The Four

Deepest eternal Elementals
     each ….. sui generis ….. defining …..

The Quaternary …..
     of mercurial epochs past …..
unwrapped eras present and …..
     veiled spans ….. yet ….. to be …..

          Guardians    Elders    Healers
                Attestants    Teachers
                           ∞  Spirits  ∞

Solo as full ….. Essentials …..each wilful …..
Essence of a Soul …..each will ….. fulfill  …..

Curators ….. each
     of their subscribed Querencia
          yet proferring ….. so much more …..

Sanctuary for those unaware
     of their own needs

Respite for those aware
     of their lone solitudes

Silence for those
     overwhelmed by the indiscreet

Respect for those
     who earn and share ….. theirs

          The Four …..

     offering carpeted foundation and
          verduous growth
     requesting only shared renewal and
          seasonal enthusiasm

     offering limitless expanse and
          breathy whimsy
     requiring only unclouded extent and
          shy verve

     offering fervored passion and
          sanguine temerity
     respectful of ancient dignity and
          legendary enchantment

     offering cerulean vigour and
          aqueous rebirth
     responsive to Life …..
               Herself …..

Carving translucent runes
     upon Night’s onyx canvas
          inky trails pursuing noctilucent comets
     their universal diary inscribed
          for all to decypher
should they dare …..

Each witnessing wonders of the cosmos
Each charged with mortal duties
     seemingly beneath
          their earned statures and legacies
     yet …..

….. willingly shared
     defining their sacred Virtues

Aye, there be Dragons here …..
There be Dragons …..
     ….. everywhere …..

Yet …..
     far more elusive and precious …..

….. there be Imagination here …..


A bit of a long project to write about four basic ‘Elementals’ (Dragons), that love to dance with my muse! The first is already written, entitled ‘The Wyvern of Wickaninnish‘ and represents ‘Vapour‘ ….. mentioned above. The others ….. await their turn on the dance floor, made of starlight, moonbeams and eclipses!!


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Two tears
     always …..
Two tears
     only …..

unnoticed by overshadowed wraiths
     fixated solely on dew and gloss

perceived by a solitary heart
     attendant soulfully to ….. possibilities

one azure tear of unparalleled destinies
     as yet unknown to her

one cerulean tear of unrivaled joys
     as met knowingly by her

relics surround her coerced choice of stage
     riveted by flash and flesh

ignorant of her ancestral hardihood
     else they would flee this Dictaean Cave

Beyond the revolving chaos …..
     seek only those that will ….. share

Adrasteia is the feminine form of Greek Adrastos, commonly known to mean “Inescapable” and/or “Not Running Away“. In Greek mythology, this is the name of a nymph who cared for the infant Zeus, and is also an epithet belonging to the goddess Nemesis.


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should a dust mote be told
that it is but dust …..
yet once was an inferno
at the heart of a star?

should a windswept seed
know of the roots and growth
that lie ahead …..
wherever it will land?

should that seed know …..
of the passionate embrace
amongst petals of a blossoming scarlet rose
and the roar of attachment ‘tween lovers?

every balanced caress
every surprised muse
every original destiny

of wind and cloud …..
of breath and life …..
of rain and bow …..
of rose and thorn …..

each offering more
than the other can appreciate fully

a single beam of light
that embraces the infinite gap
between reflection and romance …..
of a perfectly still ocean eventide
threatening brilliance and tragedy alike

The pause between breaths …..
between beats …..
between blinks …..
between lives …..

All are the same length
perceived  as
lifetimes of availability

Of the inseparable bond
‘tween ink and papyrus

of brush and canvas …..
of light and mirror …..
of petal and fragrance …..
of heart and beat …..

all …..
all …..
ALL …..

at some point …..

coalesce …..


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Of a star so unimaginably distant
I know not how to behold her light

Of a heart so immeasurably near
I know not where to feel her rhythm

Of a star so infinitely crushed
I know not how to release her light

Of a heart so discretely braced
I know not how to salve her passion

Of a star so irresistibly ablaze
I know not how to shield myself

Of a heart so passionately aflame
I know not how to avert my gaze

Of a universe so seductively intended for……

Of a heart so exquisitely zoetic for…..

