Celadon Hues Nonet (Photo Prompt Monday)

Celadon hues of dialogues passed

fragments of coiled conversations

vacant rings of history

yet wrong numbers persist

no need to answer

dappled memoirs

letting go

of past


Photo Prompt Mondays

purchased image from bigstockcom

This is in response to Photo Prompt Mondays at Voices of Poetry & Prose


6 thoughts on “Celadon Hues Nonet (Photo Prompt Monday)

  1. gimpet says:

    Kira is on a roll with another intriguing picture! Your nonet is Excellent and again opened my mind to Possibility and I am “jealous”……and appreciative at the same time! Love all the phone references, you brilliant man. This really matches what I wanted to say. I would like to say you took the words out of my mouth, but since the words weren’t anywhere in my head, or in the ether around my head, I shall simply sigh and wish for your abilities! LOL, you make old telephones…..smexy! 🙂 Someday I want to go to a poetry workshop….hosted by YOU!

    • Done in about an hour … at work and posted at lunch. SSSsshhhhh! Really, didn’t take too much time. So really, a coffee break! There are some poetry workshops offered at night at a local college, but I was late registering, so next year, as in, September, I am going to sign up. Some are just for reading and appreciation (Rumi is one I want to read more of) and others are for actually writing. So that is one as well. They are expensive – over $100 and probably mean .. me speaking in public! YIKES! LOL! Hosting one? If Tim Hortons and donuts are served!!!!

      • gimpet says:

        It will be the making of you. Your teacher will recognize your brilliance and recommend a contest for you to enter and you will win Grand Prize. Then, sob, you will forget all about the little people like me in your life! I think after a time or two of speaking it…they wont be able to make you sit back down again without threatening you with pepper spray! 🙂 Speaking of speaking……is the video poem on permanent hold?

        • Full blown shy mode kicks in IF (and I almost wrote ‘when‘), I do read a poem. BUT I have already stated, that Emma has to be there to video it for .. posterity! Or to take video of my posterior as I beat a hasty retreat! Hey, there is no money in poetry, and besides, I would never feel right, accepting money for writing. NO fear of losing me to .. FAME! LOL! Video poem on hold as Emma just received her new computer, and is keen on pushing her own envelope, so to speak! And then she goes to Germany, so … just being patient is all. Who knows, I might just make one on my own too!

  2. This is good! 🙂

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