Multi Verse – Magnetic Poetry (Photo Prompt Monday)

delightful square distances

an equal measure of infinite hearts

insert two smart brilliant equations





divide every prime number

as if shaped by an

infinite universe

check her beauty

This ….. is sexy logic!


purchased image from


This is in response to
Photo Prompt Mondays at Voices of Poetry & Prose

 Director’s Cut: If you look at the shape of the poem ….. in the right light ….. it almost looks like the chess piece!



10 thoughts on “Multi Verse – Magnetic Poetry (Photo Prompt Monday)

  1. Kirsten says:

    You are such the Math Geek! I love it!!! As always you blow me away with your creativity. The fact that you did it with a Math magnetic poetry kit makes it more amazing! Hope you didn’t write this during lunch! lol

    • And my favourite dessert is …Apple PI! LOL! I try to go with my first image, gut instinct and first 3 words that come to mind! Thanks for each Monday Prompt!! Lunch .. hmmm…. well, not quite. My magnetic kit was at home, but I knew that if your image ‘felt’ right, it was going to be either the Zen, Edgar Allan Poe or … MATH kit!! I have to! And I want to! Forget lunch!!!!! This one was done over dinner at home! LOL!

  2. […] Multi Verse – Magnetic Poetry (Photo Prompt Monday). […]

  3. gimpet says:

    This….is a sexy poem…..LOL!

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