Marmairein (Photo Prompt Monday)

pathway to Morn’s blush

tarry not Gloom’s rush

be still yon chaotic flare

soothing lambent streams

blended aurous dreams

illuminated souls ….. dare


purchased image by andreiuc88 from

This is in response to Photo Prompt Mondays at Voices of Poetry & Prose

Director’s Cut: This poetic form is known as a Symbi.

41 thoughts on “Marmairein (Photo Prompt Monday)

  1. Kirsten says:

    As always, your word choices are exquisite!! Beautiful Symbi. I love how it ebbs and flows…interweaving dragon melody!!

  2. gimpet says:

    You even rhymed it! Wow! New directions indeed for the DRAGONMASTER. I like the old world feel to it. And….I plead the 5th on suggesting anything about pictures πŸ˜‰ I get chocolate? What did I do to deserve it? BTW do you want me to buy you some Kona from Hawaii as a b-day present? Happy to do so!

    • I have to follow Kirsten’s Rules for her Symbi!! Both of you read to the end of my emails – so – chocolate! I have a reputation for actually feeding everyone here in CALL – chocolates, gummy bears, chocolates, crackers, chocolates, cheese, chocolates, soup, chocolates, licorice, chocolates, jellybeans, and … any snack that looks fun to eat, etc. I claim it is for my earthquake kit! And when I write a long email, I sometimes put ‘if you read this far…you get …. CHOCOLATE!‘ LOL! Not to worry about Kona from Hawaii! Very, VERY nice and generous gift, and I VERY much appreciate your offer, but I am not that big into B-Day presents for myself! I hope you are not offended! It must be genetic as Emma is that way too!

      • gimpet says:

        If you change your mind and want me to get you some Kona for no reason at all, let me know. Happy to oblige.
        Most of that list of lost on me as I don’t like non-dark chocolate candy. But very nice of you to supply it! Now the soup… it homemade? I COULD get into that, esp on a cold day. And cookies, esp peanut butter ones……my mom just made some peanut butter-butterfinger cookies. Wow, YUM…..

        • I will take a rain check (caffeine check!) on the coffee! But thank you! Dark chocolate cravings! I rarely eat chocolate .. except when Emma is around and then it is part of our movie/snack ratio!!!! I am not good on homemade soup, like my grandmother was. I make it from scratch … as long as ‘scratch’ is spelled … Campbell’s Soup!!!

          • gimpet says:

            Campbell’s? Ick. Too salty. I like Amy’s organic, or making my own chicken noodle. Made a wonderful stew yesterday–WITH guiness AND bacon! It was divine, and if I say divine then it must be awesome as I only taste shadows of flavors from chemo damage!

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