Winter Bloom Tanka 短歌

Rustic sleight of hand

formations of straw cadets

rural armouries

breaths of Augusts past, arise

unleash wintery desires

Winter Bloom

Barn Solstice Tanka 短歌

§ Murmuring petals §

scorned as harvest worthy gold

each has but one reach

spectrums of boundless colour

rural timber nods in awe

Barn Equinox

Moon Frost Tanka

Crystalline memoirs

lost rural geometry

pale frozen farmscapes

lunar rime trumps solar zeal

fog bound distant horizon

Barn Fibonacci




each summit

attendant gargoyles

protecting those who love the land

Barn Haiku

weakened alcazar

weathering all, save for Time

you have earned ….. Respect

Rural Stonehenge Haiku

∞ abandoned demesnes ∞

mythical western Stonehenge

lost prairie icons