I know how to cede

I know…..

       (a ….. companion piece for ….. Stellaris)

Of Novae and Hearts

There be Dragons! Nonet

Tofino bound ….. There be Dragons here!

Guardians of yon Silent Sands

Tidal Kings and Queens of Lore

Talons of Destiny

Seek ….. not an answer

Seek ….. direction

Seek ….. the keys

To her


Pointing Dragon Driftwood

Traveller’s Beach

From an outlying locus…..
  visible to any ostensibly nearby beholder…..

A lone figure…..
  appearing to kneel in prayer
   comfortably offset on right knee
   perpendicular to Sol and Luna
  breathing rhythmically with the silentious Neap Tide
Traveller serenely appreciates his sacred littoral

Traveller balances ‘tween asomatous borders
  of intertidal foam and sandy resolve
   of reflected auras and mirrored fantasies
    of whispered isolation and penultimate quiescence
     of obsidian solace and diamond armories…..

His is a fleeting, perfect moment of Tranquility…..

Lingering oceanic breaths
  tickle his dusty brown fedora
all the while…..
  his dangling saddlebrown & silvered locks
   sway harmoniously with
    overhead wyverns
all the while…..
  each heartbeat
    a deep longing…..

Of all his scars
quixotically hidden and readable
  most are healed
    thankful of his youthful outlook
  some are healing
    bandaged by his patient outpost
  very few abide
only One remains
    purposefully painful

Leaning forward
  reverentially releasing
   a handful of sandstars from their tidal sanctuary
    mindful of this interruption
     yet proceeding apologetically
Traveller once more…..
  temporarily caresses his stage
   embracing disparate sandgalaxies
    in his other hand…

He then gently profers
Eternity and Infinity
   both now within his newly unshielded grasp…..
    weighing both against each other…..
      …..which is more powerful? Infinity?
      …..which is more freeing? Eternity?
…..and slowly releases his hold on Forevers…..

Scarlet shifted sandgalaxies waterfall at his left…..
Teal infused sandsouls cascade at his right…..
Luminescent tidal bore swirls below…..

Replenished crystalline karma, for
each sandsoul travels not Down, but To…..

O what unfathomable Grace
was attendant
when each unique grain of sand
within this entire cosmos
was created with
equal care
equal compassion
and equal

Diurnal tide, Proxigean tide, Spring tide
Always returning to polish, reassure and honour
each and every sandsoul

Traveller is but a single orb on shore
on a universal coast
traversing a fractal pathway of desires

Perhaps now is the time to seek Mapmaker…..
for She is the cartographer
his searching soul must locate
so as to add
a new legend
to his

Thriving, silent pauses exist for a reason…..
  between entwined heartbeats
    to listen to passion…..
  between unbearable solitudes
    to heal loneliness…..
  between passionate words
    to magnify imaginations…..
  between relationships
    to rebirth romance…..

There can be no greater destiny
than to seek out
the infinite sighs of the Universe….

…..and from the shoreline,
   …..his distant beholder…..
Wyvern sheds
   an opaline tear of Patience……


Rainbow Stars Fibonacci



on life

tidal muse

amoroso stars

eternal prismatic soul mates


The night ….. is momentarily silent…..
  generations of irregular pebbles
    cluster within their shared demesnes
  of cushioning sand…..
anxiously awaiting their pending conterminous locale

Co-authored by
  coiling tidal surf
    mysterious flotsam
      enigmatic jetsam
        omnidirectional zephyrs

Gleefully combining….
  stony resolve
    liquid humour
      frothy indulgence
        breezy randomness

Writing the script
of their intertwined destinations

all with each
  each with every
every with all


A stalwart footstep interrupts…..
nay, intersects, this
midnight seashore drama

Her subsequent stride
reveals and rejoins…..
  granite and granule
   driftwood and drifters
    foam and fantasy
     present and presence
      direction and desire

Step after step
Beachcomber walks,
nay, dances…..
witness to
each and every
coastal performance
swirling amidst her temporal journey

She is overwhelmed

New Moon over Chesterman
shyly permits
ancient stellar dawns
to visibly arrive ….only just now

Odysseys undertaken
billions of years past…..

