Breathtaking …..
     providing eupnoeic splendour
       insufflating infinite morrows

Directionless …..
     breezing towards mythical sovereignties
       conjuring phantasmagorical auroras

Unencumbered …..
     dedicating a purposeful gait
       traversing fractaled littoral pathways

Untapped impressionable footsteps
   ….. to the fore
Sinuously inscribed footprints
   ….. abaft

Time and Tide
   guarantee no compass
     proffer no favours
       reward no virtues

Tide and Time
   offer but opportunity
     to the whimsical
   inscribe character
     upon their hearts
   impress ideals
     upon the worthy

Awash with cometary elders
Stroll ….. upon grains of eternity
who once were giants


Dragon Stroll

Pacific Rim National Park – Near Tofino, BC, Canada

 Thanks to Lori at
Fantasies of a Forlorn Fairy
for the idea of fractals on the beach!
(My white flannels trousers were at the laundry!)
(Photo credit to my awesome daughter! Thank you!)



10 thoughts on “Stroll

  1. yelti says:

    Nicely done! T.S. Elliot quote a great addition.

  2. gimpet says:

    Glad to have inspired you! Great compliment, thank you! LOVE the last two lines of this, the scope blew my mind!

    • I didn’t include the DC (Director’s Cut) as I wanted a bit of mystery and ageless continuity … basically…comets apparently provided all the water that is now resident on earth, thus the cometary debris. Can you imagine THAT kind of stellar fireworks .. weak, watery pun intended! And each grain of sand was once immeasurably larger – perhaps part of mountain ranges or even planetary sized objects …. and thus … once, were giants. And of course, we are ALL ….. very small grains of sand … in this universe!

      • gimpet says:

        Now, HOW your mind lept from my sad, depressed poem to THIS is what makes you such an intriguing person! If you remember the stepping stones from one to the other….share!

        • I thought your poem was far more poignant than sad. For whatever reason, and probably because Tofino was on my mind, the patterns on a beach, the sand itself, is a fractal to me. Ever smaller, ever changing, seemingly random directions. I do not believe, in any way shape or form, that ‘randomness’ exists. Odd statement from a Math teacher, eh! So even a mathematical formula FOR randomness, albeit a Mandelbrot Fractal or even gazing at the night sky – we simply ARE fractals and are surrounded by fractals! I see no difference in the constellations of the night sky and … tidal sea foam pulling back from the beach, revealing individual cosmos – above and below.

          • gimpet says:

            Not an odd statement! Math is very rational and organized, suggesting that, to me, intelligent design is the rulemaker. I loved what you said here. So poetic and appreciative of the small miracles that make up our universe.

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