Rainbow Stars Fibonacci



on life

tidal muse

amoroso stars

eternal prismatic soul mates

Traveller’s Skye

Traveller stretches supine

on the star-lit beach

hands behind his head

clenched in unison

always, too tightly

forever acting as incompetent pillows

His long driftwood legs

askew at seemingly uncomfortable angles

He permits himself

a rare moment of requiescence

….. and remembrance…..

Traveller surveys his atramentous nightscape

claiming ownership for the one that can’t

A canvas of Infinity above

His sky

eternally alit with voluptuous novae

His sky

rippling with velvet promise

His sky

burning with curious light

His sky

gyrating with gravitating comets

His sky

laughing with ticklish aurora

His sky

pulsing with curious life

His sky

electric with potential

Traveller rapidly blinks

to arrest a queuing tear

…..too quickly sometimes

Traveller’s Skye

would have changed His world……

For Skye…..