If only we could commit
with such depth of existence
as light itself
from the beginning of time…..

Beachcomber lifts her eyes

An eons old crystal
artistically carves out
a perfect white slash
briefly bisecting the charred evening canvas….

Then explodes
with hoarded energy
from the birth of the cosmos…..
solely for her ….. interpretation

All is illuminated within that perfect, singular instance…..
Commitments and Conflicts
Decisions and Destinies
Apologies and Anxieties
Truths and Loyalties
Infinity …..and Life

Each decision has always been hers to make…….

If a New Moon gifts Clarity…..
Imagine what a Full Moon can reveal…..

Traveller’s Map

A silent, genial audience of one
awaits this prophetic sundown

Dusk gently cocoons his refulgent coastal arras
anxious for her imminent nighttide embrace
of an overhead ebony purlieu

Coupled lovers
Aurora and Eventide
directing this eve’s choreographed exhibit
sublimely ministering
His Direction

Traveller graciously accepts
far-flung exotic nebulae
ripe with diamond cepheids
illuminating his desultory trail
whilst others, so much lower
occlude all his paths indiscriminately

Stabilized intertide reflects a perfect stage
conjoined sea and sky
awaiting innumerable synthesized actors
of mysterious compositions…..

every silent constellation
each dammed celestial pearl
all rambunctious cometary marbles
any empyrean debris…..

every last one shyly dims
His Perseidian Path!

Traveller gazes Northeastward…..

Night morphs his achingly indigo eyes
into echoing charcoal orbs
gleaning witness of the evening performance

Announcing themselves…..
with less than a whisper…..

First one, etching a milky contrail
then, two, parallel with ivory aisle
then three, parsing the heavens as glowing corridors
then ….. an indulgence of chiselled lightning!

Refulgent arteries of light and heat
tracing possibilities of direction
for his solitary, broken heart

Then, one…..
The one….

extensive    elongated     enduring
single     solitary     unique

White hot with purpose
Unerring in drift
Brilliant in persuasion

Traveller then knew…..
he had always known…..
but even he needs…..reassurance

A final curtain call
all actors sincerely applauded
by a silent, genial audience of one

Sea, surf, tide, stars
all recommence their nocturnal rhythms

Aurora and Eventide
prolong their coupling

Traveller casually waves bon voyage
scrapes free the clinging sand on his boots
from a visit overstayed
then takes a first step…..

… the mountains
….. towards his distant kin …..

Traveller now journeys
seeking brotherly prescription from…


Scolded Heart


His cadenced, wistful, trusting heart
vowed amaranthine fidelity
pending only her quiescent antiphon


Our” coalescent trice…..
Our” coherent jiff…..
Our” conjoined breaths…..
Our” onliest destiny…..

Witnessed betwixt a duet of
amorphous, ensorcelled realms…..

The Azure Dragon
      Qinglong     Seiryū     Cheongnyong     Thanh Long
The White Tiger
      Baihu     Byakko     Baekho     Bạch Hổ

Cautioned afore, was I
Excessively emboldened, I became
Prior exhortations, I scorned
Supremely confident, I embarked

Only to have embraced…..

…..a Wraith


Blame not the Scolders…..

Gallery bystanders anchored in awe
silently bandaged their veracious perceptions
loathe to waste any shredded weave
original of mine own infatuated garments

Remnants of my scolded heart
whispering breathlessly
skipping only to a muted, abandoned rhythm


Her familiar entitlement merely punctuates
His Dragon’s share of horror and hallelujah

I willingly accept all unanticipated burdens
now my weight to bear

My Integrity….. intact

I zestfully gaze upon dawning sanguine horizons

Now, solo patience nurtures abundant clarity
Now, is so very near…..

Apprentice once more! HUZZAH!

Dare I shyly serenade afresh…..
…..hopeful of an unwritten concerto?

 Heart beats…..
   Hearts beat…..


