Canvas (Photo Prompt Monday)

Canvas, oh canvas!

scraped leavings

discarded by

sundered quires of imagination

beckoning disconsolate chimeras

of crumbled sagas spent


Be fair ….. yet …..

beware of unveiled passions

seemingly etched

for zephyr directed wraiths

to ignore ….. or heed …..

at their own peril

Canvas, oh canvas!

enticing silvered reverie

from within her argent palettes

moonlit prisms bathe

sacred runes


numinous ruins

Never seen pasts ….. emerge

to swirl with Futures assoluta

ripped from Light herself

whispering her slated dreams

Canvas, MY canvas!


purchased image from bigstockcom

This is in response to Photo Prompt Mondays at Voices of Poetry & Prose



14 thoughts on “Canvas (Photo Prompt Monday)

  1. gimpet says:

    I did expect something amazing from you, for there is much to see in this seemingly innocuous picture. But this blasted my expectations out of the water. A fabulous word picture and I love all the directions you take with this piece. And your last cry brings a very personal touch that I think was a brilliant ending. Really excellent, it is obvious that you pour your passion, heart and soul into these challenges!

    • I have some OLD books on poetry, in bad shape, but what is WRITTEN within, is far more interesting than what is shaped around them. Basically, what you write upon is only a placeholder for the message. This was a canvas of opportunity! So…..the first thing I thought of was moonlight! Then runes, very much like in LotR and The Hobbit, and then… the tapestry of a blank canvas. And I almost instantly had the title, the opening and the ending. The rest was just filling in the blanks, pun intended! LOL! That may not make any sense, but to me .. it does! 🙂

      • gimpet says:

        Once again, Mr Philosopher, a wonderful statement: “what you write upon is only a placeholder for the message.” Broken down to its simplest form yet eloquently told.
        Your thought process is fascinating. Don’t know where the moonlight came from, that is ALL YOU, and a lovely romantic touch. Of course you will come up with some unromantic mathematical reason for thinking of moonlight…LOL! My first thought was GREYSCALE, but as I have already done that I had to come up with something else. A simple senryu was all the energy I had I am sorry to say.
        Im always fascinated by how people jump from conception to completion, and you are a great study for your mind is elastic and imaginative, full of scope and I find the joining of your past experiences and expertise to be a great ride.

        • It does contrast with Marshall McLuhan’s visionary statement that ‘The medium IS the message” … but since WP was not around then …. go with The Dragon!. Moonlight was the white/silver canvas itself. Just seemed like night to me, not daytime. And what better canvas than a blank one, under the moon! I think most of my thoughts originate from baseball…..from way out in left field! I drive people NUTS at work with my puns! THEIR catch phrase, after really bad jokes, literally is …’Go to your corner!” LOL!

          • gimpet says:

            I love the stuff you embed in your comments! Always so enlightening! I don’t fully believe this guy either. Yes the type of media ENHANCES the message but the message is the message and he is blowing smoke out his A… As the foremost Greg Groupie, I go with the dragon….ALWAYS! 🙂

            I will have to remember “go to your corner” when you are being….coy! Although, I think you have more reason to tell me that when I am pouring sauce on your cheeks! LOL! 🙂

            • It has become quite the catch phrase, especially from one of my colleagues! And I must say…I sometimes DO deserve it, with my punishing sense of humour! But I have a captive audience nearly every single day! Who could resist!

              • gimpet says:

                [Dr] WHO….certainly cant! And sometimes I deserve the corner for my [mumble, mumble] sense of humor…..which you are so good at tolerating…..

                • I VERY much like all kinds of … funny! Cheech and Chong, Steve Martin, Seinfeld, etc. Oh, and by the way Doctor Who new episode is on August 23 and Gracepoint, first episode is on FOX on October 2!!! If you get a chance to see the BBC Original series, called Broadchurch, then do so!!! But it IS grim and unsettling.

                  • gimpet says:

                    IM READY for the new season! BTW, I saw the first few episodes of old Dr Who and I just couldn’t get past the disasterous Aztec episodes. Painful to watch! I may have to skip forward, like, 10 seasons LOL!

                    • I too watched a few episodes of the original, B&W episodes, and they were intriguing, but NOTHING like a few years later! I too skipped forward, and tend to take library DVDs out, and zip through them fast. I have not seen much of pre-2005 Doctor Who, only a few recommended episodes from friends, just to get a feel for all the history and timelines.

  2. vppmagazine says:

    I love “Canvas, My Canvas.” What a fantastic refrain. As always, I’m floored at how your mind creates word pictures. Wow!

  3. vppmagazine says:

    By the way this is Kirsten! lol oops

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