Farmers Nonet

Farmers Nonet

Dust motes floating ‘neath xanthous twilight

dancing to the beat of hard work

pausing only to refuel

dew transforms into frost

pace matters far more

than worrying

about dark




Fall Harvest Haiku

∞ amber sunset fades ∞

harvesting our future ~ now

not yet done ~ not yet

Harvest Mirror Haiku

∞ harvest reflections ∞

~ past  present  future  unsure ~

combining them all

Waterpump Fibonacci

∞ pure




quenches thirsty crop

rusting memoirs of farmers toil

Harvest Fibonacci

∞ Till


is bare

of durum

silent owl glides ‘oer

parallel wakes of rhyming straw

Harvest Haiku I

 ….. and now for something completely different!

I am fascinated by Haiku and other similar poetic forms such as Fibonacci, Senryū, etc.. These are my first attempts…ever! I am also including photographs I have taken myself, as they provide inspiration for these new scratchings of mine!

I presently live on an island, but my dragon lineage is most assuredly rural……….


∞ arsenal for wheat

 recurring autumn labours

rural Xanadu