     ….. tsktsk…..tsktsk…..  …..lubdub…..LUBDUB…..

Lesson learned…..
A silhouetted silence casts the darkest shadow

… and if I may, I chose to include the following background history of ‘scold‘, as I was delighted to learn of this, after I completed these recent scratchings! Unintentional irony – the best kind!

Word History: A scold is not usually a poet and a scolding rarely sounds like poetry to the one being scolded, but it seems that the word scold has a poetic background. It is probable that scold, first recorded in Middle English in a work probably composed around 1150, has a Scandinavian source related to the Old Icelandic word skld, “poet.” Middle English scolde may in fact mean “a minstrel,” but of that we are not sure. However, its Middle English meanings, “a ribald abusive person” and “a shrewish chiding woman,” may be related to skld, as shown by the senses of some of the Old Icelandic words derived from skld. Old Icelandic skldskapr, for example, meant “poetry” in a good sense but also “a libel in verse,” while skld-stöng meant “a pole with imprecations or charms scratched on it.” It would seem that libelous cursing verse was a noted part of at least some poets’ productions and that this association with poets passed firmly along with the Scandinavian borrowing into English.

Wyvern Memoirs…..

Of a deep, earthy, burgundy hue

his leather-bound, scarred, injured journal

veers majestically apace

lonely star-speckled beach pebbles

all inescapably dormant

each positioned adoringly

upon his star polished driftwood nightstand


He sleeps, aside…..

A weathered, comfortable, familiar

reflectively golden feathered Quill

mystically engineered of

silver edged vane

rainbow tinted rachis

emerald carved barb

thundercloud laced afterfeather

achingly hollow calamus…..

Quill mutely rests upon

the tattooed barrier blockading his scribbled memoirs


What Wyvern soars employing such resplendent armour?

Rests upon? Nay!


Quill passionately clasps and guards

the now dormant scratchings contained within

Quill patiently strokes his etched chronology

swaying in rhyme with the whispering breeze

which sensually enters through an adjacent oriel


All contestants, coolly urging him to


release your annals, encore


allow Nib and Papyrus to embrace


let loose your imaginings


abandon shyness


Let her know…..



He stirs…..

When provoked sufficiently,

His torrid script burns amidst concupiscent entwinings


Quill longs to swirl indecently

captured within an azure drenched inkwell

Nib and Papyrus adhere

contained within their mirrored strokes of passion

touching only to conceive a trailing wake of memories…..

madness        sensuous             tenuous         tender

   chaotic             pulsating           fearful          lustful


His past essence

His emotional legacy



Quill, sans zephyr

trembles with potent pleasure

Nib and Papyrus, in tense with direction

shiver with azure anticipation


He craves clarity from distant echoes

He desires closure from mirrored confusion

He seeks release from her stoic silence


He cradles Quill


A shout of wind accelerates his journal

parting the excited blank codex within

He immerses Quill in moist azure mercury…..




Traveller’s Skye

Traveller stretches supine

on the star-lit beach

hands behind his head

clenched in unison

always, too tightly

forever acting as incompetent pillows

His long driftwood legs

askew at seemingly uncomfortable angles

He permits himself

a rare moment of requiescence

….. and remembrance…..

Traveller surveys his atramentous nightscape

claiming ownership for the one that can’t

A canvas of Infinity above

His sky

eternally alit with voluptuous novae

His sky

rippling with velvet promise

His sky

burning with curious light

His sky

gyrating with gravitating comets

His sky

laughing with ticklish aurora

His sky

pulsing with curious life

His sky

electric with potential

Traveller rapidly blinks

to arrest a queuing tear

…..too quickly sometimes

Traveller’s Skye

would have changed His world……

For Skye…..


Shoulders square, head imperceptibly tilted

eyes open and targeted asea

Traveller patiently endures the abstracted, infinite horizon

jocosely mirroring his angled, wry smile

Atop his burnished driftwood throne

Traveller is a single audience to

rhythmic tides dancing with dappled timber

to and fro

synchronizing with his casually swinging legs


more earnestly

his unyieldingly pounding heart

Hardly, a stubborn heartbeat

Moreso, a consistent heartbeat

Abruptly launching himself from stasis

Traveller capers youthfully

from stone to slippery stone…..

