Ollo Vae

     ….. Slow

          ….. lingering

               ….. blinks …..

Shared solely with Twilight
wistfully seduced ‘midst civil intimacies
whilst embracing Eventide’s last ebb

An invitation to momentarily caress
her refulgent vault
gathering illuminations
amid journeying from
uttermost dawns
acknowledging each nautical marking
bearing unwonted insights
aglow from plerion legacies
and astronomical delights

   ….. to stay the night
      ….. her night …..
         ….. their night …..
            ….. imprismed inamorata

Releasing quests hitherto uncharted
and passions unrivalled
as each blazing phosphene
proclaims to slumbering souls

   ….. dream
      ….. dream
         ….. dream

Freely released upon Aurora’s first blush
to rejoin spectrumed infatuates
and await reflected beloveds
now beyond the night sky’s velvet chaise

Wonder not
why stars emerge
‘neath shuttered eyes …..

   ….. for
      ….. Novae
         ….. need
            ….. dream
               ….. within
                  ….. us

A Garden to Walk In

7 thoughts on “Ollo Vae

  1. gimpet says:

    Now you tackle…..Elvish! “Until we meet again”. How ever did you find this? Interesting title for dreaming among the stars early in the morning. I rarely remember my dreams, but now and then I dream so vividly that when I wake up I feel like I have been Somewhere, a place where space and time are meaningless, and where I can meet Anyone no matter how distant from me. Emotion overwhelms me and I am either 100 times happier or sadder than the dream required. Ecstatic joy, tears of bitter angst all erupt as what I suppose is a Legacy of Journey into this fascinating Unknown.

    • Yes! You got it! Where did you get your translation? I was looking for a site that would translate a phrase I came up with, and found a Useful Elvish Phrases site! Ollo Vae there means ‘Sweet Dreams‘ which was what I was trying to depict in the poem! Basically…watching twilight merge into night, and the stars send light to our own eyes, welcoming their light, to help us dream, but also to help THEM dream too, and thus .. sweet dreams! And I am also curious about why we see light when our eyes ARE closed! What other reason could it be other than … starlight! I have incredibly vivid dreams sometimes, so I have a dream diary by my bedside. Then I also type them into a dream diary ’email’ to myself, to help remember them! And I often wake myself up abruptly, with a surprise ending to the dream! I never see the ‘ending’ coming! LOL! Very, very few nightmares. Been years. I am fortunate in that respect.

  2. Shards Of DuBois says:

    wow! that was really good. are you doing a book of poetry with these?? my dreams are wild too, and I’ve always wondered why we see such light. guess our brains firing add to that. you should also do a book of poetry with your dragon ones!!! they’re amazing! 🙂

    • Thank you for such wonderful comments! I actually did print a book and gave it to my daughter as a present!

      • Shards Of DuBois says:

        you do know you can publish yourself for free on Createspace?? they have some really nice formats for poetry, or poetry and pictures together. and so many people are into Dragons these days, it would probably sell really well. just sayin! 🙂 presents are nice but you rarely get paid for them….lol

        • I did not know about Createspace! Amazon, yes. But not Createspace! I am going to look at this! Thanks! And all the rest of us Dragons have to hire good Spin Doctors, after what cousin Smaug has managed, all on his own! 🙂

          • Shards Of DuBois says:

            Createspace is through amazon, they also are connected to Kindle!! good luck! and let me know if you get it out there… I’d buy one! 🙂

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