Trilogy ….. 俳句 ….. 川柳 ….. 短歌

Illusory ….. Haiku 俳句

Rhythmic illusions
Once in her lifetime heartbeat
One dances … for you…..


Gaze ….. Senryū 川柳

Charcoal etched voyeurs
Poised dignity protects her
onyx sculptured heart


Masks …..Tanka 短歌

Masks for passions lost
acquiescent gloss and brume
strength mends her sorrow
prisms of her own designs
prisons of her owed desires


Click Tolstoy for Random ‘Memoirs of a Dragon‘ Poem

Lightspeed (Haiku) – Photo Prompt

Kirsten Photo Challenge

vintage time machines
Newton would own a red Porsche
and drive like the wind

photo credit: purchased image from

This is in response to Photo Prompt Mondays at Kirsten Uninterrupted.

Scribe’s Isle Haiku 俳句

dewy spring vapours

latent mist sonnets breeze by

trumpeting safety

Scribe’s Isle (Trial Islands)

Photo from Eyes of a Dragon – Trial Island II

Daylight Pathway Haiku 俳句

Cerulean globe

eroding granite altars

island solitude

Daylight Reach

Photo from Eyes of a Dragon – Mist Destinies II – Daylight

Misty Pathway Haiku 俳句

Brume enshrouded spans

weathering both time and tide

stone sanctuary

Misty Pathway

Photo from Eyes of a Dragon – Mist Destinies

Send your Poetry to …. MARS Haiku 俳句

I do sometimes scribble and scratch about stars and such, and this is too much fun to pass up…..

Eva X The Poetess, just informed me …..
you can send your Haiku to ….. MARS!

….. and so …..

Crimson mysteries
following a Spirit past
fourth child of sunlight

Mars Haiku2

Fallen Giant Haiku 俳句

Tidal throne adrift

cast out as unworthy bark

yet weathers all gales

Fallen Giant II

Guardians Haiku 俳句

slumbering treasure

solstice shifts to equinox

chilled autumnal toil


Prism Haiku 俳句

Arc of pure delight

bending yet will never break

infinite outcomes

Rainbow Arch

Fractal Eclipse Haiku 俳句

Shadowed beryl light

resting buds await blue dawn

Ξ peeking past branches Ξ

Fractal Forest

Misty Haven Tanka 短歌

Exhaled dragons whiff

vaporous jeweled ice motes

tangerine beacon

reveals lone sanctuary

❍ overdue lunar eclipse ❍

Dragons Whiff

Random Motion Haiku 俳句

Random branta crew

fog tinged Brownian motion 

effortless patience

Canada Geese

Trial Islands Haiku

Distant lighthouse bides

orcas limbo ‘neath icebergs

cetacean sine waltz

Sand Dollar Fibonacci





dare I purchase time

memories last forevermore

Straw Destiny Haiku

Parallel straw swaths

converge at ∞

Euclid would need proof

Barn Haiku

weakened alcazar

weathering all, save for Time

you have earned ….. Respect

Surf Dragon Haiku

tsunami alert

surf dragons of Tofino

patient guardians

Rural Stonehenge Haiku

∞ abandoned demesnes ∞

mythical western Stonehenge

lost prairie icons

Harvest Mirror Haiku

∞ harvest reflections ∞

~ past  present  future  unsure ~

combining them all

Harvest Fibonacci

∞ Till


is bare

of durum

silent owl glides ‘oer

parallel wakes of rhyming straw

Harvest Haiku I

 ….. and now for something completely different!

I am fascinated by Haiku and other similar poetic forms such as Fibonacci, Senryū, etc.. These are my first attempts…ever! I am also including photographs I have taken myself, as they provide inspiration for these new scratchings of mine!

I presently live on an island, but my dragon lineage is most assuredly rural……….


∞ arsenal for wheat

 recurring autumn labours

rural Xanadu