With each forward bound

he does not notice

fleeting prismatic anklets of expanding supernovae

anchoring him safely to this beach

Traveller senses

should he tarry

in excess

this would inevitably

court heartbreak ….. anon

Insistent sea spume momentarily outlines

each location where Traveller has strode

Which is more important to Traveller?

The direction of pace

or the solidity of place?

He needs travel so slow

He needs travel solo

for now…..

Antipodal heartbeats

each taking steps closer

battling incongruous unison

each taking steps further away

Whom awaits for ……


Her Wisp Hers

A disparate, empty, moonless night

couples with

an insensitive, smothering, emulous mist


subdue the weary, disconsolate, heartbroken



Leviathan driftwood, itself,

sea polished, fog drenched,

jestingly carved as a Dragon,

serves as his evanescent throne


Here reigns his broken heart


Eyelids clenched so tight

his tears permitted to emerge only as icy mist


Why must he always slip on the smoothest, roundest, most perfect stones on the beach?


Her breath

Her warmth

Her whispers

now but cruelly severed anamneses


Each, and more

shattered by the thrumming silence of the still tidal water


”Neath a moonless night

‘Neath a weighty fog

‘Neath clenched eyelids

On a smooth, slippery stoned beach

Littered with magnificent driftwood Dragon Thrones

Lies the broken heart of a Traveller


He needs breathe

but is unable to inhale




These digital scratches were inspired from an accidental post, crafted by a writer-poet EVERYONE should find, read and follow:

Coco J. Ginger at

Thank you for the inspiration and allowing me to feel the breeze while hitchhiking on your magic carpet of words!


You might be reminded of me when you’re travelling

You might be reminded of me when you’re near a fireplace

You might be reminded of me when you make cinnamon rolls

You might be reminded of me when you’re not gardening

You might be reminded of me when you need a shoulder

You might be reminded of me when you send a postcard

You might be reminded of me when you’re in a rush

You might be reminded of me when you’re cycling

You might be reminded of me when he awakens next to you

You might be reminded of me when he abandons you

You might be reminded of me when comforted from nightmares

You might be reminded of me when you read his poetry

You might be reminded of me when laughing and studying

You might be reminded of me when you’re glancing at other men

Or maybe you will avoid being reminded of me ever again.

I will always remember what went wrong

I have been scolded that I cared for too long

And memories answer to such a fickle temptress

But I am told that it will get better and I remind myself I no longer need to be with you.
Remembering is treacherous as is exchanging passions for the unknown,
the heartbeats for my senses only – invisible, yet familiar companions

Because reminders become placeholders for fleeting moments of healing

You might be reminded of me when you kiss him

When you gaze down and offer to him, that same answer, I once forever requested

You might be reminded of me when you sojourn to The Azure Dragon – and turn both your lives into one

Journeying….. ‘tween perfection and clarity

Haven’t we all attempted to…..

Pursue a curious wraith
bottle a shifting shadow
enfold a blazing colour
embrace a deepening fog

All during weak moments of ….. clarity

Clarity is simply a brief
random illusion
optics ….. only



free of meaning
wanting of significance
lacking in passion

Awarded the right light
the right instance
the right rhythm
the right ….. words …..

I patiently dare for
intense moments of perfection
that overwhelm enduring clarity

Six moments of perfection are mine

Far more than I deserve…..
Far more than gratitude conveys…..

‘tween perfection and clarity

Cherishing silently

Exquisitely elusive
junctures of certainty

Forever coalescing
‘tween perfection and clarity

…..of the very little I am certain of
This I am MOST certain of….

Two hearts, will beat in rhythm
True heartbeats, will conceive rhythm

Two hearts, cautiously embrangled
True heartbeats, eternally entangled

Fate slyly taps her toes
to the rapturous whirrings of
Two True Heartbeats

Two eternally …..entangled….. eternally Two

∞ Quantum Temptress ∞

Ah, but She is my bewildering temptress!

