Barn Solstice Tanka 短歌

§ Murmuring petals §

scorned as harvest worthy gold

each has but one reach

spectrums of boundless colour

rural timber nods in awe

Barn Equinox


Winter Solstice Chill Nonet

Solstice blue light anchors Summer’s °Heat°

glacial route traces Winter’s Chill

amative crackling of frost

encased within the rime

frozen ecstasy

crystal passions




Solstice Chill

Straw Solstice Nonet

¤ Lone silvery arctic pasturage ¤

awaiting a snowy harvest

bound equinox of patience

white hot solstice of love

beckoning a heart

captured within



° heat °

Solar Frost Tanka 短歌

Whispered auroras

mapping out each glacial route

dawning crystal breaths

glittering hoar frost needles

compass bound to each snowflake

Moon Frost Tanka

Crystalline memoirs

lost rural geometry

pale frozen farmscapes

lunar rime trumps solar zeal

fog bound distant horizon

Straw Destiny Haiku

Parallel straw swaths

converge at ∞

Euclid would need proof

Wintertide Gold Nonet

~ Baleful stare from sweltering summer ~

frozen ground ‘neath snowy conceal

awaken golden harvest

listen to each snowflake

soulfully unique

onliest sound

straw circle