminator-like device, push down, and 30 seconds later, out squirts a relatively decent, if not decadently quick coffee! AND found a new coffee shop and roaster IN TOFINO, so tasting that every morning!

                    • gimpet says:

                      Very glad to read your getaway was all it should be. Wandering under the stars at midnight sounds decadent!
                      Right now all I have is….weeds. I pull and pull and they just come right back. I hate mulch and weedkiller but I may have to resort to something else soon.
                      I cant drink coffee right now. Makes me vomit, no lie. I think I have something wrong with my stomach because I am nauseated every morning. Feels like morning sickness ( I couldn’t tolerate even the smell of coffee when pregnant)….without the baby! I have had bad reflux and ulcers in the past and with all the stress I am under with my horrible job I wouldn’t wonder if I am going back down that road. So I will yearn for your lovely coffee and HOPE that I can have some kona when I am in Hawaii!

                    • It was magical! Only a wee bit decadent! 🙂 My garden groweth too! And with tooth pain for the past 10 days, and still healing, my yard is winning the battle….for now! I stop coffee after noon. Usually only 1 or 2 before that, as it affects me too – keeps me up, so tea after lunch, if anything. And you MUST have Kona in Hawaii!!!! THAT is decadence!!!!! LOL!

                    • gimpet says:

                      A-ha! Got that old tooth out! Did you get the implant at the same time, or is Toothless still an appropriate moniker? Did you save the tooth for an earing? Dragon teeth are rare and make great jewelry. Actually, after seeing You Out Of Your Dragon Suit, I am a bit embarrassed at calling you that, you Hunky Guy You. Really, I thought you would look like a geeky nerd, not a Greek god! I was munching when it got to photos….and some of it dropped into my lab with a little….drool–LOL! You should have warned me! Now you are….Arthur PenDRAGON! NO…..Sir Lancelot, Noble Knight in Shining….DRAGON armor! 🙂

                    • Tooth saved for a titanium cast! At least the post will be! Ironic eh … post at WordPress….post in my jaw!!!! LOL! Maybe they should put a USB drive under my ear to download .pdf files directly from my cerebral cortex!!! I let loose with my .. Inner Geek every so often – hence the Bazinga t-shirt! Arthur PENCILdragon … maybe!

                    • gimpet says:

                      A CYBERDRAGON!

                    • Oh this one is too easy for me … actually ….. a…………SHYberdragon!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!

                    • gimpet says:

                      A-HAHAHAHAHAHA! Hopefully those ‘shyber’ parts are in good working order 🙂

                    • Hmmmmmm……maybe I DO have secrets! LOL!

                    • gimpet says:

                      L-O-L…nothing a good lube wouldn’t fix…..

                    • With a Valium Martini chaser .. dentist approved!

                    • gimpet says:

                      Ahhhh, Fear of Dentist and (I am assuming here) Performance Anxiety are common problems and you are not alone! I have performance anxiety when I sing in front of people so I understand the terror and the pipes freezing up. Although my pipes and your pipes are a little different……..HAHAHAHA!!!!

                      The martini infused valium is a great prescription! I actually take clonazepam for PA which really helps so you are on the right track for both issues! Relax the dragon and his shyparts will hum in perfect working order! And then get someone with SKILLZ. A nice body massage first to get the blood flowing freely 🙂

                      And, LOL, Viagra works even if those shyparts are paralyzed with fear cause it’s made to Get The Job Done…….proving my theory that male body parts are the Central Processing Center 🙂
                      And LOL, I think I have poured enough sauce on this cheeky comment and I am Going To My Corner; if I say any more you will have to change your blog to “Mature” 🙂

                    • Different pipes for different types!!! LOL! So relaxed … I don’t remember anything! I doubt plumbers stick little blue pills down clogged pipes to … drain them with greater ease! 🙂 No corner directions to be given here!

  4. Kirsten says:

    okay, so you just made me like math! How did you do that? lol This is wonderful…who knew they had a Math Kit?!?

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