Solely, for me?

I now wonder, aloud…..

I now wander, alone…..

Soulfully, for me?

Dare I delay…..

…..dare I desire

Skirring amongst my alembicated longings

as easily as fog over glass

Her moist balance endures

…..and I am


teetering with passion!

Knowingly, would I risk…..

….utter devastation


DAMN this serendipitous shyness!

She IS my bewildering temptress!

Staggering with realization

I ….accede….




to my acquiescent future…..

Ciúnas of Sin

Dormant is she

attended only by her

chillingly promiscuous pace

Vituperative rage

scalds her senses…..

isolating her


saturating her


monopolizing her

…..impregnable fear

ALL vying for dominance

and ultimately

her self-destruction



Selfish living

Selfish leaving

An armament of silence

escorts her pulse-less heartbeat

whilst she

traverses the invisible crevasse

of his banished love

She will plummet

She is plummeting

…..and yet still

purposefully evades him…..

Let it go…..

…..Let ME go

Derkesthai Adumbratus

His adumbrated perimeter

hints suggestively at an

artlessly shy persona

Beware the Penumbra

of a Shy Dragon

Encountering his shade

will opportune a balance

of temporary permittance

for a mortal presence

seeking adit

to his domain

No dragon ever casually

discloses his veil…..

…..unless he senses


A dragon’s shadow

is neither dark

nor deceptive


It is eternally…..


His ambuscading veil


guards and protects

a most treasured virtue…..


Share a dragon’s passion…..

and become

a part of his forever

Shun a dragon’s patience…..

and be perpetually


to his ambit

The choice….

….is yours…..

Pursue his Penumbra…..

∞ Quantum Wait ∞

Sheathed in a velvet mist


cambered shoulders

brook the weight of patience





weathers solitude so pure

even fog hesitates

to cloak

his now outstretched arms

with dewy tears of healing

Emptiness favours the waylain

She is somewhere…

….anticipating passion


why the pain?

I am…..

…..a shy dragon

I am learning…..

… be

a patient dragon

An Amaranthine of Tenderness

Her stroke of tenderness

paints Her deep heartbeat

on the canvas of My soul

Mine is a delusion…..

My own resonant tenderness

a chroma on Her heart…..?

Requited zealous passions

fragment our

sequestered solitudes




Lovers overlay the canvas of their hearts…..

daubing them with

beautious florets of tenderness

Passion deems to self-justify

by overwhelming Tenderness

…..Tenderness survives

as Time Herself, is an ally…..




Tenderness, is the true colour of Love…..

An Amaranthine of Tenderness

A Paucity of Fervor

Fountaining youth

exuberating whimsy beyond logic

Seeking not a future

beyond even the pauses

populating their own heartbeats

Inhaling the Life Paradisiac

Subduing all who

dare challenge their imagination


She is patient beyond measure….


She graciously entrusts us with

our sole parturient possession


Attend the final disbursement

as fervor inevitably cools

Time will reclaim her favour….

Lament not….

….. it is fair compensation

∞ Intemporal Mistress ∞

Her tender whisper

revives me afresh

upon a newborn aurora

‘Tween perdurable lifebeats

She enfolds


and amends my shatterable soul

She alone knows, who

I will be today

I long to embrace




….. my intemporal mistress

Amaranthine tenderness, awaits

sensuous entwining with


I humbly offer

my mortal gratitude



∞ Intemporal Mistress ∞

∞ An impetuosity of patience ∞



….. a lifebeat sounds……

Alas, Impetuousity….

Vaingloriously styling myself as …..


A stolidly patient heart

coursing around indecision

courting an impossibly

impetuous passion

damn this curse of patience…….

how is it then,

my strength?




∞ An impetuosity of patience ∞

∞ quanta of ecstasy ∞

Rapturous passions

quantized indelicately by unspoken truths

safeguarded wholly

by an impetuosity of patience

Savagely exquisite ecstasies

admeasured inequally

A touch….

….your touch

……..your touch


Daunted by a confinement

of tortured ecstasy

∞ quanta of ecstasy ∞